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Schwinn Coston Ce 275 Step

Best Electric Bike For Short Women | E-Bikes 2022
  • The main pro of the Schwinn Coston CE is what you get for the price. It has an impressive specification and a surprising amount of usability in one package.
  • For example, it comes fully loaded with fenders and bright lights, one of them integrated into the battery, which is a nice touch. Therefore, you could ride your Schwinn Coston in any weather conditions, whether commuting or riding for fun or fitness.
  • The user-friendliness is enhanced by the step-thru frame design, making it easy to mount and dismount no matter what you are wearing.
  • The trigger throttle is variable speed, so the further you press it, the more power you get from the motor. However, the selected assistance level determines the maximum power and speed offered. This may disappoint some riders who prefer to use the throttle to give them a little boost while pedaling. So to get extra speed, you need to increase the assistance level before triggering the throttle.

Other Electric Bikes To Consider

  • Specialized Turbo Como Specialized is known for providing fabulous bikes at a competitive price point. This is a great choice if you are looking to buy from a local bike shop.
  • Trek Verve +* Sleek and fast. Perfect for getting to work in a hurry.
  • Radpower Radwagon* Longtail cargo bike at an affordable price.
  • Buzz Centris Folding, fat tire e-bike. Works well for RV living, cruising the campground.

Which Are The Best Folding Electric Bikes

When narrowing down the best folding electric bikes for you, dont forget to consider the places you plan to ride, and how far you want to travel. Our Managing Commerce Editor had good things to report on her experience with the Lectric XP 2.0, which she shares below. Personally, I like their Step-Thru 2.0 model, because of its accessibility I have knee issues. Whichever catches your eye, both allow you to cycle in diverse terrains and are durable. I love that you can add different accessories to all of their bikes, and that you can go up to 45 miles in a single charge. Plus, it arrives fully assembled!

Another popular E-bike is the RadMini 4. It features puncture resistant tires, and has 750 watts of power. Its great for exploring trails, but also for jetting around town.

Ready to ride like the wind? See our picks for the best folding electric bikes for women below.

Looking for even more options? Check out our other bike recommendations:

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Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 Eq

Weight: 57 lb / Class: 1 / Maximum Torque: 40Nm / Battery Size: 400Wh

Price: $3,000Shop This Model

The Adventure Neo 3 e-commuter falls somewhere between a traditional townie and a larger cargo model. The EQ in the bikes name stands for equipped, and this bike comes with lights, fenders, and a rear rack designed to haul panniers or a lighter load strapped to the top. These utility-focused features, combined with 27.5-inch wheels, 2.2-inch tires, a 63mm-travel Suntour fork, and a suspension seatpost make the Neo a city-capable bike with plenty of cushion to smooth out beat-up paved and dirt roads.

Scott Addict Eride Premium


Russell Burton / Immediate Media

  • Pros: Great looks, top-spec build and lovely handling
  • Cons: Non-removable battery

The Scott Addict eRide Premium has similar geometry to the Scott Addict RC Disc and the same carbon frame. The result is a possible sub-11kg build powered by the consistent ebikemotion rear-hub motor.

Neatly concealed in the down tube, the battery managed 100km and 2,000m elevation in testing. The 2022 version of the bike has been renamed as the Scott Addict eRide Ultimate.

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How To Choose The Best Electric Bike For You

People buy e-bikes for lots of different reasons including commuting, fitness or just general leisure riding. In my opinion, electric bikes are a complete game-changer! Ive seen how e-bikes can improve quality of life and fitness. Theres nothing quite like going for a ride in the countryside and immersing yourself in the sites and sounds.

Where you live and the surrounding area is a key factor if its very hilly then you will definitely want a mid-drive motor like the Bosch or Shimano Steps.

Your current health and level of fitness is also a very important factor. If you are returning to cycling after an illness or injury, you will want an electric bike thats going to provide significant assistance. If you already have a good degree of fitness, then a lightweight e-bike with small motor and battery may be perfectly suitable.

Its quite possible you already ride a bike regularly for recreation and fitness, but want to ditch the car for the daily commute and use an e-bike instead. The benefits of using an electric bike for commuting are you can turn up for work nice and fresh.

If its possible, I always recommend going to a good local bike shop to discus you requirements this is also important for sizing. E-Bikes are an expensive purchase and you need to make sure your getting the right bike size for your frame.

Rad Power Radmission 1 Electric Metro Bike

Weight: 49.4 LB / Class: 2 / Maximum Torque: 50Nm / Battery Size: 504Wh

Price: $999 Shop This Model

The most affordable e-bike in Rad Powers collection right nowand one of the most affordable e-bikes currently on the marketis the RadMission 1, a city bike with commuter potential. For $999 you get a stripped-down single-speed that moves along at 20 mph with a throttle to help you get up to speed or to the top of punchy hills. The 27.5 x 1.95-inch-wide Kenda Kontact tires are slightly narrower than the 2-inch or wider tires we typically see on commuter e-bikes, but they were wide enough to feel speedy and provide comfort on pavement and bumpy bike paths.

Aside from integrated lights and a bell, the RadMission remains fairly simple, which helps keep the price down and also provides an uncluttered aesthetic. But that doesnt mean you cant make yours more utilitarian: Rad Power sells a slew of accessories, including front and rear racks, fenders, bags, a kickstandand the RadMission has plenty of mounts to attach them all. Adding to the RadMissions visually clean, simplistic approach is a Rad Powerbranded hub motor drive unit that delivers 50Nm of torque, and a 504Wh battery. The battery is removable and backup batteries are available from Rad Power if you want to have a spare at work or at home.

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Canyon Grail: On Cf 7 Wmn

The Grail:ON is Canyonâs answer for an electric carbon bike that will float over gravel and be optimized for female riders.

Turning ON the speed is Boschâs Gen4 CX Performance Motor, which has a removable 500 watt-hour battery.

Noticeably, the Grail:ONâs cockpit features Canyonâs unique all-carbon bar which is suspended for added comfort when riding vicious terrain, although the bottom struts are not designed to be used. At the back, Canyon’s split head seatpost does the same job for your rear.

With 50mm tyres, Schwalbeâs G-One Bites will certainly take the edge of uneven off-road tracks. But this does come at the cost of increased rolling resistance when you hit tarmac sections.

Finished off with Shimanoâs mechanical gravel groupset, GRX 812, and disc brakes, this bike is ready for speedy adventures.

Whats The Difference Between Womans And Mens E

Best Electric Bike for Older Women Over 60 | E-Bikes for Seniors


There are several noticeable differences between mens and womens e-bikes, with the main one being the design of the bikes frame. Womens bikes usually feature a step-through frame or Trapeze frame, while mens bikes usually have a crossbar frame. The main benefits of a step-through frame is low stand-over height, making it much easier to get on or off the bike.

Womens e-bike frames will usually have modified geometry which is better suited to female sizes. Women usually have shorter torsos and longer legs than men, so frame geometry is usually designed to take this into account.

Components may also vary for womens e-bikes one of the most notable being a female-specific saddle. Women usually have wider sit-bones, so a womens saddle will usually be wider and shorter than a mens saddle. Handlebars may have a greater rise to give a more comfortable, upright riding position and the handlebar stem maybe slightly shorter. Of course, you can always change components to suit your own particular body shape. Some women are quite happy riding mens bikes and vice versa.

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Best Commuter Bike For Women

SmartMotion X-City is the perfect option for commuting or running errands around the city. The unisex low step-through frame makes it easier for shorter people to step on and off the bike. The cross tyres offer excellent grip both on pavement and on trails, and the front SR Suntour suspension absorbs bumps and makes your riding experience that much smoother. This eBike is made to handle a wide range of different surfaces and conditions.

This X-City SmartMotion e-bike has a high torque mid-motor that is responsive and offers smooth forward power. The Samsung 26V lithium-ion battery offers plenty of travel distance so you can go wherever you want without having to worry about running out of juice.

The bicycle also comes with handy features such as a rear rack, 9-speeds, kickstand, fully integrated front and rear lights and a comfortable Selle-Royal Seat. In addition, the X-City has a centre-mounted LCD Consol with the option of five different pedal assist modes.

Other recommended womens models:

If you are living in a small city apartment and need to store your bicycle in tight spaces, or you enjoy travelling and like to bring your bicycle with you in your van or car, then a folding bike is what would best suit you.

Other recommended foldable eBikes for women:

*Touch control panel with three riding assistance modes*ISO FLEX Technology for the best riding comfort*Powerful Fazua Evation drive train*Add an additional battery

What Is The Best Type Of E

Step-through town bikes for women have been around since before I was born. In the early days having a basket on the handlebars was more important than having a truly purposeful bike. The change came when people started thinking about designing performance-oriented bikes for women and their innate anatomical differences. The days of women performing workshop surgery on a saddle to get a rideable cut-out shape are thankfully in the past. Companies like Raleigh have been producing bikes and components specifically for women for almost 60 years and show no sign of slowing. In fact, many of the design inspirations behind WSD bikes have since been crossed over to mens compact, sloping top tube, or unisex geometry that allows a more comfortable, less racy, fit. And besides, is it even politically correct to even call them ladies bikes?

The good news is there really isnt any specific category for female bikes or indeed e-bikes, but there are frame types and e-bike styles that should make it easier for women to mount the bike and of course dismount it as well. So lets look at some of the types of things you should be looking for if you want an e-bike made for females

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Electric Bike Batteries Explained

Steve Behr / Our Media

An electric bike will be powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Like the batteries in other electric vehicles, theyre used for their low weight and performance, along with rapid recharging typically charging to full capacity in a few hours.

In general, the more expensive the ebike, the larger the battery capacity, so the mileage you can get between charges increases.

Theres a range of battery shapes, sizes and positions. Bolted to the top of the down tube is a popular option, but some ebikes will have their batteries hidden within the down tube or sometimes the seat tube, making for a more elegant solution.

Bottle-cage batteries are another way to disguise the battery and are often used for a back-up battery to increase range.

The batteries themselves can normally be charged from a standard wall plug, either in situ on the bike via a port or with the battery itself removed from the bike. Its very common to see removable battery packs that are secured with a key.

Key Features To Look Out For

Best Women

Types of motor: Many designs have it built into the rear or front wheel where it is activated by a sensor that detects when you are pedalling others have a mid-mounted motor down at the pedals.

Assistance levels: Most e-bikes offer a range of settings from power-sipping eco through to full-on max boost modes that will put a huge grin on your face. Whichever mode you choose, the assistance has to cut out at 15.5mph to stay legal.

Walk mode: Its not available on every e-bike but walk mode can be a very handy feature press a button or lever and the motor will push the bike along at low speed rather than you having to shove all that bulk on your own. Its fantastic if you use the bike for shopping and must manoeuvre it through a busy area on foot.

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Types Of Electric Bike Motor And Battery

Hub motor: Hub motors are usually fitted in the rear wheel or sometimes front wheel. This is the simplest form of electric assist and has been around for years. The latest hub motors are small, lightweight, quiet and efficient. They provide useful assist on undulating terrain, but arent always suitable for heavier riders tackling very steep hills.

Mid-drive motor: Mid-drive motors like the Bosch, were originally developed for electric mountain bikes to tackle steep, technical climbs. They are now found on a lot of hybrids and cargo e-bikes. These motors will help even the weakest rider climb the steepest of hills with relative ease. They also provide a more natural and intuitive electric assist.

Battery: Electric bike batteries range in size from 250Wh through to 750Wh and above. The higher the figure, the more assisted range. A lightweight electric bike with a smaller battery may have the same range as a heavier e-bike with a larger battery. Battery range will depend on a lot of factors like rider weight, bike weight, wind speed, tyres and the kind of terrain ridden on. Most modern e-bikes will have an average range of 40-60 miles.

Gazelle Ultimate T10+ Hmb

Price: $4,000 Shop This Model

This shiny-red, confident-looking commuter is as fast as it looks, with aggressive geometry that complements its 28mph max speed. The aluminum-framed Gazelle Ultimate is powered by a Bosch Performance Line Speed mid-drive motor and has a 500Wh battery that lasts up to 55 miles on one charge . A Shimano XT rear derailleur moves the bike through its 10 gears to provide you with all you need to zip uphill and fly on flats at a steady cadence. Relative to the wider tires we usually see on urban e-commuters, the Gazelles 1.75-inch Schwalbe Energizer Plus tireswhich are smoother down the center and grippier on the sidesare fairly narrow. But the Suntour 80mm-travel suspension fork makes up for any lost bump-absorption a wider tire might provide . An adjustable stem lets you fine-tune the angle of the handlebar to suit your comfort, and the included rear rack has a bungee to strap down a small haul .

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Aventon Pace 500 Vs 3: Key Differences

Since the Pace 500 and 350 use the same frame and fork, the models have an almost identical profile. Theyre priced similarly too. The $1,700 Pace 500 is just $300 more than the 350. Its not until you look up close at the details that the differences become more apparent. For that extra $300 on the Pace 500, you get a more powerful motor, 28 mph top speed, hydraulic disc brakes , an 8-speed drivetrain, and an adjustable stem on the Pace 500. Thats a lot of extra value for a relatively small jump in priceand that makes the 500 a better proposition for most rides.

The Pace 500s more powerful rear motor and extra top speed help when riding along with vehicles or other e-bike traffic on the road. It also helps if you ride in a hilly area or are a heavier rider. While testing other models weve found that some lower-wattage rear hub motors can bog down a bit, especially when ridden up steeper hills or by heavier riders. Our 200-pound test rider did not have that issue with the 500-watt motor on this model.

The Pace 500s 8-speed cassette has a wider gear range than the 7-speed one found on the Pace 350. It has both a lower low gear and a higher high gear. This extra range allows you to pedal up longer hills while also enabling you to carry speed beyond the 28 mph assist limit . The added range of the 8-speed cassette isnt a deal-breaker on an e-bike in this category and price, but its nice to have.

How We Decided

Best Electric Bike for Women 4’11” to 5’3″ – E-Bike for a Short Woman

To help narrow down the above list, we made sure to choose bicycles with plenty of features suitable for female riders. To that end, we liked lightweight frames that were designed with the female form in mind. The same can be said for seatposts and saddles, as we tended to choose bicycles that were comfort-forward in nearly every aspect.

The motor was also important and, as such, we chose powerful motors made by reputable companies such as Bafang Bosch. These motors needed to have plenty of oomph for steep inclines and for performing errands on city streets. Battery life and maximum range were also considerations, as we made sure that each and every bike on the above list could last for at least 30 miles per charge.

As for safety features, we liked bicycles equipped with smooth hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes and those that included ultra-durable frames made from aluminum alloy or carbon steel. Finally, we liked aesthetically pleasing electric bikes that were often available in a wide variety of color options to suit different consumers.

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