Comfortable Shoes For Older Woman


03 Making It Glam & Summery

3 Frumpy Shoes RUINING Your Outfit & Making you Look Older (stylish and comfortable alternatives!)

These loafers are the optimum pick for any weather and exquisitely amp up your outfit while keeping your feet happy. Available in a wide range of colors, these shoes can be worn to any possible occasion, from up-scale to low-key. Moreover, they provide a perfectly snug fit and comfortable wear all day long. These shoes would look great with these Elegant Office Outfits For Women Over 50 to Wear to Work.

Less Fat In Your Feet

As people age, they start to lack ample cushioning under their feet. Those who overtrain or get cortisone injections may speed up fat loss in their feet. With the reduction of fat padding, it can feel like a person is walking on rocks or marbles.

To address this issue, wearing the right shoes is more important than ever. This can involve buying insoles or gel pads to put in your shoes, in areas such as the heel, ball of your foot, or beside a bunion.

Best Comfortable Shoes For Older Women

September 28, 2021 by Rebecca Forstadt-Olkowski

Where I live in Los Angeles, casual and comfortable shoes are standard items that we wear throughout the year. Its cool to be stylish but after the age of 50 or so, sore and aging feet can cause serious problems with your posture and balance.

One fall could send you to the hospital for a hip or knee replacement. But even if nothing serious happens, you dont want to end up with painful corns, bunions, or heel spurs that will ugly up your twinkle toes.

This post was updated 7/2022.

To help you stay as pain-free as possible Ive picked out some of my favorite comfortable shoes your feet will love you for.

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What To Look For In Wheelchairs

The best walking shoes can help keep your feet healthy, encourage you to take part in physical activity, and help keep your body safe from injury and stress. Ideally, you should aim to choose a shoe that fits your foot shape, is suitable for the activity you aim to do, addresses any issues with your feet, and provides enough support for your feet, legs, and joints.

Benefits Of The Best Walking Shoes For Senior Women

2016 winter black leather flat shoes comfort shoes for elderly women ...

Since men and women have different foot and body shapes in terms of the way the hips and pelvis are built, they may require different types of walking shoes. Walking shoes should also fulfill different needs than running shoes.

Walking shoes tend to support arches and the area in which the greatest impact occurs to your feet. They are also more flexible to give you a greater range of motion as you walk.

On the other hand, athletic shoes tend to be slightly heavier and less flexible than walking shoes. A good pair of walking shoes should also prevent the formation of blisters and calluses.

This can encourage seniors to stay active by increasing their distance, speed, and endurance over time. By investing in a walking shoe that’s right for you, you can commit to a healthy and injury-free walking schedule, building a consistent routine to keep you fit as you age. Shoes for the elderly tend to have special features such as removable insoles, added cushioning, velcro straps, and a firm heel counter.

Those who may want to invest in a good walking shoe include:

  • Older pregnant women
  • Elderly women who do a lot of gardening
  • Grandmothers who like to go on community walks
  • Anyone trying to get in shape

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20 Cushioned Walking Shoes For Happy Feet

HOKA is an excellent brand that carries a variety of options for you to choose from. Not only are these shoes comfortable, but also the most cushioned option that they have. In addition, the Bondi 7 comes in various colors for you to jazz up your outfit while keeping your feet immensely happy. Shoes like these would really complement any of these Cardigan & Sweater Outfits For Women Over 50.

Best Walking Shoe For Plantar Fasciitis Wichita Stretch By Orthofeet

Enjoy exceptional comfort and fit with these stretchable casual walking shoes. They offer a non-binding fit, extra room for toe movement, and maximum protection against pressure points. The Wichita is designed with a hook-and-loop strap for maximum adjustability and allows the tongue to completely open for easy foot insertion. As with all OrthoFeet footwear, they come with a 60-day trial wear period.

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09 Cant Go Without Chuck Taylors

You definitely can not go wrong with an excellent ol pair of Chuck Taylors. The low-top All Star Madison is a modern version of the traditional Chuck Taylors and is customized to attain more comfortable wear throughout the day. The ortholite insole and the padded collar aim to provide protection and plushness to the feet during their wear. But most importantly, they are a classic wardrobe staple!

Research Online But Buy In Store

Tips for the Most Comfortable Heels

It’s a good idea to look into your options and know what’s out there, but then go to an actual store and physically try on the shoes. If that isn’t possible, read online reviews carefully and consider each vendor’s return policies. Buying online is less risky if you’re getting a new pair of the same shoes you currently wear.

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Bend Low From Birkenstock

Gone are the days when Birkenstock only made sandals. The company now designs shoes and boots as well, all the while respecting their reputation for comfort. The BIRKENSTOCK Bend sneaker has a sleek, simple design and can be worn with practically anything. It has a midsole made of PU and cork to ensure optimum shock absorption. It also features a breathable microfiber lining for maximum comfort.

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Kindle

These extremely lightweight shoes have a non-slip rubber sole as well as a breathable, padded mesh upper. They offer good cushioning and are almost entirely seamless, so you have little chance of developing blisters. The insole also features antibacterial odor control. Plus, the Go Walk 4 Kindle is available in more than a dozen colors, so you should be able to match it to any outfit.

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08 The Stiletto Heeled Booties

Wearing stiletto heels all day long sounds daunting. So we present these gorgeous snake-printed booties with a stiletto heel that keeps you comfortable on your feet all day long. The elasticized sides make it easy to wear, and the arch-supported plus insole is the key to comfort in these heels. Furthermore, the soft leather lining would enable you to walk long distances while keeping you comfortable all day long!

Where To Buy The Best Orthopedic Shoes For Seniors

The best place for seniors to shop for orthopedic shoes is a store that carries a wide variety. Find a shop that makes you comfortable and lets you take your time trying on shoes and walking around in them. Knowledgeable salespeople are a plus, too.

Finding the right shoe that provides the support and comfort you need is worth the effort. A proper shoe, and a lot of times, a brace for a collapsed ankle, can improve quality of life tremendously and even extend ones years, says Ware. This may be seen as a grandiose statement, but activity is essential to longevity.

Experience The Comfort With KURU

Looking for orthopedic shoes that help reduce pain while walking, running, or standing? Find shoes that feature orthotic-inspired technology to cushion and support your feet.

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Where To Find Shoes For Older Women

There are specialty stores that specialize in shoes for older women, but you definitely dont have to limit yourself to those.

I find that asking women around me what type of shoes they wear and would recommend always opens new doors for me. Of course, our feet are all different, but its always good to have more options to explore.

Shopping online has become quite trendy in the last few years and grew exponentially during the lockdowns. Shoes are one of those things that I always hesitate to order online. If its a new brand and a new outlet, I make sure to read the return policies in case I need to exchange them or send them back.

New Balance Womens 411 V2 Hook And Loop


New Balance is a brand synonymous with outstanding quality options catering to the growing needs of its customers. These shoes were made specifically for older adults to keep their feet comfortable when walking. It has a strap closure, which makes it easy on and off shoes.

These shoes are made from durable leather and rubber sole. They also come with a removable footbed to allow room for customized orthotic inserts, making them the best walking shoes for 60 year-old woman.


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The Most Common Problems Associated With Older Feet

As we age, our feet naturally become susceptible to unpleasant swelling, aches and discomfort. Whilst preventing foot pain is always better than finding a cure, its essential to be able to recognise common foot ailments and the problems associated with older feet, as they may be a sign that its time to upgrade your footwear.

What Are The Best Shoes For Seniors In 2021

Top 10 Comfortable Fall Shoes for Women Over 40 | Fall Shoes You Must Try

Skechers is one of the best walking shoes for seniors 2021 and is beneficial for seniors feet due to their ability to absorb the impact of running and walking while also minimizing soreness and fatigue. Skechers have a flexible sole that bends and stretches with the foot while walking and provides light support while standing.

Wearing the best shoes for seniors is paramount to getting the most out of your strolls. Its important to invest in a good pair to avoid putting stress on your feet, reduce the risk of blisters, and make sure that your unique needs are taken care of.

Wearing the proper kind of shoes can help give proper support and flexibility. It also gives good cushioning for comfortable walking and avoiding slips while using rollators for individuals who need assistance.

For more tips on walking tools for seniors, be sure to check out some of our previous articles. Visit the rest of Senior Strong to learn more!

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Sketchers Womens Summit Sneakers


Sketchers design great shoes for older athletes and have been in the market for quite some time now since they keep innovating and upgrading. These sneakers are relatively affordable yet offer ultimate comfort.

These shoes come in various widths, ideal for women with bunions. They cater to the extra width required making them the best walking shoes for 60-year-old woman. As soon as you put them on, they offer an inner certainty of having a perfect fit.

The shoe is super comfortable. The memory foam used in this sneaker is likened to walking on a pillow. The rubber outsole is flexible, meaning the feet stay comfy even when taking long walks. It additionally features a unique bungee closure ideal for the elderly. The feature typically allows you to pull tight the laces then slide the clampdown to tighten the shoes.


  • The shoe is comfortable and lightweight
  • Its sleek and stylish
  • The shoes closing system is quite cool
  • Its available in a wide variety of widths


  • The insoles are more durable
  • The shoe is less breathable compared to their counterparts

Best Walking Shoes For Seniors In 2022

Walking is one of the best low-impact and highly effective exercises for people of any age, including older adults. It can help with blood circulation, balance, stability, provide pain relief, and so much more. However, it is extremely important that you have the right footwear for safety and comfort.

Without comfortable walking shoes and the proper clothing, it is less likely for seniors to take part in physical activity. When shopping for walking shoes for seniors, comfort and functionality are the key factors to consider.

Finding a pair of walking shoes with a velcro strap, wide toe box, and grippy rubber sole can help give seniors the confidence to stay fit and active. Listed below are our recommendations for the best walking shoes for seniors in 2022.

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Tips For Buying Shoes

Shopping successfully for orthopedic shoes requires a little research and strategy.

Know your purpose and foot condition. Talk to your podiatrist. Your doctor can give you shopping guidelines on factors like heel height, width or shoe flexibility. And consider the activities youll be doing when you wear the shoe. You may be looking for orthopedic walking shoes or shoes to help with balance problems.

Buy in person or be certain of the return policy. An internet search can help you figure out where to buy orthopedic shoes in your area. But dont order online if possible. You need to try on shoes to make sure they fit properly. Ideally, you should go to a store that carries a variety of styles. But if you must order online, double-check the companys return policies before you buy. A size chart and a customer service rep can help, too, whether youre looking for casual footwear or the best walking shoes.

Shop and try on shoes in the late afternoon or evening. Feet can swell throughout the day, so its best to shop toward the end of the day. This will help avoid a tight fit.

Check the fit. Feet can grow as we age and our feet can be different sizes, too. So, its a good idea to have both feet measured each time you buy new shoes. Stand while being measured, as your body weight will make your feet expand.

Once youre trying on shoes, it pays to be nitpicky. You should have one half of an inch between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe. Look for any areas that may rub.

Our Styles Are Specially Made For Different Foot Widths For Extra Comfort

Comfortable ethnic shoes Middle aged and elderly shoes Anti skid shoes ...

Our styles are specially made for different foot widths for extra comfort. Select your width to view styles specific to your fit. Inflammation of one or more of the joints is common. Our styles are specially made for different foot widths for extra comfort. Select your width to view styles specific to your fit.

Our range includes options for all of your daily activities, with shoes available including:

Sandals: Breathable, comfortable options that are great for light walks, will help keep your feet dry and free of conditions like athlete’s foot. A perfect all-round option for general activities.

Heels: These are notorious for coining the phrase women have to suffer for their fashion. With our range you can enjoy a boost without the discomfort.

Boots: Tough and durable but packed full of comfort and support features. These will look great on city streets and stand up to rugged work as well.

Flats: These stylish and attractive shoes are available across a wide variety of colours, patterns and designs. There are perfect options for work, casual wear shoes and elegant options for stepping out in as well. All packed with all of the benefits and features Homyped women’s shoes are known for.

Slippers: What is better than a pair of Homyped sandals with built-in cushioning and support? The same sandals but wrapped in plush coverings for the best night time and relaxation time. Homyped slippers are the best way to unwind after a big day and offer true support along with comfort.

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What Shoes To Wear In Your Fifties

Wearing your same old trusted joggers on every occasion may sometimes get boring, and do not forget, out of style. Thus, finding a comfortable shoe that is fitting to the event is quite important. For your convenience, we have included not only running shoes but have also listed a variety of options in flats, heels, and other kinds of footwear for you to choose from. So keep scrolling to discover your perfect pair!

Best Walking Shoes For Senior Women

Walking is a great form of exercise that we can do at any age. Its well known that the benefits of regular physical activity, like walking, can help with weight management and strengthen muscles. According to Harvard Medical School, it can also help with heart health including lowering the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Read 5 REASONS FOR TAKING UP THE WALKING LIFE IN RETIREMENT.

Are you thinking of starting a regular walking regimen? Do you already walk frequently? Do you know what is the most important thing to do to make sure that your walking is safe and comfortable? You got it a good pair of walking shoes!

Many people simply throw on their old running shoes and set out walking. This can do fine, but dedicated walking shoes are the best footwear for walking purposes.

Here is our list of the best walking shoes for senior women:

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Niwa Allrounder From Mephisto

These sneakers from Mephisto offer a practical and modern design. The innovative materials and perfect design make it a great hiking shoe. The sole, with three-dimensional lugs, offers excellent grip on all terrains. The ACTIVE SUSPENSION midsole also helps absorb shocks. The adjustable, self-gripping back strap provides a perfect fit.

16 Comfortable Sneakers For Wide Feet

Top 12 Comfortable Fall Shoes for Women Over 40 | Fall Shoes You Need

Are you tired of wearing shoes that always are too tight and leave you exhausting as soon as you put them on? We present to you this podiatrist recommended Vionic sneaker, which is made especially for the wide-footed ladies! This pair is extremely lightweight and flexible to wear. Furthermore, it provides stability to the foot enabling you to walk long distances and look modern with any outfit you wear with its variety of colors. Additionally, the Tokyo sneaker has proven a hit among people with foot-related medical conditions, for example, plantar fasciitis and knee problems. The pain stays at the minimum and leaves you looking stylish and trendy all day long!

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