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When To Wear Dolce And Gabbana The One Eau De Parfum And Occasions

The One Dolce& Gabbana For Women. EDP For Women.

Overall, and in my personal experience with this perfume, people tend to wear The One when the temperatures are milder during the colder seasons of the year since this sexy and inviting aroma garners positive attention both from men and women.

Keep in mind that The One is also one of the few fragrances on the market that hasnt overdone the infamous tobacco note many cannot stand, and made it into something universally appealing which is one of the biggest achievements of a tobacco-oriented scent can do.

During the fall and winter days, I see The One on someone with a woolen scarf and a tailored coat with expensive leather boots.

While the Eau de Toilette was not strong enough for wearing during the night, the performance issue has been partly resolved here, and besides the office wear, this also rocks as a romantic evening or something to wear during a dinner in some expensive restaurant.

SEASONS: Fall and WinterOCCASIONS: Romantic, Clubbing, Night Outs, Business, CasualDRESS CODE: Works on almost any attire during the Fall and Winter

Dolce & Gabbana History

Dolce & Gabbana is a Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1985 by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Before starting the company together, both Domenico and Stefano had backgrounds in fashion, one way or another.

Domenico Dolce was born in Polizzi Generosa, Italy where his father and mother sold fabrics and apparel, and that was a place where young Domenico worked from childhood.

As a young adult, Domenico moved to Milan to study at the fashion design school Istituto Marangoni, which he dropped from before graduating.

It was in 1980 that he met his future business and life partner Stefano Gabbana , while working for Giorgio Correggiari.

On the other hand, Stefano was born in Milan and graduated from the Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche, Rome.

The pair founded a designer consulting studio in 1982 that grew into the Dolce & Gabbana label by 1985 and presented the first womens collection in the same year, called Real Women.

That was due in part to the use of local women as models on the runway which ended as a sales disappointment.

Due to the factor of luck, Dolces family offered to help meet their costs, decline the ordered fabric cancellation and offered another opportunity to create the next collection in 1986 and to open the first store that same year.

As they say, the rest is history. Each new collection was a bigger success than the one that preceded it, and their fourth collection was the first big hit.

Dolce & Gabbana The One

Like the woman that wears it, the strength and uniqueness of Dolce & Gabbana The One fragrance comes from contrast. Used to adorn pulse points or misted into the air to fall in a scented aura, The One is a modern âflorientalâ eau de parfum combining contemporary fruit ingredients with the perfumerâs classic palette of white flowers. âEvery woman is The One!â Stefano Gabbana.

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Presentation & Value For Money

The One For Mens bottle is modelled off that used for the womens version. However, its much heavier and sturdier. In short, its a beast of a bottle, with a thick slab of glass underneath that crawls up the sides.

The clear glass reveals the mouthwatering caramel-coloured contents with the light refracting through the corners. This is indeed eye-catching and the weight avoids knocking it over. However, I learned the hard way that it isnt kind to baggage allowance when travelling!

The atomiser performs generally well if sprayed decisively. However, if the finger slips when pressing, it tends to spray a jet like a water gun. Given that its quite heavy, its easy for it to slip in the hands so take care when applying.

Unfortunately, no packaging came with my version of The One. However, the box comes in brown cardboard with gold lettering, which evokes chocolate and coffee. This ties in well to the fragrances underlying gourmand theme of nutmeg and vanilla.

Finally, The Ones value for money is pretty good considering that its a flagship fragrance from a leading designer houses. The Ones RRP for 100ml stands at around $65 for the eau de toilette.

Therefore, Dolce & Gabbana The One is featured among the best mens fragrances under $50!

The Scent Of Dolce And Gabbana The One Review

Dolce &  Gabbana The One Women EDT 50 ml

You can get a sample of this if you want to figure out how it scents. The aroma is so good that you may even win someone over and prompt them to get a bottle before you decide to get your own. It is a great gift to give to someone close to you as well because they will love it. The scent of the perfume is sweet and slightly floral.

It doesnt even matter if you do not really fancy floral scents because you may come to like this one since it is not offensive at all. In the opening, you can really detect the peach and the lychee as well as a hint of basil even though thats not included in the notes. After a few minutes, the vanilla in the perfume becomes more noticeable.

Dolce and Gabbana The One is a really great scent and you simply cannot go wrong with the perfume if you fancy fruity and sweet scents that are not overwhelming. It is not too sweet and does not possess any cloying or thick syrup sort of sweetness. It is a great scent to wear in the office since it has a kind of professional feeling.

Women under twenty years can also wear it because the scent you wear should depend on what you like, not what people say a woman your age should like. It is womanly, feminine and fruity perfume. Apart from that, it is a skin scent that has a bit of projection but not quite a beast mode projection.

With every spray of the perfume, you will dread the day that it finishes but look forward to getting another one. It ages well and it is not the sort of perfume that will turn you off.

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Collection & Similar Perfumes

Dolce & Gabbana has released many flankers to the original The One fragrance with more or less success. To expand your The One collection, heres whats worth checking out:

Similar Perfumes:

Wake & Strength Of D& g The One

Much like Code, the experience is relatively short-lived. Although The One features a much stronger presence, its longevity is relatively weak and will only endure a few hours. However, it features both a sillage and projection that are much more powerful.

Therefore, if you are looking to wear The One for more intimate occasions, take care not to overly apply. As The One features a heavy musk presence, it can easily become too heady and off-putting in close quarters. Moderation is the key to The Ones successful application.

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When Should You Wear Dolce & Gabbana The One

Overall, people seem to enjoy D& G The One yet not to the extent as intended. Although the feedback was generally positive, some people find the fragrance too heavy on the musk or too fleeting in scent.

However, a large proportion of both men and women seem to love it. Some women indeed found it particularly sexy and were enticed by its complex woody aroma. However, a few women found it to be too oily and were put off.

Unlike Code, which features hints of leather, The One focuses on a concentrated tobacco accord. In addition, The One features fewer refreshing notes and, as mentioned above, is very oily. Consequently, The One is a much more mature fragrance than Armani Code. Therefore, this is best suited to men in the very late twenties or throughout their thirties.

Although The One could be worn in spring at a push, its a decidedly fall and winter fragrance. In fact, its an ideal fragrance for cold nights with the resinous base providing a much-desired sensation of warmth.

Its easy to imagine this being worn during winter evenings. Therefore, this isnt an ideal fragrance for daytime wear at the office. However, its an excellent option for both formal events and dating. In fact, its almost like Armani Code but for older men in that its a perfect choice for romantic encounters during the winter time.

The Appeal Of Dolce And Gabbana The One

Dolce & Gabbana the one EDP for women – Review

Dolce and Gabbana The One perfume is very likeable and quite safe. It has a banana, vanilla and marshmallow kind of scent that is really warm and comforting in a way that many people would like. If you know about the lemon verbena soda called Inca Kola, this may remind you of it. You will really like the intense vanilla as well as the jasmine, lily and awesome musk. It is simply fantastic and enchanting.

On paper, the perfume smells really mesmerizing. It is not just unique and distinctive, it is so good that you can recognize it immediately. It has sophisticated vanilla as well as sumptuous peach with warm musk included.

It smells really posh and is also warm and enticing. It is an alluring trail and you can just imagine the perfume being the signature Fragrance of a wealthy screen siren and envision that everything she owns or touches, possesses a trace of the golden scent.

It is not the sort of perfume that can fall flat on your skin. It opens right up with a fruity cocktail scent before dissolving right into enchanting candy floss. It smells really expensive on paper so it would be good to spray on your clothes. Different skin chemistries can make the scent change however but to be safe, you can reclaim the magic you smell on paper by spraying it on your clothes.

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Dolce And Gabbana The One Eau De Parfum For Men Story

Dolce and Gabbana The One Eau de Parfum was created in 2015 by master perfumer Olivier Polge as an enhanced, denser version of the fragrance to create another masculine classic.

It is composed of vibrant and elegant top notes of grapefruit, coriander, and basil revealing the oriental spicy signature of the fragrance.

In the heart notes, warm and spicy notes of ginger and cardamom combine with charming, sweet orange blossom, captivating with their masculinity.

The base is rich, with intense tobacco, sensual ambery notes, and warm cedarwood creating a deep and lasting impression.

Olivier Polge notable creations:

  • Holy Grail Scent Rating: B+

PERFUME NOTESTop notes: Coriander, Grapefruit, BasilHeart notes: Cardamom, Ginger, Orange BlossomBase notes: Cedar, Tobacco, Amber

Dolce & Gabbana’s ‘chinese Chopsticks’ Ad Isn’t The Only Reason We Should Stop Supporting Them

It’s become more apparent than ever that the fashion community harbors a deep hatred towards those who are othered. To many major fashion designers, theres no relevance in the fact that Christian Siriano has tripled his business by including plus-sizes or that Savage X Fenty has received worldwide acclaim for featuring a diverse cast of models on the runway. When it comes to brands like Dolce & Gabbana, time and time again, those in charge make it undoubtedly clear that fashion belongs to an elite group of thin, heterosexual, cisgender, rich, white men and women.

And they have no interest in changing the status quo. From spreading the message that thin is beautiful and fat is deadly, to saying queer couples who adopt are building synthetic families, to attacking young famous women online by demeaning their looks, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana seem to have no problem spewing hate. But even further, the issue lies with the consumers who give these two men permission to do so.

And yet, I wasnt shocked when I received the Business of Fashion report that announced the cancellation and unpacked the ensuing drama. I only had one question running through my head: Why are we still supporting Dolce & Gabbana?

The pair of designers have apologized Theyve tried to backpedal Theyve offered explanations claiming they never intended to offend. But they never learn from their mistakes. In fact, their controversies have become as predictable as their designs.

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Target Audience And Compliments

Many fragrances of today are usually wearable for both genders. Because of its popularity in the mens population, and its general praise as one of the best close encounter dating fragrances, I always think of The One as male only scent.

Being around the people or your loved ones after freshly spraying The One will get you mad compliments since this scent DNA has been widely recognized as one of the most popular in the world.

In the few first hours of wearing The One I have always received positive comments on how good I smell, and so will you. Theres no denying that.

The same would apply to the womens version of The One.


Why You Should Wear Dolce And Gabbana The One

Dolce &  Gabbana The One Woman 50ml eau de parfum spray

You can wear this perfume 24/7 as a result of its amazing longevity. You can wear it to the office or even to the grocery stores. It is versatile enough to be worn to a black tie wedding or even to the gym. Since it is inoffensive, it is always appropriate in different settings. It is always classy and remains gorgeous no matter where you wear it to.

It can quickly become your all-time favourite perfume even though you have a comprehensive collection. The longevity is wonderful as it can last between ten to twelve hours on your skin depending on how you spray it. The silage is moderate so get a sample and try it. This is a Fruity bomb that has an ambery base that is really Warm and inviting so you can wear it in the winter if you prefer.

You can also wear it during warm weather or on a sunny day. It is a really nice fragrance to pick up as a blind buy because it gives off a really good first impression. The unique blend makes it stand out well as something special. You do not need a couple of tries to fall in love with it because the first time is enough to hook you in. If you love it, you can share the scent with a friend.

This means that a lot of people will like your scent but if they have not encountered the perfume, they would not be able to pinpoint what it is about the perfume that they like so much. Even on the dry down, it continues to remain inspiring and magnificent even after your day ends.


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My Experience With Perfume

As someone with more than a decade of experience with The One for men line, I can safely say that Im fully experienced with this perfume.

Despite the claim from Dolce & Gabbana about a relatively simple spicy oriental fragrance, it is far from that in a vein of complex and full-bodied woody oriental scent enjoyable by almost anyone thanks to the rich inclusion of additional spices, citruses, and aromatic herbs.

But, how good has this fragrance aged, and where does it sit in the modern trends of perfumery? Lets find out.

Uniqueness And Value For Money

In todays world where everything has been overdone, Dolce and Gabbana The One Eau de Parfum still stands the test of time and smells original.

Olivier Polge has done just enough to make it a worthwhile purchase in case you have run out of the Eau de Toilette or you have never tried The One line before. But, is just enough good enough for everyone?

That is a question many should ask themselves. Our prayers have been answered with more concentrated perfume with the cost of losing that iconic freshness we were used to.

But in case you dont mind the above-mentioned questions, there is no denying that the Eau de Parfum is a better choice in almost every aspect.

The scent itself is just slightly expensive and will not cost that much if you compare it to something from Hermes, Chanel, or Tom Ford, but keep in mind that Dolce & Gabbana is not the leading designer house and sits somewhere in the middle.


  • Slight update to formula with less fresher perfume
  • The original is better in every aspect beside performance

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Dolce And Gabbana The One

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  • Your Selections:

eau de toilette spray 3.3 oz & deodorant stick 2.3 oz

eau de parfum spray 2.5 oz & body lotion 3.3 oz

eau de toilette spray 3.3 oz & aftershave balm 1.6 oz & shower gel 1.6 oz

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eau de parfum spray 1.6 oz duo pack

eau de parfum spray 2.5 oz & body lotion 1.6 oz & shower gel 1.6 oz

eau de toilette spray 1.7 oz

eau de toilette spray 3.3 oz & aftershave balm 1.6 oz & shower gel 1.6 oz

1 – 5

Love this perfume. It’s not too strong but it last all day and gives you such a heavenly smell. Always get compliments on my smell when I wear this.

Dee on February 24, 2017

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Dolce and Gabbanna The One is a hit. My husband loves the lite but very noticeable long lasting scent

Kepkim on October 26, 2016

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D& G the one eau d parfum, love It, what a masterpiece. Always gather compliments from ladies and guys also. Second time I buy It!

Dante84 on September 13, 2016

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The One by Dolce & Gabbana is exactly what my girl wanted. Saved over half off retail. My girl couldn’t be happier

Rene on August 28, 2016

1 – 5

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