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Plush Fleece Lined Liquid Moto Legging

MIER Women’s Fleece Lined Cargo Pants

While I tend to associate fleece-lined pants with relaxation and comfort, it’s entirely possible for this style to be sexy, too. Should I find an occasion to dress up for, I’d definitely reach for Plush’s leather-look leggings, which are somehow stretchy, warm, and fashion-forward, all at the same time.

Rdruko Womens Fleece Waterproof Warm Pants

Key Features

  • Waterproof coating may wither over time due to washing
  • Fitting around the ankle is straight which invites moisture and wind drafts because of a bad fit in or over boots and shoes

Warm Rating

Made of 100% polyester, the fleece lining effectively seals in body temperature and blocks out cold winds to give a snuggly feel at sub-zero temperatures.

The fabric is specially designed for professional outdoor winter sports activities and therefore, insulates the entire lower body.

Waterproof Rating

They perform really well and come close to being waterproof. Only when you are exposed to heavy precipitation, youll notice the pants getting a little bit damp.

This is thanks to the polyester and spandex exterior that keeps the elements outside.

Style and utility amalgamate in these fleece hiking pants from Rdruko, a globally trusted brand.

Talking of the waterproof fabric, you get decent protection in wet climates but less in heavy rains.

Excellent wind protection will keep you warm while hiking or indulging in any winter sports activities.

Women with a heavier bottom should opt for a size up to get a snuggly and comfortable fit.

Check prices and availability:

Signature Lined Boyfriend Jeans

Another pair of flannel-lining denim is this boyfriend silhouette by L.L.Bean. Boyfriend jeans are already the most comfortable to invest in due to their roominess, and these get an extra boost because of the super soft inside. A ribbed cashmere sweater would be the perfect addition to my purchase, creating an outfit that can withstand chilly temperatures.

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Camii Mia Womens Winter Warm Outdoor Slim Windproof Waterproof Fleece Hiking Pants

Key Features

  • Some hikers may find it too warm
  • Might be a bit too slim for some

Warmth Rating

The slim-fit fleece-lined hiking pants have a nylon and spandex shell that traps in heat and keeps you warm at all times.

These pants will still keep the insides toasty and comfortable even when the temperature outside is below 0°C.

Waterproof Rating

They feature a 4-grade spill-resistant Durable Waterproof Resistant finish on them that is effective at stopping precipitation for decently long periods.

However, extra layering would be needed when going out in heavy rain.

The warm textile fabric, weatherproof design, and great tensile strength of these best fleece-lined pants for hiking are exponents of their quality.

Whether you are visiting the mountains during winter vacations or have planned winter outdoor activities, your legs will stay warm even if the mercury reaches as low as 0°C or below.

  • Very good Durable Water Repellent finish
  • Excellent for skiing, they easily fit over ski boots, and hiking in snow
  • Its recommended to order a size up if you want to wear thermal underwear underneath, but then the waist is too lose for some

Warmth Rating

Both TBMPOY Womens Hiking Cargo Pants and the Arctix Womens Sarah Fleece-Lined Softshell Pants are equals when it comes to providing insulation against cold.

With boot gaiters, there is no chance for heat to escape or the cold wind to get inside.

Their face is tightly woven to ensure maximum wind protection.

Waterproof Rating

Jessie Kidden Mens Waterproof Hiking Pants


Key Features

  • Belt isnt made of quality material
  • Will get a little damp if exposed to rain for longer periods
  • Length might be an issue for some

Warm Rating

The use of softshell fabric with 94% nylon & 6% spandex construction adds more resilience to these pants against cold winds. The 100% polyester lining on the other hand aids heat retention.

Moisture-wicking treatment is done to the inner face for maximum breathability and to keep you dry at all times.

The boot fit construction aids in blocking cold air while trapping the heat inside.

This must-have apparel will add comfort to your hiking experience.

Waterproof Rating

Since it is not completely waterproof, it wont be a good idea to wear them in heavy rains.

These Jessie Kidden pants are three-stage waterproof. The surface is water-repellent which perfectly repels snow, oil, and precipitation.

For basic level winter sports and hiking activities, these pants will be more than okay.

We deem these fleece-lined hiking pants as one of our favorites because of the chic element in them.

The fabrics design and the color choices provide enough options for you to create a winter adventure ensemble that is comfortable and trendy.

Water resistance and wind protection are truly effective, which allows you to stay outdoors for a fairly long time without worrying about the rain too much.

Of course, they will get damp in heavy rain but that shouldnt stop you from enjoying your hike.

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Rei Sahara Lined Pants

REI took their beloved hiking pants and added a fleece lining to create the ultimate pair of winter hiking pants.

These REI hiking pants are made from a nylon and spandex exterior with a super soft and warm micro tricot lining for insulation and sweat wicking.

These pants have a button closure, but the waistband has elastic so you can move easily. Theres also a drawstring to help you customize the fit.

If its hand pockets you need, these pants have them. Five pockets, to be exact, with a zippered back pocket for holding your essentials.

These pants have been field tested in temps as low as 20 degrees while hiking, rock climbing and backpacking all over the world.

These straight-leg pants arent form-fitting, but theyre not loose or baggy either. Available in sizes from XXS to 3XL.

Womens Fleece Lined Jeans

Because sometimes long underwear just isnt enough.

Ive always found the way most people structure their winter wardrobes ironic. Sure, science has proven that your heart being warm is the most important factor in feeling warm more generally.

But, does that mere fact really justify why we will pile layer upon layer and jacket upon jacket on our upper bodies, all while ignoring our entire lower half?

Legs get cold too, you know!

To be fair, it wasnt that long ago when brands still hadnt nailed fleece lined jeans for women. Most were too bulky and tended to derail any effort to effect a uniform, slim fit.

However, as technology has advanced including the Nobel-worthy development of fleece-lined leggings and jeggings we ladies are able to get the slim-fitting look we want without freezing our legs off!

Keep reading for our favorite fleece lined jeans for women!

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Backcountry Winter On The Go Pants

These jogger-style fleece-lined winter pants are perfect if you want technical wear that feels just like your favorite sweatpants.

These pants have a zippered pocket for keeping your essentials safe and fit and feel just like loungewear.

The Backcountry Winter On the Go Pants are available in four colors and sizes from 2 to 14. Theyre perfect for both casual and rigorous wear.

The exterior fabric is made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex with a 100% polyester fleece interior lining.

These pants dont have as many pockets as the other options, but they do come with one zippered pocket thats perfect for your phone and keys.

Theyre not tight, but theyre not baggy either! When we say these pants are comfortable, we mean it. Youll want to live in them!

These jogger-style winter pants are just as great for winter hiking and camping as they are for lounging on the couch on a snow day.

Eddie Bauer Polar Fleece

Women Leggings Winter, 2 Pack Winter Thick Warm Fleece Lined Thermal Stretchy Leggings Pants Review,

These fleece-lined pants stretch, repel moisture and are super comfy.

These pants even have a drawstring around the ankles to cinch up the bottoms in wet or blustery weather. Talk about convenience!

These winter hiking pants are available in sizes from 0 16. You can get these pants in black, charcoal or mauve.

The pockets on these pants are some of our favorite features! Each hip pocket is zippered, and there is a closed cargo pocket on each leg, too.

The Eddie Bauer Polar Fleece-Lined Pants are ideal for any winter outdoor activity, from hiking to snowshoeing, fishing and more.

Plus, theyre comfortable enough to wear for your everyday errands. Not too baggy or too loose, these pants are perfect for any winter activity.

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Double L Jeans Relaxed Fit Flannel

There’s more to fleece pants than just sweats. These flannel-lined jeans will bring a refreshing change to my wardrobe while keeping me warm, and if I cuff my pants, I can show off that plaid detail. I’d keep my overall look simple, adding an oversized white shirt for a more classic look.

Fleece Pants For Women

Add a layer of warmth and comfort to your wardrobe with fleece pants for women! Our range of women’s fleece sweatpants, leggings, and joggers are designed to keep you comfortable for active and casual pursuits in all conditions. And with a wide range of sizes, styles, and features, you’ll find the right look and fit for you, no matter what the day brings. Find all your womens clothing essentials at Kohls!

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Why We Built The Winter On The Go Pant

When harsh winter weather tries to slow us down we pull on the Winter On The Go Pant. Built for seamless wear from errand running in town, to shoulder season trailheads, and then back to the couch at the end of the day, these fleece-lined pants are going to be your new go-to. The stretchy synthetic blend ensures freedom of movement and moisture control, while the DWR treatment keeps us dry when snowflakes or light rainfalls.

Are Fleece Pants Good For Hiking


Fleece and fleece-lined pants are a great option for winter hiking. They can be worn alone or as a base or mid-layer in extremely cold temperatures.

Some fleece pants might seem like run-of-the-mill sweatpants, but theres a very important even life-saving difference.

Most sweatpants and lounge pants are made from cotton. As weve already established, cotton is one of the worst materials for winter hiking clothing.

Cotton attracts, absorbs and holds moisture from the environment and from sweat. This can quickly lead to hypothermia in cold weather.

Fleece, on the other hand, is made from polyester. Although fleece is the name for the fur on a sheep, fleece fabric is actually synthetic material.

Fleece fabric is water-resistant, breathable and has sweat wicking properties as well. Thick fleece fabric retains its insulating properties when wet.

Fleece fabric is very popular and commonly used as a lining on the inside of winter hiking pants.

If youre looking for comfortable pants that you can move freely in, fleece and fleece-lined pants are great for winter hiking.

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Tofern Thermal Fleece Womens Pants

These thermal fleece-lined soft shell pants are super cute and warm with all the right technical features.

Lined with thick polar fleece, these pants are perfect for freezing and below-freezing temperatures and work great for layering, too.

The Tofern winter hiking pants are made from a 94% polyester and 6% spandex exterior that is both water-resistant and breathable.

The interior is lined with thick moisture-wicking polar fleece.

These pants are available in four colors and sizes from XS to XL. They have a belt closure with an elastic waistband for a perfect fit.

The seams of these pants are reinforced and they have articulated knees for comfort and ease of movement while hiking or climbing.

Zippered pockets are always a great addition to any hiking pants, and these pants have three zippered pockets.

The zippered pockets are perfect for keeping all your trail essentials safe, no matter how rough the terrain.

What Should I Look For In Winter Hiking Pants

There are two main categories of things to look for when buying winter hiking pants: comfort and fabric performance.

When considering your comfort, keep these factors in mind:


With regard to fabric type and material performance, look at:

Breathability Water resistance Sweat wicking

This might sound like a lot, but winter hiking pants are typically designed to tick off every box. Look for materials like:

Synthetic fabrics, such as nylon, spandex and polyester Merino wool lining Water resistant exterior material, such as like Gore Tex, coated nylon

Unless you plan to hike in a winter snowstorm, you should look for hiking pants that are water resistant rather than entirely waterproof.

Water resistant fabrics are typically coated with a water resistant coating. This keeps most water out but still allows the fabric to breathe.

Breathability is important, even in winter hiking clothes. As you hike, you sweat, even if you dont feel hot.

If your sweat gets trapped in your clothes, it can actually make you colder and lead to hypothermia.

Picking fully waterproof fabrics will keep all water out, but they will also keep your sweat in because they do not breathe.

This is why water-resistant is better than waterproof for most winter hiking needs.

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Benboy Womens Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Pants

Key Features

  • A small easy-access pocket at the thigh for keys and smaller items
  • 1 Back Pocket with Zipper
  • 2 Zippered Slanted Hand Pockets

Pros and cons

  • Perfect for all winter sports activities
  • Fitting may seem awkward to some
  • Flimsy belt quality

Warm Rating

Made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex along with ultra-soft fleece reinforced insulation, youll stay warm in sub-zero climates.

Acting as a barrier against cold, you dont have to worry about multi-layering even when you are hiking at high altitudes. Thanks to their fit, those who are still cold, can wear leggings underneath.

Waterproof Rating

The fabric is water-resistant which is not exactly similar to waterproof but holds fine in light rain and against splashes.

Thanks to this, you can snowboard, climb mountains, or set up a camp in open grasslands or inside a beautiful forest without worrying about getting wet.

Do grab extra layering that can be worn over these pants in case it starts raining heavily.

When compared to the previous trousers, the BenBoy Womens outdoor waterproof windproof fleece hiking pants are a clear winner.

We say this based on the quality of the fabric, the effective waterproof design, and the insulation.

Hikers, snowboarders who wanna go for cross country snowboarding trips or simply camp in the countryside can go for these fleece hiking pants without a doubt.

Check prices and availability:

Types Of Fleece Bottoms

Women Fleece Lined Winter Jegging Jeans Genie Slim Fashion Jeggings Leggings Woman Fitness Pants

Youre sure to enjoy fleece sweatpants crafted from a cotton and polyester blend that stretches for just the right amount of comfort. Fleece sweatpants provide a full range of motion ideal for jogging around the block or just lounging around at home.

Youll also love the soft, stretchy feel of womens fleece leggings available in ankle length and capri length options. Leggings fit snug through the hips and thighs for a flattering look that will complement a wide array of tops and accessories.

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Clothin Mens Softshell Fleece

Key Features

  • Reflective stripes along the lower legs
  • Great for ski touring, hiking, snowboarding, mountain climbing, etc.
  • These pants are only good for light rain and the DWR washes off easily
  • Might feel a bit short at the legs

Warm Rating

The soft and snuggly microfleece lining traps in the heat effectively to keep you warm all day long while hiking in the snow-clad mountains or snowboard down a slope.

Take these along on your next backpacking trip and forget about any biting cold.

Waterproof Rating

These pants feature a Durable Water Repellent Finish off an inferior quality compared to other pants we feature in this article. Theyre OK for light rain but not the right choice for rainy days or for snow sports.

You can treat them with waterproof spray to increase their water resistance.

Since these Clothin cargo pants arent 100% waterproof, its best to carry rain pants to stay prepared for heavy downpours.

Unique and utilitarian, the advanced design of these fleece-lined hiking pants mens apparel is necessary for every hiker to stay warm while enjoying the winter activities.

Though not fully waterproof, the Durable Water-Repellent finish does its work on drizzly days. When treated with waterproof spray they should be ok for more harsh conditions.

Their zippered ankles with snap closures at cuffs are smartly designed for more breathability, comfort, and to block out wind and moisture.

Available at a nominal price, they dont feel like cheap hiking apparel.

Nike Sportswear Essential Fleece Pants

Burgundy is still one of the season’s hottest colors, so purchasing these joggers just seems right. The simple sporty design is made with semi-brushed fleece for an extra soft feel, which is perfect, since I measure my purchases on softness, style, and versatility, and this hits all of those points. Personally, I prefer to pair my sweats with fitted tops or bodysuits, and this a sheer, multicolored bodysuit by Fe Noel will make a bold statement in contrast to casual pants.

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Baleaf Womens Winter Fleece

These water resistant winter hiking pants have tons of pockets and come in so many colors.

If youre looking for versatile budget winter hiking pants, these are perfect! The soft fleece lining is insulating and also feels so great on your skin.

These pants arent baggy, but they arent extremely form-fitting either. The waistband has a button and elastic so thee pants can easily move with you.

BALEAF fleece-lined hiking pants have four zippered pockets including one specifically designed to hold your phone!

You can cinch the ankles of these pants to keep your legs warm and dry during wet or windy weather, and the knees are reinforced for movement.

Available in sizes from X-small to 2XL with black, green, gray, purple and blue options, theres a pair for every hiker and occasion.

These pants are made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

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