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How Do I Reach My Ideal Body Weight

Perfect Height and Weight For Men and Women
  • Establish a body transformation goal thats appropriate.
  • Use the macro calculator to determine how much you need to eat in order to achieve that goal.
  • This calculator supports a flexible dieting strategy, which allows you to eat whatever you want as long as it fits within your macros.
  • To improve your body composition, you need to lose fat and gain muscle.
  • I’ve helped 14,000+ people lose thousands of pounds by tracking their macros.

    Choose either my self-guided program or let me coach you.

    What Is A Healthy Weight For Women

    Because your height and muscle tone impact your weight, the number of pounds alone is not enough to tell if you are a healthy weight. Body mass index is one way to measure if youre overweight or obese. The higher your BMI, the greater your risk for obesity-related conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.

    Your BMI is your weight in kilograms divided by your height in meters squared. Or you can just find an online BMI calculator like the one on the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institutes website. BMI ranges are as follows:

    • Healthy: 18.5 to 24.9
    • Overweight: 25 to 29.9
    • Obese: 30 and above

    Heres a look at a range of heights and their healthy weight ranges based on BMI:


    Ideal Weight Per Met Life

    According to the MET Life tables, desirable weights are listed for women ages 25-59, wearing a 1″ heel and 3 pounds of clothing. A 5′ 3″ woman should weigh 111-124 lbs. if she has a small frame 121-135 lbs. with a medium frame and 131-147 lbs. with a large frame.

    A 5′ 6″ woman with a small frame should weigh 120-133 lbs. a woman with a medium frame should weigh 130-144 lbs. and a woman with a large frame should weigh 140-159 lbs.

    For a woman 5′ 9″ tall with a small frame, the ideal weight is 129-142 lbs. for a woman with a medium frame the ideal weight is 139-153 lbs. and for a woman with a large frame the ideal weight is 149-170 lbs.

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    Weight Loss And Healthy Tips For Women Over 50

    The following are a few tips for women to help maintain a healthy weight after turning 50.

    1. Drink Fluids and Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

    Preferably, simple water is your go-to drink about six to eight glasses each day. Depending on your lifestyle and climate, you may need to drink more or less. For example, if youre sweating in the hot sun, you will definitely need more than eight glasses!

    2. Walk As Much As You Can

    Walking is one of the most underrated activities. Its really easy to do, compared to other exercises, yet its very effective at shedding pounds and improving cardiovascular fitness.

    Depending on your life style, its really easy to incorporate walking into your everyday life. For example, park far away from a store entrance and walk the extra distance to fit yourself into the weight chart for women over 50.

    3. Lift Weights

    As you age, you lose muscle mass. By the time you turn 50, you have lost 20% of the muscle mass you had when you were 20. Not only are you less strong, but you have a lower metabolism as a result of less muscle mass. The more muscles you have, the more calories your body burns, even at rest. Therefore, building muscle becomes more important to maintaining a healthy weight. Weight training is a great to build muscle mass.

    The Ideal Weight For 5’7 Women

    Is 145 lbs on a 57 female big considering I dont work out?

    Women utilizing the Age and Height combination frequently aren’t sure how to categorize their ideal weight. If need to know the goal weight for 5’7″ women calculated without age data, use this Ideal Weight for 5’7″ women link to check if you’re in the right weight for height.

    Know the ideal weight for other 5’7″ women ages

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    Importance Of Height And Weight Chart

    Most medical practitioners consider the height-weight chart to measure good health in adults. In children, the height-weight chart holds greater importance as it is a benchmark for their overall development.

    As per health experts, the three primary aspects that impact your health as you grow older are –

    These parameters are correlated using the height and weight chart. In simple terms, it helps you and your doctor understand whether your height and weight are in proportion and that it mirrors your current state of health.

    Depending on your gender, whether you are a man or woman, the height-weight chart will differ. This is because men and women have different biological and physiological alignments. Therefore, they have varying muscle and mass compositions in their body.

    Stick To A Healthy Diet

    Our eating habits can have a significant impact on weight deviation, especially if you are among people with a slow metabolism. Hence, it is necessary to maintain a strict diet that is full of nutrition. Those looking to lose weight need to find a diet plan that ensures they eat all the food necessary to maintain a healthy weight without increasing the fat content in the body.

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    Important Note On Ideal Body Weight Web Tools

    This calculator does not provide medical advice. BMI is just one of many indicators of body fatness. So, once this tool is based on BMI calculations, it has the same BMI limitations. Do not use this tool form computing ideal weight for children. Any questions about weight loss or changes to your diet should be discussed with your nutritionist or medical adviser for a more personalized estimation. Don’t try to loose weight fast by yourself. If you think you are underweight, obese or underweight, you should try our BMI Calculator. There, you will get more information about how should you weigh for your height.

    Average Weight By Age

    Ideal Weight for your Height

    Although people are often curious about whether their weight is in the healthy range for their age, the truth is that there’s no good answer to that question. There is no true “healthy” or “normal” weight for a particular age because weight is determined by so many other factors.

    That said, weight can change with age. After age 30, body fat increases, and then for people AMAB, weight gain tends to continue until age 55, while for people AFAB, it continues until around age 65, according to Mount Sinai. At this point, the age-related weight gain tends to stop, and people go on to lose weight, per Mount Sinai.

    While there’s no “normal” weight to target, there are weight averages by age that you can use as a very general guideline. But keep in mind that comparing your weight to these numbers will not give you the best indication of your overall health.

    Weight Averages by Age

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    Other Methods To Calculate Ibw

    There are many ways to calculate the ideal weight. Here are other values based in other methods. Notice that the majority of websites uses one of the methos below. These formulas are somewhat outdated and should, possibily, be avoided, except in some particular cases. So, it is better to use the BMI based values above.

    According to the formula of Devine

    65.9 kilograms or 145.4 pounds.

    • Man: IBW = 50 + 2.3
    • Woman: IBW = 45.5 + 2.3

    Note 1: Applied for age greater than 18 years old and height between 140 and 220 cm Note 2: height is in inches.

    According to the formula of Lorentz

    65.0 kilograms or 143.3 pounds.

    • For men: IBW = /4)
    • For women: IBW = /2)

    Note: height is in cm.

    According to the formula of Lorentz

    56.3 kilograms or 124.0 pounds.

    • IBW = 50 + /4 + /4

    Note: height is in centimeters and age in years.

    According to the formula of Peck’s

    64.1 kilograms or 141.3 pounds.

    • Man : IBW = -130.736 +
    • Woman : IBW = -111.621 +
    • Boy : IBW = -59.6035 + – +
    • Girl : IBW = -77.55796 + – +

    Note: height is in inches and ranges from 17 to 86 inches

    How To Calculate Waist Circumference

  • Take off your shoes. Remove your top, or wear one that reveals your belly.
  • Stand with your feet together.
  • After an exhale, measure your waist across the navel. Use a soft, fabric measuring tape , and wrap it around your waist, parallel to the ground.
  • The number on the measuring tape is your waist circumference.

    Harvard Health Publishing groups people’s waist sizes into the following risk levels for chronic conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes:

    Waist Circumference and Risk for Health Problems

    Assigned Male at Birth

    35 inches and above

    According to the CDC, the average person in the U.S. has a waist circumference that puts them in the “high risk” category:

    Average Waist Circumference

    • âPeople assigned male at birth:â 40.2 inches
    • âPeople assigned female at birth:â 38.7 inches

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    What Is The Ideal Weight Loss For A Month

    If you want to lose weight, you would probably love to do it as quickly as possible. But think a minute – you didnt gain those extra pounds overnight, and the same way, they wont go away overnight.

    Doctors say the safe weight loss pace is around 0.25-0.5 kg per week. That means ideally, you should lose no more than 1-2 kg per month.

    It might sound discouraging. But a slow, steady weight loss pace is the best way to lose weight without stress – and lose it permanently. Because you wouldnt like the pound to get back to you, would you?

    What Is Body Mass Index

    ideal weight for 5 7 woman

    Determining how much you should weigh is not a simple matter of looking at a height-weight chart, but includes considering the amount of bone, muscle and fat in your body’s composition.

    The amount of fat is the critical measurement. A good indicator of how much fat you carry is the body mass index . Although it is not a perfect measure, it gives a fairly accurate assessment of how much of your body is composed of fat.

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    Overview Of Average Weight For Women

    Body weight is one way that doctors evaluate your health and measure your risk for various diseases. Thats because overweight and obesity can raise your risk for numerous health conditions including heart disease and stroke, certain types of cancer, and kidney disease.

    But what is a healthy weight? And where do U.S. women weigh in among other women around the world?

    How Much Should I Weigh For My Age And Height

    A persons ideal weight depends on a number of factors, such as:

    • Fat and muscle proportion

    According to The Centers for Disease Control , the average weight, height, and waist measurement for American adults age 20 years and older is:

    • Average height: 5 feet, 3.6 inches tall
    • Average waist measurement: 38.7 inches
  • Average height: 5 feet, 9 inches tall
  • Average waist measurement: 40.3 inches
  • Though these are averages, it does not mean these weights are ideal for health. The CDC also found the average American adults body mass index , a calculation based on height and weight that can provide an estimate of total body fat, was 29.6 for women and 29.1 for men, both of which are considered overweight.

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    Body Fat Percentage Calculator

    In general, measuring body fat requires a professional â either to take the measurements or to supply the tools and technology. While there are commercially available body fat analyzers, such as body fat scales, these tools are easily affected by several factors, including how hydrated you are, according to the Mayo Clinic.

    To get a general idea of your body fat percentage, plug your measurements into’s Body Fat Calculator.

    Once you’ve assessed your body fat, you’ll want to know what your number means. The Cleveland Clinic recommends following guidelines laid out in September 2000 in âThe American Journal of Clinical Nutritionâ :

    Healthy Body Fat Percentages by Age

    Average Weight For A 5’4 Female

    Perfect Height Weight Chart For Men And Woman Body
    • Height in inches: 63.5
    • Weight in pounds: 170.8
    • Waist circumference in inches: 38.7

    These statistics are from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey conducted from 2015-2016. The national average is up from 168.5 pounds as noted in the previous survey . The chart below shows the average weight for adult women in the U.S. according to different age groups.

    Average Weight for American Women by Age
    Age Group
    60 and up 166.5 pounds

    The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute indicates that a healthy weight for a woman who is 5 feet, 4 inches tall ranges from 110 to 140 pounds with a BMI of 19 to 24. A woman whose BMI score is above 25 falls in the overweight category and 30 and above falls in the obesity category.

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    What Are Other Ways To Assess Excess Body Fatness Besides Bmi

    Other methods to measure body fatness include skinfold thickness measurements , underwater weighing, bioelectrical impedance, dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry , and isotope dilution 1,2,3. However, these methods are not always readily available, and they are either expensive or need to be conducted by highly trained personnel. Furthermore, many of these methods can be difficult to standardize across observers or machines, complicating comparisons across studies and time periods.

    How Do Americans Compare To The Rest Of The World

    People in North America have the highest average body mass in the world, according to a 2012 study. More than 70 percent of the population falls into the overweight-to-obese ranges.

    People in Asia, on the other hand, have the lowest body mass. Specifically, the average body mass index for Japan in 2005 was just 22.9. In comparison, the average BMI in the United States was 28.7.

    If you need another way to look at it, 1 ton of body mass represents 12 North American adults. In Asia, 1 ton represents 17 adults.

    The percentages of people worldwide who are considered overweight are listed below:

    • Healthy: anything between 18.5 and 24.9
    • Overweight: anything between 25.0 and 29.9
    • Obese: anything above 30.0

    Although this method offers a good starting point, your BMI may not always be the most accurate measure of your ideal weight. Why? It goes back to factors such as frame size, muscle composition, and your age.

    Athletes, for example, may weigh more due to high muscle mass and get an overweight result. Older adults, on the other hand, tend to store more fat than younger adults.

    Its important to note that BMI for children and teens is given as a percentile. Their heights and weights are constantly changing. As a result, its most useful to look at their BMIs in relationship to the BMIs of other children who are the same age and sex.

    Height in feet and inches Healthy weight in pounds
    32 and up

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    Dont Get Hung Up On Your Normal Weight

    Lets get a bit of perspective here. A lineup of 5-foot 7-inch tall healthy women will give you all different shapes and sizes.

    There is no such thing as normal. Normal weight is really just an average indicator across a population.

    Of course, it would be wrong to deny weight gain has an impact on the health of a nation. Since the 1960s the average American woman has gained less than an inch in height but 30 pounds in weight.

    In the same timeframe, diabetes in the United States has increased by almost 7%. Its not surprising some of this increase is attributed to weight gain.

    But for a lot of people constantly focusing on weight, calorie intake, and dieting leads to a life of misery. Its better to foster a healthy relationship with food, eat better rather than less, and move more.

    Being fit will help you feel better about your body. Its a better route to being healthy.

    Height Weight Chart And Bmi

    What is the average weight for a 5

    The last indicator of an individuals ideal weight is BMI, short for Body Mass Index. It is calculated according to BMI = weight/height². The optimal, healthy range for BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9. Our ideal weight calculator converts this back into weight, presenting to you the range of appropriate weights for your height.

    You can also take a look at a height-weight chart that shows the ranges of underweight, normal and overweight for various heights:

    If your current weight falls into the ideal weight category, you may want to calculate your maintenance calories requirements.

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    Whats The Ideal Weight For A 57 Woman

    The average ideal weight should be 10 stones and 5.3 pounds. Your ideal weight should be between 53.6 kgs and 81.1 kgs. The average ideal weight should be 65.9 kgs. These values apply for a 25 years old 57 heigh woman.

    Whats the ideal weight for an elderly woman?

    Ideal Weight According to BMI. In case of elderly women, the ideal BMI range is 25 to 27 kg/m 2. Nevertheless, BMI is not considered to be a fair indication of health as far as the elderly are concerned, and it is best to use the age-specific weights given above to determine their healthy body weight.

    What should my BMI be for women over 50?

    For those between the ages of 60 and 70, the median BMI is 27.5. Women in their 50s and 60s should strive for a BMI of between 25 and 30. A 5-foot-3 woman with a healthy BMI should weigh 125-155 pounds. Click here to calculate your own BMI. This can also help learn more about your weight health besides the weight chart for women over 50.

    How tall should a 50 year old woman be?

    Weight Chart for Women Over 50. The following weight chart shows the target weight based on the height and age. Height 50-59 60-69 4 feet, 11 inches. 110 to 140. 118 to 148. 5 feet, 0 inch.

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