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Activities To Do At A 50th Birthday Party

Decoration Ideas for a 50th Birthday Party

If your wife or girlfriend is turning 50 this year, there are plenty of activities she can enjoy. While a traditional over-the-hill party may seem cliche, celebrating a 50th birthday is a big deal in some cultures. After all, she has gotten through so much already. Consider throwing a special dinner or movie night instead of a traditional sit-down party. In addition, you can also invite a mixologist to teach her how to make cocktails, or you could even have a wine appreciation party.

If you want to treat her to an unforgettable experience, choose an immersive or theatrical group experience. Doing stuff together makes us feel closer, letting go of our inhibitions. The best birthday parties include activities that will enable our guests to experience something new. For example, if youre hosting a 50th birthday party for a woman, consider going to a movie or game arcade. Another option would be to go on a vacation together.

Foods And Drinks To Serve At A 50th Birthday Party

As the birthday celebration approaches, you may want to prepare food that celebrates the milestone age. A healthy, delicious menu paired with a barbeque menu is a great idea. In addition to the food on the menu, you should consider the invitations. Choose creative yet short invitations. Make them from paper, cardboard, or art supplies. You can also personalize balloons and attach the details of the party to them.

If youre having a cocktail party, choose finger foods. These are an excellent choice for a 50th birthday party. Not only can finger foods be delicious, but they can also be a beautiful presentation. Several classic options for hors doeuvres include crostini, crab cakes with remoulade, and stuffed mushrooms. You can also serve deviled eggs as an appetizer.

Best 50th Birthday Party Ideas For Women

50th birthday party ideas for women is that what you are finding. I know it is such a task to plan someones special birthday party as you want to make this occasion really memorable and special. So today I am going to share with you some really amazing ideas that will help you plan a perfect party.

50th Birthday a golden milestone, it means a lot to all of us as it counts for sacrifices and efforts that I have taken to be What I am Today. Wasnt my journey full of challenges? But now its the time to celebrate, as I have done all the very best for me and my family so get on to cheer up for its the party time!

This is the special day for the wonderful lady who has already performed the roles of a loving daughter, supportive wife, a compassionate mother and each one in complete devotion. Isnt,t it? And looking behind most of the time the job goes thankless, but the birthday is the perfect occasion to tell her that how much it means to us.

Before I could think of any plans, it,s really very important for me to go back and recollect all those moments in my life which are made easy by sacrifices. So that I do not want to miss even the smallest thing which I would help me to add to the party charm.

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Enjoy A Wine Master Class

Instead of hosting a dinner party, how about spending a leisurely afternoon treating your refined 50-year-old palate to some of the finer things in life? Visit theWined Bar at the National Wine Centre, one of the most stunning venues in Adelaide. Gather your friends for a wine master class or simply indulge in the centres exquisite wines and charcuterie boards. Hows that for a relaxing 50th birthday? Tip: If youre looking for surprise 50th birthday party ideas for a woman in your life, you cant go wrong with this one!

Looking For More 50th Birthday Ideas

50th Birthday Decorations for Woman 50 Birthday Party

For funny 50th birthday ideas, do check out our 50th birthday gag gifts page for a huge collection of novelty gag gifts for this “over the hill” birthday occasion!

And if you’re looking for inspiration for what to write in a 50th birthday card or speech, we have lots of ideas on our messages, quotes, and jokes pages:

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Food & Drink Themed 50th Birthday Parties

Why not theme a party around the birthday person’s favorite cuisine? Here are ideas for taste-bud-tempting food-and-drink-themed 50th birthday parties. Bring on the food, drinks, and merriment!

Throw on your sombrero and get out the tequila! Mexican parties are so easy to put together – from quick party food, fun outfits, and even pinatas for games.

Want an extra special 50th dinner party with a difference? Hire a private chef for a delicious and intimate evening, sharing many tasty courses of food with friends or family.

A fun alternative to a sit-down meal is to hold a cocktail party. Guaranteed to have more mingling, bite-sized food, and delicious drinks. It is an excuse to wear your best cocktail outfit too! You could even hire a mixologist and learn to make your own cocktails.

Love beer? Grab your friends and check out a local brewery together or get a keg and enjoy a craft beer 50th birthday party at home.

If the birthday person is also a morning person, they may like to go out for brunch with their besties. What a great excuse for a mimosa or bloody Mary with your scrambled eggs.

Does the birthday boy or girl love to grill? Host a backyard barbecue in their honor! Be sure there are plenty of drool-worthy meats cooked low and slow for everyone to enjoy.

Pinkies out! A vintage tea party is not only a lovely excuse to get dressed up and use Grandma’s best china tea cups, there’s so much cake too.

Tee Off On An Exclusive Golf Course

If your birthday boy or girl is a golf aficionado, make a reservation at a beautifully manicured golf course. Play the best course in your town, or use this as an excuse to play a bucket-list round of golf at Augusta or Pinehurst. Bonus: Golf goes great with all those over-the-hill jokes youre dying to make.

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Gift Basket Or Gift Set

Another way to flex your creativity for this important occasion is with a gift basket or gift box. These are fun to make and easy to tailor to the preferences of the birthday gal or guy. Start by picking out a cute basket or box at your favorite home store, then plan a theme for the box that you know your loved one will appreciate. Maybe theyre always making Mediterranean dishes, in which case you can create a basket with fine olive oils and fresh bread. If they love to read, select books in their favorite genre and pair them with teas or sweets. Consider adding a gift card to their favorite bookshop or cafe. When you create a gift basket or box, you add special, personalized touches that remind your friend of great memories.

What Is The Color Theme For A 50th Birthday

50th Birthday Celebration Ideas

While there isnt a traditional choice for a 50th birthday, one color does stand out. Gold is a classic color, symbolizing the golden age with elegance and refinement. Gold goes well with many other colors, but white creates a particularly classy contrast. Gold and white make a beautiful color theme for a 50th birthday.

Of course, thats not the only option. Other colors like silver, dark red and deep purple are also great choices. These bold, rich shades are sophisticated and elegant, and they work well with a variety of party favors and elements.

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Th Birthday Party Ideas In The Great Outdoors

Love getting out of the city, enjoying a mini-break, or embracing nature? Theme your 50th birthday celebrations around your love of the great outdoors.

Whether the birthday guy or gal is a happy camper or prefers glamping, a group getaway in the country is sure to be a winner.

The world is your oyster! Book an exciting trip away with family or friends and let the 50th birthday celebration become a weekend-long event.

Love the water? Why not set sail with a yacht charter or short cruise?

Throw a beach party! Chill out on the beach, by the ocean, or on a lake. Be sure to bring the beach volleyball and inflatables for a guaranteed fun time for young and old.

Put on your walking shoes and go for a hike – it’s a great way to celebrate “being over the hill”. A hike through the countryside or wilderness can be exhilarating. Make sure you end it at a tasty restaurant or with a picnic.

Top 10 Best 50th Birthday Party Themes For Adults

5 min read

Planning a 50th Birthday Party is nothing to take lightly! After all, your friend or a family member has lived for half a century! Seriously, thats big! So, if you are in charge of putting the big birthday bash together, it is certainly understandable if you are under a little bit of stress

Choosing a 50th birthday party theme for adults is one of the hardest tasks on the to-do list! The many different directions you can take are confusing! Do you want elegant or laid-back? Fun or fancy? What would the guest of honor like? What would they hate? There are so many questions to answer! Explore 10 awesome 50th milestone birthday party theme ideas for adults.

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Th Birthday Party Ideas

50th birthday party ideas are an important way to make the Honoree feel the thrill of celebrating fifty in a big, outrageous way. There is, of course, much debate on what a 50th birthday celebration should look like. Some envision a golden affair with the celebration glittering, while others look forward to a more casual affair bursting with laughter. A good 50th birthday party strikes a balance between the two with surprises and reflections that blend together favorite memories of the past while looking forward to a fabulous future.

Creative 50th birthday party ideas will guide you in throwing a celebration that enjoys the theme to the fullest. From noticeable decorations to witty gag gifts, there are many good reasons that prove age is just a number.

Zen Out With A Spa Day

39 Heartfelt 50th Birthday Gifts for Women

Design: Claudia Owen

Take your guest of honor and their best pals to the spa for massages, facials, and a steam. Split the cost of the birthday boys or girls treatments as a beautiful 50th birthday gift. To get your guests excited before the main event, send a lovely spa-inspired invite and include all the details.

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Check Out A Comedy Club

I just really dont like to laugh much, said nobody, of any age, ever. Comedy clubs are often overlooked, but can make for memorable nights full of laughter. Consider checking out a local comedy club or show for your 50th birthday to help you laugh your way through turning another year older. Who knows? You may even end up being a part of the act on account of the special occasion!

via Brad Garrett Comedy Club

How Can I Throw A 50th Birthday Party

When it comes to hosting a milestone birthday for the books, I always start by considering who were celebrating. For some, the perfect celebration is a big party with friends and birthday decorations. For others, a low-key dinner party at home is exactly what they want for their special day. If your best friend or family member is the type who likes excitement and crowds, consider a surprise party. Reach out to their colleagues, friends, and neighbors, and surprise them with a fun celebration that brings everyone in their life together.

These kinds of 50th birthday parties can be fun to plan since there are many different themes and party ideas to pick from. Try a retro party whose theme throws back to when your friend was growing up, or a travel theme where all the food served is from various parts of the world. Tailor the party to fit the celebrants preferences, and add personal touches to highlight beloved memories from their first half-century.

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Top 15 50th Birthday Party Ideas For Women

Home»NYC Tourism Blog»Things to Do»Top 15 50th Birthday Party Ideas for Women

The Golden Jubilee Birthday is a golden opportunity to make an impact on someones life.

A 50th birthday party should be as special as the birthday itself. Being on this planet for five whole decades means the special someone has experienced a breadth of life deserving of a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Since theyve seen a lot, its only reasonable to offer them a life-changing experience.

New York City is rife with life-changing experiences, and were here to help. If you need an idea for a 50th birthday celebration for mom, your sister, or any of the other special women in your life, look no further!

Start The Day With Brunch

Birthday Party Ideas for Adults| 30th, 40th, 60th & 50th Birthday Celebration|Bling Backdrop

Brunch is always a great idea. Whether as sustenance for the day ahead or as recovery from the night before, theres no better way to kick off a new decade than surrounded by your favorite people, eating elegant and indulgent fares, and sipping a mimosa or building your own bloody mary. To really up the ante, brush up on your brunch skills in a hands-on cooking class! You’ll find cooking classes in DC, cooking classes in Philadelphia and beyond. There are even fun couples-oriented options for a romantic birthday brunch, like in date night cooking classes in New Orleans. Browse all cooking classes near you to get started.

via Cozymeal

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Backyard Grill And Chill

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned American cookout. So fire up the grill and have a classic backyard birthday barbeque filled with food, fun, friends and family for a 50th birthday everyone will love. Not a skilled grillmaster? Learn the ropes in a BBQ cooking class or a good YouTube video. Soon, you’ll be armed with the know-how behind perfectly grilled chicken, kabobs and even desserts.

Organize A Cheese Tasting And Fondue Party

Yes: a things-on-skewers-dunked-into-a-vat-of-melted-cheese party. A cheese tasting and fondue party is a great party idea that doesnt involve subjecting yourself to elaborate recipes. Plus, you can encourage guests to bring their favorite cheese or something funky theyve always wanted to try.

via Canva

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Savor Fancy Cocktail Party Hors Doeuvres

An amazing birthday party dinner doesn’t always need to be five courses. Instead, throw a cocktail party for a delicious and fuss-free 50th birthday. Get creative with hors d’oeuvres, offering a wide array that’s impressive in both taste and presentation. Some classics you can never go wrong with include crostini, crab cakes with remoulade, shrimp cocktail, stuffed mushrooms, and deviled eggs. Your next dinner party is sure to be a hit.

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Virtual Flower Arranging Classes

Fabulous 50th Birthday Party Gold Diamond Glitter Invitation

Virtual flower arranging classes can be an awesome celebratory experience or a gift that keeps on giving. Many people may think of flower arranging classes as good 70th birthday party ideas for Mom, but they can be fun and educational for anyone with a passion for crafting and entertaining. Participants will get to keep their arrangements and take valuable knowledge for creating future bouquets.

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How To Have A Great Birthday

Now that youre ready for your big day, there are some great ways to have a fantastic birthday! You could go out for drinks with friends or family either at a place with complimentary cocktails or at a more upscale spot where drinks cost extra, but the food is delicious! You could also take a trip out on special activities such as horseback riding or hiking. These activities will leave you feeling raged afterward but satisfied with the days experiences!

Try A Taste Of Authentic Spanish Tapas

Explore the flavors of Spain with a trip through an authentic tapas menu. Create a tapas themed birthday party by highlighting iconic, elegant flavor profiles of popular Spanish cuisine. Some favorites include pan con tomate, gambas al ajillo, patatas bravas and tuna-stuffed peppers. Most importantly, each dish is designed to be shared among good company for one of the tastiest 50th birthday party ideas out there.

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Black Tie Cocktail Party

Fabulous 50 is meant to be fabulous, so tighten up the dress code and serve up some delicious cocktails with a black tie event. If you need some help figuring out drinks, hire a bartender to take a little pressure off of the event planning. Feel free to elevate your musical entertainment and hire a pianist to perform at the party.

Country 50th Birthday Party Theme

50th birthday party ideas

Order your cowboy boots, because things are about to get crazy when you choose the Wild West 50th birthday party theme!Via Domestic Fashionista


As you’ll see above, there are plenty of simple ways to incorporate the big 50 into the party theming andtable centerpiece decorations without it dominating. Make the birthday party as personal as you can and highlight all their positive achievements, like family, children, or career highlights, so that they have fond memories of their 50th milestone birthday party. You want it to be something they’ll remember.


  • We’re so glad you’re here! Birthday Butler helps make celebrating easier and more convenient.

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Float Down A Lazy River

Forgo waterslides and splash zones for relaxation, cocktails, and refined floating. Whether you opt for a luxury resort where you can park your inner tube at the swim-up bar or go all natural, a float down a lazy river is one of the best 50th birthday party ideas ever pooled together.

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