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Nike Metcon 6 Versus Reebok Nano X CrossFit Training Shoe Review

Luckily, Nike Metcon 6 is a widely popular shoe sold at most, if not all, shoe stores, both brick and mortar and online. The Metcon 6 is available for men and women in various styles and colours. You can even customize your kicks for a unique, individual pair.

If you jump to the official Nike website* youll find a ton of models to choose from, with some colour ways on sale if youre lucky. Depending on whether you got for the Nike Metcon 6 womens, mens, or unisex, theyre available from UK size 2.5 to size 14.

You are gonna love these if youve got wide feet and avoid workouts with high impact.

Think twice if you youre looking for something with maximum cushioning or a running shoe.


Nike Metcon 6 Upper Unit

Nike Metcon 6 Toe Closeup

The upper is a dual layer mesh, more visible in colorways with contrasting uppers, but this remains thin and super breathable.

The open ventilation holes are so large in fact that light travels through to create a shadow in on the insole. Compared to the Metcon 5, for me this felt much lighter and overall a more comfortable shoe.

Flywire lacing is also back, where the laces are pulled through an extra wiring system in addition to their standard eyelets to help with locking down the foot securely.

The tongue is attached in a partial bootie to the upper, meaning it stays put when working out and makes getting the shoe on and off easily.

Both the heel cup and tongue materials were thick and maintained their structure meaning the shoe still looks brand new out of the box after over a month of wearing.

The feel of the upper is rigid and structured to give support, much more so than a running shoe, which may take some getting used to.

I had a few issues with rubbing on the heel of one foot the first couple of times I wore them, but this went as I wore them in and gives me no problems now.

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Nike Metcon 6 First Impressions

Nike Metcon 6 Pair

Before even purchasing the shoe, my first impressions of the Metcon 6 were pretty mixed

There appeared to be a few style updates on the upper, but everything else seems pretty similar, just a few tweaks to improve an already great shoe.

The launch colorway of leopard print , camo print and a dark Mat Fraser special edition was not to my taste at all.

But thankfully these were followed by some subtler designs, and also a custom design should you choose to pay a slight premium.

When the shoes arrived I was really impressed with the small changes and upgrades from the previous version.

After testing the Metcon 5, the Reebok Nano X launched so I had been wearing that and these felt quite different. More on the comparison of the Nano X and the Metcon 6 here

Out of the box, theres a lot going on in the Metcon 6, much of which you may love or hate. Its busy to look at, packed with lots of design and functional features.

Stand out is the extended sole wrap, seam overlays in contrasting colors which divide the shoe into two very separate parts, and large zig-zag lace overlays

The fit was true to size- I went ½ size smaller than my Nike running shoes and the width and length felt perfect.

The low heel height at the back did give some heel slippage to begin with but now no longer bothers me as the shoe has softened up and moulded to my foot better.

Nike Metcon 6 Sole

So I didnt opt to add in the inserts on the 6s either for my first workout in them.

Weightlifting With The Nike Metcon 6

Nike Metcon 6 X Women

When lifting weights a training shoe like this feels a world away from a running shoe, and is much more comfortable and safer on the joints.

The Metcon 6 gave plenty of support and structure under the heel, and enough room in the forefoot for the toes to move and give the feel of the floor through the whole foot.

The sole in the Metcon 6 seems to have found the perfect balance between running and lifting job descriptions.

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Nike Metcon Lifting Shoes

Looking for a versatile training shoe that can handle anything you throw at it? Check out our Nike Metcon collection! Whether you’re lifting weights, doing HIIT, or running, these shoes have got you covered.

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Nike Metcon 6 For High Intensity Training

My favorite thing about this type of training in the Metcon 6 was the large solid base the shoe gives you, meaning you can crack on with your workout and not give your feet a second thought. Grip, tick.

Lateral foot support, tick. Durability, tick. I struggle to find fault here in the Metcon 6.

The Metcon 6 has only one standout competitor, the Nano X, which I scored a 10/10 in my review earlier this year. If I could give Metcon 6 half marks it would be a 9.5/10.

Its an improvement on the Metcon 5, fixing all the niggles I didnt enjoy.

To draw a comparison I just prefer the feel on the foot from the higher heel cup and tongue of the Nano X, and prefer Reeboks classic design and more subtle sole rope wrap.

Performance-wise youre onto an absolute winner whichever of these shoes you choose.

We purchased a pair of Nike Metcon 6 using our own money. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

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Nike Metcon 6 For Women

Nike Metcon 6 Review

Heres some new Nike Metcon 6 styles for Women.

The Metcon is Nikes all-purpose cross-training shoe. It is a gorgeous shoe that delivers breathability and comfort for distance running, enhanced flexibility for sprints and box jumps, better stability for weightlifting, and durability for everyday use. It sports new designs for women who want to work out in style.

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Nike Metcon 6 Review Training Shoes

April 5, 2021In: Fitness

This page may contain affiliate links – they are marked with a *. Making a purchase via my affiliate means I receive a small share of the sale.

Ive had these trainers for months now so its about time I hit publish on my Nike MetCon 6 review! Theyre a great shoe for working out in the gym, fitness classes , for CrossFit, or for functional fitness stuff. I even have a class called MetCon on my weekly online timetable that theyd be perfect for!

The MetCon 6 is the latest iteration of the cross-trainer from Nike with plenty of improvements over the previous MetCon shoe models.

In this article, Im gonna run through the Nike MetCon 6s including the shoes features, design, uses, and sizes. Ill also give you a few recommendations for where to buy them.

Nikemetcon 6 Women Training


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    STURDY, STABLE AND COOLER THAN EVER.The most breathable version yet, the Nike Metcon 6 helps keep your foot cool when you’re going full steam. It stands up to the push and pull of lifting and high-intensity workouts, delivering stability and durability.




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Nike Metcon 6 Fit & Features

One of the most significant upgrades of the Metcon 6 over earlier models is improved breathability. Previous Metcons had a design flaw that caused your feet to get hot and sweat.

But the Nike Metcon 6 has larger ventilation holes perforated along the upper to improve air circulation and keep your feet cooler.

Another noticeable difference is the shoes colour schemes like the leopard print versions. Previous MetCon model shoes had a muted two-tone colour .

So whether youre looking to stand out or blend in, in the footwear department, you can find a pair of Metcon 6s to suit. These shoes come in so many colours and designs, guaranteed to get attention focused on your footwear.

The MetCons are functional yet fashionable, with a heel wedge, a wide, flat sole, and a cushioned insole that protects the bottom of your foot, primarily towards the front.

The fit is true to size- Im wearing a UK 5 as I do in all Nike shoes.

Get Fit With Nike Metcon Trainers For Women

Nike Metcon 6 AMP Women

Reasonably priced Nike Metcon trainers for women have a stylish flair that makes them a great accessory for any streetwear or athleisure look. With their combination of flexibility and support, the Nike Metcon trainers for ladies are great for a variety of exercises, including running, weightlifting, and Crossfit. These shoes come in a variety of colours, ranging from gunmetal grey to bubblegum pink, so it is easy to find the shoe that matches your personal style and preferences.

What is the difference between the Metcon 4 and 5?

Reasonably priced Nike Metcon 5 trainers for women has a chain-link pattern on the upper that allows for added grip when climbing ropes. The Metcon 5 also has a wider heel than the Metcon 4 and thicker cushioning in the tongue. The triangle-shaped outsole on the shoe has a sticky rubber for additional grip as well. However, the Metcon 4 does have a slightly stiffer upper that provides a lot of support. It also has angled support along the back of the heel that assists with stability and adds a little extra style to the shoe.

How to find your size in Nike Metcon trainersChoosing the right Nike Metcon trainers for women

When you are picking out your Nike Metcon shoes, here are a few things you should consider:

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Nike Metcon 6 Sole Unit

Nike Metcon 6 Sole

The sole is a complete copycat of the Metcon 5. Starting with the outsole, flex grooves in the heel and the forefoot give good flexibility and grip, and the carbon rubber feels thick and durable.

This outsole wraps up the foot on the medial and lateral sides to protect the foot and make the shoe last longer on rope climbs, and gives added support for lateral movements.

The outer heel has a plastic coating for structure, and good glide when doing handstand push-ups.

The Metcon 6 features a dual-density foam insole, which is firmer under the heel, and softer under the forefoot, to cushion high impact moves.

Can You Run In Metcon

But can you run in Nike Metcon shoes? In summary, no, they arent good for running in. By all means you can do that 1km run in your WOD but for longer distances, you should really wear a shoe specific for running.

These shoes have cushioned padding in the forefoot to support your toes but not enough to provide comfort and support for long-distance running. They also have a flatter, wider sole that wraps up the upper, which gives the shoe more flexibility and support.

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Nike Metcon 6 For Women Review In Summary

Thats our look at the lastest Nike Metcon 6 for Women.

The Metcon 6 is described as the ultimate gym shoe that will perform with you, from squats to box jumps. Whatever your training is, this version is designed to carry you to achieve your goals. It is not explicitly made and intended for running or for weightlifting, but it is a better option if you are looking for that one shoe that can function well over various movements.

Nike Metcon 6 For Women Overview

Nike Metcon 6 Review – Running, Weight Lifting, HIIT

Versatility is one of the best assets of Metcon, and the 6th iteration does not fail from box jumps to rope climbs and everyday abuse. One of the most noticeable innovations in this version is the more breathable upper, making it the most breathable version of Metcon yet. It is designed with dual-layer material and 3D haptic print for added durability and 18% more breathable than previous models. It also has dual-density cushioning that assures impact absorption with each jump, from the forefoot to the heel.

The foam used in the forefoot has more cushioning, and even the heel has firmer foam. Two types of padding were used in this version to allow comfort in activities like deadlifts, squats, jumps, and sprints. One remarkable trait of the midsole is that it highlights a removable Hyperlift insert for added versatility. This gives you the ability to modify the drop to adjust to your workout and to whatever feels most comfortable to your feet.

The outsole of the Nike Metcon 6 uses firm rubber that gives supreme durability and natural grip to remain solid and steady at all times. The low, flat, and wide heel provides an excellent ground contact for heightened stability during weightlifting exercises. Additionally, the rubber tread up the side produces a perfect grip for rope climbing and protects the shoe from damage.

The new colorways of Black and White signify dark and light combo to celebrate the motivational edge of training with a partner.

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Best Workouts To Use Metcons For

The Nike MetCon 6 is a decent shoe that stands up to the push and pull of lifting and high-intensity workouts, delivering stability and durability. I remember when they first ever launched, during my Crossfit days.

Ive recently been doing some of my indoor cycling on a Wattbike Atom with flat pedals so I used the MetCon 6s for those rides as the sole is quite wide, which should allow me to transfer power well even though Im not clipped in.

If youre doing classes with a lot of impact or jumping, then Id consider a shoe like the Nike Air Zoom SupperRep or my all time favourite, the Nike SuperRep Go.

When it comes to lifting weights, these shoes are a winner. They have a low, flat and wide heel which creates a stable base for weighted exercises. Each pair also comes with a removable Hyperlift insert so you can adjust the height under your heel from one set to the next.

You can defo tell these were made for Crossfit style workouts theres a rubber tread on the sole and up the side of the shoe which provides traction on the ground and grip when youre climbing a rope.

Why We Like The Metcon 6 Training Shoe

As the most breathable iteration in this series, the Metcon 6 Training Shoe feels even cooler than it looks. This innovative shoe was built to help us power through tough training sessions by offering an all-mesh upper that lets air flow freely during intense exercise. Underfoot, diverse foam creates a firm, secure heel and a soft forefoot that cushions high-impact moves. Included heel inserts offer us extra stability on the maneuvers where we need it most.

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Nike Metcon 6 For Running

I wasnt expecting to enjoy running in the Metcon 6 but I actually didnt mind it. For short bursts (less than 5 minutes or so at a time, the Metcon 6 is more than fit for purpose.

If youre a harsh heel striker, the firm heel is far from ideal, but the sole does offer some cushioning, the shoe stays put on the foot, and I managed to get in some speedy sprints in them, both on a treadmill and outdoors.

On a par with the Nano X here for sure, with a slightly lighter feel.

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Nike Metcon 6 Women

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STURDY, STABLE AND COOLER THAN EVER.The most breathable version yet, the Nike Metcon 6 helps keep your foot cool when you’re going full steam. It stands up to the push and pull of lifting and high-intensity workouts, delivering stability and durability.


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