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Wearing Nobull Trainer Shoes Walking And Everyday Activities

NoBull Training Shoe REVIEW | INTENSE Glute Day

Kate tells me she wouldnt wear these shoes to just walk around all day. After taking her dogs on several walks in the NOBULL Trainers, she decided that although they were okay, they arent the most comfortable shoes for something recreational.

I know a lot of people who love NOBULL shoes so much that they wear them out socially or otherwise outside the gym.

For Kate, these arent those shoes. For Amanda, theyre shoes shell wear to go out for a casual dinner or to a bar where she knows shell be sitting for the most part. The simple design makes them great for matching with any outfit in her opinion.

What Are Nobull Shoes

Since their inception into the CrossFit market in 2015, NOBULL has continued to produce different shoes for a variety of product categories. Their main product is the NOBULL Trainer and this is the shoe that arguably put NOBULL on the map especially in the worlds of CrossFit, functional fitness, and lifting.

All of NOBULLs shoes come with the same ideology that NOBULL founded the company on. Basically, they market their shoes and products as having no fluff and only the essentials that you need to perform your best.

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Currently, there are multiple NOBULL shoe categories that you can look into and these include:

  • Cross-Training Shoes

As you can see, the question of What are NOBULL shoes? has expanded tenfold since 2014. What started as only cross-training shoes has grown into multiple shoe categories.

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Training Shoes For Women

NOBULL women’s training shoes are a top pick for putting in the work. Whether you prefer CrossFit®, weight training or HIIT workouts, these high-quality trainers will help with traction and provide comfort during any activity.NOBULL Womens Trainers are the best cross training shoes designed to crush your toughest workouts, with a durable and protective SuperFabric® upper that is water repellent. The sidewalls provide high carbon protection against abrasion on all sides so you can move in any direction. These comfortable shoes also come equipped with perforated microsuede tongues for increased breathability while still keeping them snug around the foot.All female trainers feature a 4mm heel to toe drop for ultimate stability. Our Women’s Trainers also come in canvas, leather, SuperFabric® and suede materials, designed to meet any style. Our women’s trainers come in 3 heights: high-top, mid and low-top. View our collections like black trainers, floral trainers, and more.

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Wearing Nobull Training Shoes For Lifting Weights

Unlike the Reebok Nano Xs and X1s, which I think are too cushioned for heavy lifting, the NOBULL Trainers are great for heavy squats, deadlifts, and even the Olympic lifts due to their super flat sole and minimal heel-to-toe drop.

True weightlifting shoes still provide better support and offer mobility assistance for Olympic weightlifting, but for the most part, Id recommend the NOBULL trainers for lifting weights. They feel great during all types of lifting, including powerlifting and bodybuilding workouts.

Between myself, Kate, and Amanda, weve worn NOBULL shoes for just about any lift you can think of. They dont have as steep of a heel as, say, the Nike Metcons do, so they are particularly great for deadlifting.

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Why Are Nobull Shoes So Expensive

NoBull Project Shoes

NOBULL shoes definitely tend to air on the more expensive side and I think this is due to two reasons. First, is NOBULLs branding and marketing. NOBULL does a really good job at cultivating a community through their marketing and usage of their NOBULL professional athletes.

Both of these, I think at least, influence the price of NOBULL shoes specifically, and make a majority of their gear a bit more expensive than other budget-friendly shoes on the market.

Second, NOBULL shoes are consistent and deliver consistent performance. This being said, I think once youve created certain products that have enough momentum behind them in regard to positive feedback from mass community usage, then you can leave price points alone. Thus, why I think the price of NOBULL shoes never really fluctuates.

However, please note, that these are only two of my thoughts and opinions. Everyone has their own idea and opinion as to why NOBULL shoes are so expensive and if theyre worth it.

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Nobull Trainers Vs Nobull High

Of all the shoes NOBULL offers, two of their most popular models include the original NOBULL Trainer and the NOBULL High-Top Trainer. Despite having pretty much the same construction in regard to materials used in each shoe, they both perform slightly due to the higher boot in the high-top model.

Below are three major differences that Ive noticed between the NOBULL Trainer and the NOBULL High-Top Trainer.

Why You Should Trust Us

We wrote the most comprehensive guide to the best training shoes youll probably find anywhere on the internet. Aside from that, and our product testers have years of experience in the fitness industry and have personally worn most of the CrossFit shoes on the market, from the original Reebok Nanos all the way to the Nike Metcon 7 shoes and the Reebok Nano X1s.

NOBULL Trainer

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Different Outsole Constructions And Performance

First, the NOBULL Court Trainer has a reworked outsole tread to promote overall court sports performance. Yes, the Trainer+ and Court Trainer both utilize a herringbone tread, however, the Court Trainers tread is less pronounced and is designed to give you more bite on asphalt and courts.

This outsole wraps over the toe like the Trainer+ but has a larger bias towards the medial forefoot to prolong durability and to promote grip when pushing off the forefoot and moving laterally.

Nobull Superfabric Trainer Vs Nobull Canvas Trainer

NOBULL Shoes Review 2022: Trainer, Trainer , Runners, and Lifters!

If youre considering the traditional NOBULL Trainer that features SuperFabric or the NOBULL Canvas Trainer, then youre likely wondering, what are the main differences between these models.

There are two key differences between the NOBULL Trainer and NOBULL Canvas Trainer and this includes each shoes upper material and sole construction.

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Nobull Training Shoes Vs Other Crossfit Shoes

The NOBULL Trainers are probably the most similar to Nike Metcons. Like the NOBULLs, the Metcons have a minimal midsole, extremely durable sidewalls, and medial rope grips. Both of these CrossFit training shoes feel flat and rigid, at least during initial use, and take some time to break in. After the break-in period, though, youll be set up with a pair of extremely stable, hardwearing cross-trainers.

NOBULLs Trainers are somewhat reminiscent of older versions of the Reebok Nanos, specifically the Nano 5s and Nano 6s. The newer nanos, especially the Nano Xs and X1s, are vastly different from NOBULL Trainers in a lot of ways, but especially in the level of cushioning and available colorways.

Where To Buy Nobull Shoes

NOBULL is fairly strategic when it comes to the retail outlets that offer their products. Currently, if you look around online there are two key online retail outlets that sell NOBULL gear. The first is NOBULLs site and the second is Rogue Fitness.

Essentially, if youre wondering, where to buy NOBULL shoes, then youre going to want to look at NOBULLs site and Rogue Fitness as these are the only two online retail outlets that have stock for NOBULLs shoes fairly consistently.

There are other online retail outlets as well that have NOBULL shoes on them like Amazon. However, oftentimes youll only find random sizes or lightly used NOBULL shoes on these platforms. Hence why I dont really acknowledge them as being a reliable and consistent place to buy NOBULL shoes.

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Nobull Training Shoes Construction And Materials

At this point Im beating a dead horse, but the NOBULL shoes are some of the most durable shoes Ive ever worn. The outsole is constructed of carbon rubber, which can withstand rope climbs and outdoor elements.

The SuperFabric mesh lends itself to breathability without sacrificing durability. Theres a microsuede upper option, too, but Kate wasnt crazy about it. Regardless of which upper fabric you choose, the seamless one-piece construction remains constant, as does the suede tongue.

Here are a few other things myself and our product testers loved about the construction of the NOBULL trainers:

  • The reinforced heel is ideal for staying strong during handstand push-ups
  • Suede tongue eliminates rubbing and irritation on the top of the foot
  • Anatomical sockliner molds to the shape of your foot after repeated use
  • Medial rope grip provides extra protection against abrasion
  • Reinforced sidewalls are also abrasion resistant
  • Outsole lug pattern supports use in different outdoor elements, including mud and rain
  • Very minimal midsole provides stability during highly dynamic exercises

At the end of the day, the NOBULL Trainer is a solid athletic shoe for CrossFit workouts.

Wearing Nobull Trainer Shoes For Crossfit


If you want a CrossFit shoe, these are spot-on. While theyre not our top pick for the overall best training shoe , the NOBULL Trainers are still one of the best options for cross-training.

As all CrossFitters know, durability is key in a good pair of shoes. Between burpees, rope climbs, handstand push-ups, and other movements, training shoes take quite the beating during CrossFit WODs. The seamless SuperFabric® upper on NOBULLs is probably the most durable construction Ive come across. Because its one-piece construction, it eliminates the possibility that your shoes start to come apart at the seams. Amanda has been wearing the same NOBULL shoes for three years and , they still look, feel, and function like theyre brand new.

As for comfort, this is where things start to get controversial. NOBULL Trainers are flatlike, really flat. Most complaints are about the lack of arch support and shock absorption. If youre used to more cushioning, transitioning to NOBULL Trainers might be tough. However, Kate, who was initially wary of the shoes, says theyre shockingly comfortable once you get moving in them.

For box jumps and other high-impact movements, you might miss some of the shock absorption youve experienced while wearing Nanos or workout shoes designed for high-intensity interval training workouts. The high-top trainers add ankle stability if thats something youre looking for.

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Nobull Knit Runner Review

As the Insider Reviews resident sneaker expert and collector, I’ve tested a variety of knit running sneakers from major sportswear brands and startups alike. While the concept of being lightweight, breathable, and flexible is the same across brands, Nobull’s Knit Runner really impressed me in its delivery. The upper is stretchier than any other knit material I’ve worn on my feet, but the shoes still feel secure with the sock-like treatment around the ankles and the heel counters.

The Knit Runner did an excellent job with energy absorption while running short distances. The midsoles are made of a bouncy phylon foam material, which is typically what you can expect on a running shoe at this price range. There are more comfortable running sneakers that I think are better equipped for long-distance running from other brands, but with superior cushioning technology comes a higher price tag.

Aside from performance and comfort, I really like the aesthetic. If you enjoy running sneakers as a style statement, but prefer pairs with minimal branding, these are a great choice.

Reworked Lacing System And More Width

One of the final core differences is that the Trainer+ now features an internal lacing system as opposed to the traditional lacing system used in the NOBULL Trainer. This lacing system is designed to provide the foot with an even greater locked-down feeling when training and doing multi-directional exercises.

In addition to the reworked lacing system, the Trainer+ is also a slightly wider shoe with greater volume throughout the midfoot and forefoot. I think if you have a wider foot or use custom orthotics, then this helps make the NOBULL Trainer+ a better fit for your foot anatomy and training needs.

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Are Nobull Trainer Shoes Worth It

Once again, for whatever reason, NOBULL shoes have become the most debated shoe in the CrossFit community. So it truly depends on who you ask. Even our own team at Garage Gym Reviews has different opinions on whether or not NOBULL Trainer shoes are worth it.

Amanda Capritto, one of our fitness writers and longtime CrossFitter, winces at the price tag and shes a self-proclaimed NOBULL junkie. At $130 to $170 for a basic training shoe, the price is indeed high. But its worth it if you like the minimalistic design and utilitarian styles.

Nobull Training Shoes Colorways And Design

NO BULL Activewear Shoe Review! (that’s actually the name of the brand)

Heres another controversial aspect about NOBULL shoes: the looks. Some people love the simple designs whereas others feel the colorways and aesthetics leave a lot to be desired.

Typically, NOBULL shoes have a very utilitarian look to themsolid color, no contouring, plain white or gum bottom, with essentially just the words No Bull on them.

They have expanded their line substantially over the last few years to include more designs and patterns, many with vibrant colors, both on the shoe and on the sole. Kate wore the Navy Trainers, which are simply navy blue with the white sole, and with the navy laces. They came with a pair of cream-colored laces as well, which very slightly add a break in the monotony.

Kate tells me shes generally not attracted to how plain the NOBULLs are. They remind me of something that the military would issue, she says. If they didnt say No Bull on them, Id think they were super overpriced shoes from a box store. Ouch!

On the flip side, Amanda loves the simplistic nature and finds it easy to match them with any workout clothes she wants to wear. Shes a fan of the deep, earthy colors and monochrome upper construction.

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Our Analysis And Test Results

One of the newer brands to CrossFit, the NOBULL Trainer, has won our Top Pick Award. With its robust one-piece upper construction, it doesn’t look like the typical training shoe you would typically see in CrossFit gyms. However, we are starting to see shoes like this much more frequently and the reasons why are pretty clear after wearing them.

We felt confident during our heavy lifts and were equally as pleased during our shorter runs. Often a shoe that performs well for lifts feels clunky on runs, but the NOBULLs handle both with no problem. The best compliment we could give during our testing? We forgot we had these shoes on. More than one tester noted that the Trainers were so comfortable and reliable that it was hard to find anything wrong with them during a workout. They are sturdy and supportive, breathable, and aren’t clunky feeling despite their look. Keep reading to see more of the specifics and why NOBULL has made a quick name for itself in CrossFit.

Wearing The Nobull Trainers Shoes

Kate serves it straight: I really didnt want to like these shoes. Im typically not a NOBULL fan just because their look isnt that appealing, she told me. When I initially put these on, I didnt like the feel. The bottom felt hard, and Im used to weightlifting shoes. However, once I got to working out with them, I really liked them. I did workouts that included running, jumping and squat cleans, and I never felt uncomfortable in the shoes.

Initially, these can feel a little rough because the bottoms are relatively flat and hard. However, exercising in them feels great. The harder bottom gives you a good platform for squats, but its still flexible enough to get through more dynamic movements. Also, the suede tongue is soft and comfortable. Myself, Kate, and Amanda all find the NOBULL Trainers to fit true to size.

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How Nobull Shoes Fit

If you are considering the NOBULL Trainer gym shoe, you can expect it to have a spacious toebox. This design allows the toes to splay freely and helps you feel more stable when lifting weights or performing other exercises.

As for the NOBULL Runner, it comes with a more pointy forefoot which is not very appreciated by people with wider feet. However, its sock-like upper creates a nice and form-fitting fit for the average-to-narrow foot.

If youve been wearing trainers from other brands. you can also compare their sizing to NOBULL. We have gathered the data from almost 200 shoe brands in the tool below:

Wearing Nobull Trainer Shoes For Cardio

Nobull White Ivory Knit Runner (Women

Nope. Nope no nada. Heed our advice and just skip the NOBULL Trainers for your daily walk or if you feel inspired to go for a run. As much as our product testers love the NOBULL shoes for training and lifting weights, no one on our team likes these for pounding the pavement.

Theres no arch support, the forefoot isnt flexible enough to roll with a running stride, and the low heel tab might cause blisters with repetitive foot strikes. You can get away with wearing NOBULLs during a WOD that has short bursts of running, such as 200-meter repeats, but even then, you might find them uncomfortable.

NOBULL does make running shoes if youre interested in wearing NOBULL sneakers for cardio sessions.

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Nobull Ripstop Runner Vs Nobull Mesh Runner

Weve discussed NOBULL cross-training shoes in this article, but what about NOBULL running shoes. Two popular NOBULL running shoes include the NOBULL Ripstop Runner and NOBULL Mesh Runner. I receive a fair amount of questions about both of these models and their subtle differences.

The Ripstop and NOBULL Mesh Runner both have similar core construction features, however, there are three differences that I think are worth knowing if youre debating between the two shoes.

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