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What Does Breathability In Underwear Mean

disposable organic cotton underwear

Some types of fabrics allow moisture to flow through them, keeping the fabric drier as a result. Other types of fabrics keep moisture trapped. Cotton is generally more breathable than synthetics.

Breathability means more airflow. It means that moisture wont get trapped in the fabric of your underwear, which means you wont have to worry as much about sticky, sweaty environments that are more conducive to bacterial and yeast infections.

More breathability helps to prevent things like chafing, too!

Why Organic Cotton Is Better Than Regular Cotton Underwear For Vaginal Health

Conventional cotton is grown using herbicides and pesticides. Although its unclear whether or not of this pesticide residue ends up in the final product, people who want to play it safe prefer to stick with organic materials when they can.

Its not just about the pesticides, though. Brands that use organic fabrics for their products are also more likely to use other non-toxic ingredients, such as natural and/or azo-free dyes and colorants. They are also less likely to contain toxic PFAS .

Not to mention, organic cotton also requires significantly less water to grow, doesnt strip our topsoil of vital nutrients, and is just better for our environment overall.

Women’s Panties & Cotton Underwear

There’s nothing quite so simple and comfortable as a pair of cotton panties. Find a pair of women’s cotton underwear that suits you at JCPenney. Choose from hipster, high cut, briefs, or thong panties in many colors or styles. Choose seamless underwear or find some with lace trim. Comfortable underwear is the foundation for your day, so make sure you get comfortable cotton undies from favorite brands including Ambrielle and Jockey at JCPenney.

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A Beautiful Bum And Body With Organic Cotton Lingerie

When it comes to women, Hemen takes into account how they relate to their environment and to the world, but also how they wish to go back to what feels natural, while embracing modernity. For them, the organic cotton underwear brand for women creates lingerie and co-ords made from soft materials that are kind to the skin.Designed in the French brands creative studio, Hemens style is feminine, timeless, simple and incredibly aesthetic. Made in Portugal from GOTS certified organic cotton, Hemens organic underwear collection includes amazingly tailored lingerie that will suit every single body type. Comfort, ecofriendliness, and sustainability find their place in womens wardrobes while fulfilling their desire for seduction. Thanks to Hemen, women can now feel at ease in lingerie pieces that will flatter their bums and that are made from materials that care for their skin and for the planet. The whole womens organic cotton underwear collection from Hemen is made from 96% 220g/m2 ribbed jersey and 4% elastane, the perfect balancing act between skin and planet-friendly fabrics and enough stretch to feel comfortable, be able to move freely and be seductive. Besides, all pieces are easy to care for.Wearing Hemens womens organic cotton boxers will do just that. Suitable for allfemale body types, they combine enveloping comfort and sustainable French design, while fulfilling the desires of modern women who wish to feel good and sexy at the same time.

What Types Of Fabrics Are Best For Underwear

Hanky Panky

If you have ever looked at clothing, you know there are so many options for what type of material underwear can be made of. And, it is so much more than what material is the most comfortable. You also want to consider what is best for your health and even for the environment.

Synthetic materials used to make underwear include:

  • Polyester: A type of microplastic derived from petroleum. Studies show that every time a piece of polyester clothing is washed, it sheds small pieces of plastic called microplastics.
  • Nylon: A synthetic plastic material that is produced by the chemical reaction from compounds readily available from air, water, and coal or petroleum. First developed in the 1930s, the creation of nylon led to the creation of even more synthetics.
  • Spandex: A synthetic polymer made up of 85% polyurethane. Polyurethane is a plastic material found in anything from mattresses, couches, insulation, liquid coatings and paints, and more.
  • Lace: While lace used to be made more of natural fibers like silk and linen, it is now more often made from synthetic fibers. Although cotton is used too.

Natural fabrics are not only going to be a better choice environmentally speaking, but you will also notice they have a different feel to them. Natural fibers for underwear include:

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How Often Are You Supposed To Get New Underwear

Because of how bacteria that doesnt always fully come out in the laundry, some gynecologists recommend that you swap out your underwear every 6 to 12 months. For many people, thats a lot!

But other doctors disagree, saying that as long as youre washing your underwear regularly , then you can be safe to keep your underwear for as long as its not falling apart, saving you a lot of money and waste!

After all, not all bacteria is bad! Just like our gut microbiomes, vaginas have a microbiome as well. A healthy one is maintained through a balance of good and bad bacteria.

If you really want to give your laundry an extra boost to make sure youre keeping your underwear as clean as possible, you can use an additive like Borax, oxygen boost, or hydrogen peroxide.

And when you are ready to do a top drawer swap, there are some underwear brands like Hanky Panky and Knickey that have recycling programs. Instead of throwing your old undies into the trash , you can send them in where they will be sanitized and recycled into something new .

The Most Comfortable & Supportive Organic Cotton Bras

Feel Like Shopping Responsible Fashion That Is Comfortable And Pleasing To The Eye

To buy ethically and responsibly at the best price while feeling comfortable and sexy, you can count on Hemen Biarritz. Buying on the brands e-shop while limiting your impact on the environment is possible the brown kraft paper sourced in France can be entirely recycled and Hemen donates 1% of its revenues to environmental initiatives. After placing an order for your Hemen organic cotton product on our e-shop, you are free to decide and change your mind if you would like by returning your product. Looking to treat yourself to a beautiful organic cotton piece or to gift it to someone? Visit our e-shop now.

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Best Organic Cotton Underwear Brands In 2023

Recently opened up your panty drawer to find a pile of worn-out and washed-out undies that need to be replaced?

Youve positively worn your briefs to death and we applaud you for that!

But now seems like the perfect time to restock your inventory of intimates with the help of the best organic cotton underwear brands.

Lets face it. Nothing can beat organic cottons breathability, durability, and comfort. So its safe to say that it is definitely worth the investment!

What Is The Number One Characteristic You Should Look For In Womens Underwear

Osun – Fully Compostable Underwear Collection

When it comes to picking out underwear, everyone has their priorities and preferences. High-rise or hip hugger? Solid colored or patterned? Full coverage or thong? Waistband? Lace? Stretchiness?

But one of the MOST important things to consider when picking out underwear is the type of fabric, as it can affect your vaginal health.

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Best For Menstrual Hygiene: Thinx Organic Cotton Brief

Thinxs ladies organic cotton underwear features a built-in leak protection liner that doesnt add extra weight and is a must-have for menstrual hygiene. While you can pair this piece of clothing with pads or tampons, it is designed to provide you ease without any extra protection. Neutralizing odor and any unwanted smells, Thinxs cotton briefs stay fresh all day and night as they are also breathable and moisture-wicking. Available in 2 colors, this period underwear is here to make your heavy flow days slightly easier.


Now that weve looked at some of the best organic cotton underwear for women on the market, lets learn how you can choose the right one for yourself.

Its Important To Understand That Not All Underwear Are Made The Same

We want our flirty thongs and seamless briefs to meet our own aesthetic demands, however, sustainability and durability should also be non-negotiable.

Thats exactly where investment-worthy organic cotton underwear made in USA and Europe comes in!

Free from most chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides, this natural material uses less water, preserves soil quality, and limits soil erosion. On top of that, its softer and safer for the skin especially when its destined for the most sensitive skin regions. Moreover, our curated list of the best organic cotton underwear brands women absolutely swear by includes only ethically-made styles.

So whether you prefer 100 percent cotton underwear that leans towards the simplistic vibe that jives well with your personal sensibilities or bralettes with a bit of personality, there is something special for you, ahead.

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One Studio One Country One Mission

We use natural local resources and a short transparent supply chain on our mission to teach you how clothes should be made.

Contrary to industry norms, every step involved in making our clothes is done in only one country: Peru, the home of our family. Our production in Peru includes fiber sourcing, yarn spinning, fabric knitting, dyeing, finishing, and garment sewing.From Peru, our clothes go straight to California or Europe on its journey to you.

Manufacturing in one country allows us to greatly reduce our carbon footprint and freight shipping. This is a major step on our journey to becoming a carbon negative company.

We established our own textile production studio which means that we are not only a clothing brand but also a manufacturer. This gives us more control over the processes and ingredients used in our production, and allows us to be transparent and traceable.

Best Full Back Coverage: Envlon Womens Cotton Underwear

Hesta + Women

Envlon brings to you the best organic cotton underwear as its waist and leg openings are bind-proofed to reduce any chafing or irritation. This also eliminates the appearance of panty lines through your skin-tight or fitted dresses! A blend of 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex makes these panties comfortably stretchable with full coverage in the back that smoothes down body fat. Sitting right on the belly button, these full coverage seamless briefs can also be used for your workout sessions. The skin-friendly fabric uses no harmful chemicals and remains resistant to rolling or bunching up while the double-layer crotch is wide enough for sanitary pads of all sizes.


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Best For Everyday Wear: Asimoon Womens Underwear

ASIMOONs womens organic cotton underwear has 5% spandex added in for that extra stretch. With a double-layered crotch and flat seam stitching, you can remain fresh and dry as the fabric offers great breathability. As it absorbs sweat, the underwear keeps your skin free of toxic chemicals especially when youre at the gym smashing your session. The double-layered elastic waistband sits securely without riding up or rolling down and smoothes down your muffin top which is ideal for your yoga pants. ASIMOONs organic cotton briefs are dyed naturally and provide full coverage and can also be suitable for post-pregnancy recovery or as everyday wear.


Benefits Of Organic Cotton Underwear

  • When you choose organic cotton, genetically modified organisms and chemicals present in traditional cotton are absent. These elements can harm both our bodies and the ecosystem. Pesticides otherwise used can also be carcinogens and do not meet environmental standards.
  • Organic cotton uses lower amounts of water, energy, and carbon dioxide in ethical factories. Its a great choice when youre looking to start building a sustainable wardrobe as some even use recycled materials.
  • It is breathable and soft, keeping you cool no matter how hot and humid it is outside. Cotton also wicks away moisture and prevents you from becoming a sweaty mess.
  • As cotton repels sweat, it has antimicrobial properties. This means the instances of yeast infections and bacterial growth is far reduced when compared to synthetic fabrics.
  • Lightweight with a smooth texture, organic cotton is also suitable on sensitive skin as it doesnt cause any itching or scratching which might not always be the case with conventional cotton.

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The Softest Organic Panties

There’s nothing like the classic Panties, super comfy, stylish, perfect for all occasions. Made from the finest Pima fibers and perfectly constructed in our studio in Peru but these Panties are still so much more…

With every Organic Cotton panties you:

  • Save 2,450 litres of water, 46% CO2 emissions, and 150 grams of toxic pesticides.
  • Support a transparent and sustainable brand
  • Contribute to a plastic-free future.

We made these Panties as a part of our mission to create the most sustainable clothes – transparently, without greenwashing. By sharing all steps of our production with you, we aim to change the fashion industry.

Fashion Never Felt So Good

B2BODY Women’s Regular & Plus Size Stretch Cotton Long Leg 6.5″ Boyshort Briefs

Long and smooth Pima Cotton staple fibers, native to Peru, offer supreme quality and extraordinary softness.

  • Resistant to wrinkling and pilling
  • Longer durability

This item doesn’t harm any animals in its production and doesn’t contain any animal-based ingredients.Wearing AYA’s clothing keeps the Earth and wildlife free of chemical and microplastic contamination.

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Best Organic Underwear Brands For Women

Were reader-supported. If you make a purchase using our links, we may earn a commission. We only feature brands with values that align with ours.

We usually take precautions as to what we expose our bodies to.

We eat healthily. We exercise. We analyze the ingredients in our skincare products.

Despite all the methods we take to lead a healthy life, can we say that we take the same precautions when choosing our underwear?

Our underwear need to be comfortable and breathable, but most of all free of any toxins and harsh chemicals.

To help you find your favorite pair of organic underwear, weve collected some of the best brands on the market making organic underwear using materials like organic cotton, bamboo, and other eco-friendly, and skin-friendly textiles.

Dont have time to read the full article? Check out our Editors top picks below.

% Organic Cotton Underwear Women

Review spotlight

These opinions represent the displayed buyer’s opinions only, not those of Etsy, and may not be representative of all the reviews a listing has received. Please see listings for reviews.

  • alycia metz

    5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars “Most comfortable underwear ever!”

  • 5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars “Comfortable underwear 🙂 Thank you so much”
  • 4 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars “Well, the underwear stretches throughout the day and becomes loose, until washing and drying so its a bit annoying.”
  • 5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars “I’ve never had underwear this comfortable before – I got the cinnamon brown cotton and I just ordered a second pair”
  • 5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars “I’ve been looking for underwear that cover my whole butt and still look cute. These are perfect. They’re cute and comfortable. The fit is perfection. Thank you!”
  • 5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars “Excellent quality fabric, fit is lovely exactly what I wanted to replace my traditional bra’s. The shipping was extremely quick from ordered to delivered . Nice neural base, in breathable but better than cotton with the additional hemp for quicker drying time, and longevity. I mainly own pieces in linen, hemp, Merino wool, and mulberry silk these are a wonderful addition.”

These select reviews describe buyers’ opinions of listings found in this category.

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Is Organic Cotton Underwear Worth The Cost

Granted, the best organic cotton underwear brands may seem a bit expensive at first compared to the $5 polyester options, however, they are totally worth it.

For people with skin sensitivities, in particular, organic cotton underwear is the number one choice as it does not have any chemicals and successfully wicks away moisture. Also, lets not forget that sustainable underwear brands thrive on creating intimates in safe and ethical factories where workers are getting paid fairly whereas. This, combined with the many certifications they have, is something that can drive up the price of organic cotton undies.

This post is about 100% cotton underwear women love in 2023

Is Made In The Usa Better Than Made In China


Its an easy assumption to make that Made in the USA automatically means the product is better than if its made somewhere else. If something is Made in the USA, that means its of higher-quality, right? It means its made ethically and not in a sweatshop, right?

Not necessarily.

As an American resident, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to buy goods that are Made in the USA. Theres a lower carbon footprint because theres significantly less shipping the product around the world. Also, buying US-made products contributes to the local economy and keeps manufacturing jobs in the States.

BUT, there are also plenty of factories around the globe that prioritize quality, transparency, and ethics. AND although generally, worker rights and labor regulations are stricter and more tightly monitored in the U.S. compared to other countries in the global south, Made in the USA does not always equal ethical or sweatshop-free.

All that being said, the brands below are all made ethically in the USA out of organic cotton!

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