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Best Street Sneakers: Clarks Rio Tie Sneakers

Skechers GOwalk 4 Review (Women’s) | Best Comfortable & Stylish Walking Shoes For Travel?

Also available at Zappos and Clarks

Why We Love It: They’re ultra-stretchy and come in full, half, and wide sizes.

What to Consider: Some shoppers may find them to be a bit tight in the toe box.

I have been planning vacations in Italy for over 18 years. I spent 10 years traveling around the globe as a cycling and hiking guide and I still occasionally guide cultural and hiking trips in Italy,” says Candice Criscione.Clarks are my go-to brand for travel. I love their Unstructured Collection because they’re comfortable and act like athletic sneakers without looking like them. They’re cushioned, supportive, made with breathable materials, and work for sightseeing or paired with casual dinner outfits.” For men, the Wave 2.0 Vibe, also from the Unstructured collection, offers a similar style.

Price at time of publish: $44-$246

Sizes: Women’s 5-12 | Materials: Rubber sole, nubuck upper

Best Travel Shoes For Women

I generally pack 3 types of shoes when I travel:

  • A pair of sneakers
  • A stylish but comfortable pair of flats or moccasins
  • An easy slip on pair of flip flops / sandals
  • I am admittedly an over packer so sometimes I pack multiple pairs of shoes from the 3 categories. The upside is Ive tried and tested many different shoe brands over the years! Ive organized my list of the best walking shoe options for travel according to the 3 categories above.

    Best Womens Walking Shoes For Ankle Support

    • Weight: 1.3 pounds
    • Materials: Cotton, canvas, rubber
    • Support: Great ankle support, low arch support
    • Pros: Padded ankle support creates support without abrasion, classic cool aesthetic, multiple color options, a favorite among women with flat feet
    • Cons: Vans do not work well with people with high arches, some testers sized up and used a custom orthopedic insole for comfort
    • Best for: Outdoor walks and activities

    If youre looking for an extra layer of support around the ankles, look no further than the iconic skateboarding hi-tops from Vans. The footbed on this style is flatter than those found in the extremely cushioned arched shoes on this list, but thats intentional. It features a wider and spacious shape for comfort and is equipped with the famous Vans Waffle sole for seamlessly gripping the ground. The SK8-Hi is great for those who prefer to feel balanced and recommended for anyone who walks often and lifts weights. Your entire foot is grounded in these, with your ankle padded and locked in for total control.

    What Reviewers Say:If youre on the fence about getting these, get them. I love them. They are much comfier than I expected. I am between 8 and 8.5, and I bought the 8. If you are in between sizes, I would suggest going with the smaller size.

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    Pay Attention To The Flex Point

    Cunha said to look for a shoe designed with smooth, solid leather uppers that are not only highly durable but also flexible and comfortable. It is important to pick a shoe that offers as much durability and protection as possible without sacrificing comfort or flexibility, he said.

    For optimal comfort, the flex point of the shoe which is the point at which it bends while walking should match the bending point of your foot when it doesn’t align with your foot, it can cause problems like arch pain or plantar fasciitis. You can check the flex point of the shoe by holding it by the heel and pressing the toe of the shoe onto the ground the point where the shoe bends and creases is the flex point. Shvets added that most runners/walkers can benefit from a shoe with a stiff sole that doesn’t bend in half.

    How Many Pairs Of Shoes Should You Bring While Traveling

    The Most Comfortable &  Stylish Walking Shoes for Women

    Narrowing down the number of pairs of shoes to pack is the first challenge and it all comes down to your travel style. Most seasoned travelers suggest packing two or three pairs of shoes while traveling because this allows you to cover most situations.

    The Best Three-Piece Footwear Combo For A Majority of Travelers:

    • Sneakers: These are your all-day shoes for when youre pounding the pavement for miles. A combo of comfort, support, and style are the three things youll want in a pair of sneakers.
    • Flats: Flats make a nice travel shoe since they can be dressed up more than sneakers and they dont take up much space.
    • Sandals: Much like flats, a cute pair of sandals can be a little dressier than sneakers while also taking up very little space in your luggage.

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    Look For Walking Shoes With Stability And Control

    Without proper support, your feet and legs have to work harder therefore, you may have less control over your movement. There are 18 muscles in the bottom of the foot, which will fatigue just like any other muscle in your body, Dr. Gennett explains. The key to finding the best walking shoes is to find a pair with the right balance between shoes with the right cushion and amount of control.

    Grounded People Gabby Shoes

    Grounded People

    Many of us are nostalgic for Converse but need actual arch supportnot tissue-thin soles. To achieve that special canvas sneaker aesthetic, Grounded People designed this classic, chocolate brown pair. Made of recycled cotton, this shoe is ideal for lots of light city biking or long walks. Also, if you want to help others while you shop, Grounded Peoples website features the option to purchase a pair of charity laces proceeds from the laces benefit the cause of your choice.

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    Look For Walking Shoes With Breathability

    If you do a lot of fitness walking, especially in warm weather, youll want a shoe that wont make you overheat. Find shoes with thin porous fabrics so the air can circulate. Some key features include mesh panels, air vents, cooling inserts, or leather. Detachable insoles are also a good idea to fit the shape of your feet and accommodate more airflow.

    Best Walking Shoes For Women With Wide Feet

    Stylish Shoes For Women With Bunions!
    • Weight: 8.5 oz.
    • Materials: Breathable mesh, foam bottom
    • Support: Neutral support
    • Pros: Great price, soft foam midsole offers a smooth and stable ride, soft sock liner, household name
    • Cons: Specifically for women with wide feet
    • Best for: Beginners who are incorporating walking into their exercise routine

    While these arent the only pair of Nikes youll find on this list, the Revolution Wide 5 sneakers are definitely worth a call out mostly due to their 13,000+ near-perfect reviews on Amazon. Specifically, they meet the demand of women with wide feet looking for minimalist sneakers that are supportive, comfortable, and stylish.

    These have a super soft foamy midsole with a firm stack that kicks back and keep you bound. They also feature a lightweight knit textile that wraps your foot in total breathable comfort. You get durable traction combined with the flexibility that almost feels like a super supportive sneaker. Theyre a great option for those that stand on their feet all day.

    What Reviewers Say:I am a nurse and on my feet most of the day. I bought a pair for work and loved them so much, I bought a second pair. One thing I really like about them is ankle support it just feels good around my ankle.

    • Pros: Most stylish sneaker, fits true to size, unisex, heel loop for easy on and off
    • Cons: Very expensive, the lighter color mesh can be slightly see-through
    • Best for: All foot types, running errands, cardio exercise, airports

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    Ryka Echo Low Trail Shoe

    We cant underestimate the importance of a solid trail shoe and this earth-toned Ryka pair will work wonderfully if you build your wardrobe around soft shades. A bit of extra padding at the heel adds even more comfort and support. Theyre also waterproof, but buyers say that the shoes are breathable and great for hot days. One reviewer deemed them the ultimate Goldilocks shoe: Some shoes are too soft or too hard. This shoe is perfect. It doesnt flare my plantar fasciitis and has decent arch support.

    Most Comfortable Womens Shoes For Trips Around The Globe: Ecco Flash T

    Another popular design from Ecco is the Flash T-Strap, a gladiator-style comfort shoe thats made to last long days on your feet. It has a velcro ankle strap, allowing you to customize the fit and easily remove your shoes when needed. The ankle strap also will provide stability and support.

    The molded footbed shapes to your feet, making them extremely comfortable for travel days when youre on your feet.

    Ecco has a fantastic assortment of walking sandals for travel, all of which provide great support and are perfect for the style-conscious traveler who seeks a balance of comfort and fashion.

    Whether youre using them as a travel shoe for Europe or for backpacking around the world, youll be happy with these cute walking sandals.

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    Best Travel Shoes For Hot Weather Destinations: Ecco Flowt

    Our readers swear by Ecco sandals, and their new favorite is the best-selling Flowt. They are by far one of THE most comfortable walking sandals for travel.

    They feature secure double ankle straps and are easy to put on an off in an instant, making them the perfect shoe for getting through airport security, frequent temple visits in Southeast Asia, or dipping your toes in the warm pool water at your resort hotel in Cancun.

    These moisture-wicking leather sandals are available in a variety of colors and youre sure to find the perfect travel footwear option to complement your travel wardrobe.

    Most Comfortable Walking Shoes For Women That Like Ballet Flats: Skechers Microburst

    10 Stylish, Comfortable Walking Shoes For Women

    Skechers is known for creating comfortable walking shoes, and the Microburst One Up Flat is a dressier version of them. Our readers are raving about them!

    One reader says, I just got this style from Skechers and love them. I usually average seven to nine miles a day of walking while traveling, and the comfort and padding in these are fantastic. Plus, they look great with leggings and jeans.

    Our readers have worn them to travel all over Europe, stating that they are a super comfy all-day walking shoe and even look cute with shorts, dresses, and skirts. Readers agree: Theyre like walking on clouds.

    This particular style of flat walking shoes comes in several neutral colors, as well as a cute multi-color option with black or white for the base.

    Besides being super comfy walking shoes for travel, Skechers are easy to keep clean, too. One reader says, Just wore my Sketchers for three days of all-day walking in Los Angeles, including Disneyland. When they get dirty, I just toss them in the washer.

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    What Shoes Do I Pack For Travel

    There are always at least three pairs of shoes in my bag, but sometimes more, depending on where I am traveling and the season.

    • Athletic Shoes: For working out, hiking, and walking around all day. That may be a pair of running shoes or a pair of hiking boots, but I always like to be prepared to get active. It all depends on the destination.
    • Sandals: There is almost always a pair of sandals in my bag. For dirty showers, walking outside your room for just five minutes, or beach time sandals are key.
    • Cute Black Flats or Loafers: This is key as I can always look appropriate for any last-minute formal plans. Surprise event or romantic dinner? Not a problem!

    What Our Testers Say

    These shoes are a comfortable option for walkers or anyone who spends hours at a time on their feet. Theyre the perfect blend of cushioning and support, and the wide forefoot offers plenty of room for toes to spread, reducing the risk of any irritation. Christine Luff, ACE-CPT, certified running coach, certified personal trainer, and Verywell Fit product tester

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    Womens Foot Care Advice

    Even if you have the best cute walking shoes for women, sometimes, your feet will get sore, or a blister will form from hours of walking. These are a few tips to help keep your feet happy and healthy.

    Blister Bandages

    We keep a couple of these in our first aid kit for hikes and even when we travel. Youll always be thankful to have these when you need them.

    Nail Clippers

    Dont forget to pack a some nail clippers in your toiletry bag. Long nails are gross and can lead to blisters and toe pain.

    Wool Socks

    High-quality socks make all the difference in your comfort in the heat or cold. Whenever we can we wear our wool socks. Look for a couple of warm wool cushioned wool socks for cooler temps and light ones for the summer months. We love Smartwool and they have some really cute prints!

    Foot Lotion

    Our feet often get dried out when we travel, and dry feet are uncomfortable. Pamper yourself with a fine body or foot lotion to keep your feet hydrated and happy.

    Foot Powder

    Some people have smelly feet and to fight odor and moisture. A little bit powder in your shoes at the start of each day can make a world of difference.

    Best For Hiking: Keen Targhee Vent Hiking Shoes

    Skechers Street Los Angeles Walking Shoes For Active Women / Comfortable Stylish Streetwear
    • Wide fit may not work for everyone

    We like this rugged shoe from KEEN for heading off the beaten path for trail walking or light to moderate hikes. It features excellent stability and traction, and it scored high in both cushioning and upper comfort in our testing, earning a nearly perfect score of 4.5 out of 5 for both categories. The leather-and-mesh upper offers the right balance of protection and breathability, and our tester noted that the water-resistant design was convenient for traversing in wet conditions.

    Our tester also liked the shoes low-profile design for easy mobility and good flexibility. During testing, the shoes all-terrain rubber outsoles provided excellent grip and added to the shoes overall stability. Whats more, it boasts good blister protection, thanks to the vented panels and smooth interior.The shoe also features an internal shank and rubber toe cover that can shield your feet from trail hazards. All that protection adds some weight, so this shoe is the heaviest we tested and some might find it a bit too bulky for casual wear.

    Price at time of publish: $155

    Weight: 1 pound 2 ounces | Closure: Lace-up | Materials: Nubuck leather,rubber outsole | Cushioning Type: EVA foam

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    Best Active Sandals: Chacos Lowdown Sandals

    Also available at REI

    Why We Love It: They’re super rugged and they stand up to the elements.

    What to Consider: Some shoppers may find Chaco’s unique strap adjustment system difficult to maneuver.

    “I’ve been traveling full time the past few years over dozens of countries and many different climates, and by far the best travel shoes I’ve found are Chacos Lowdown Sandal,” says travel blogger Katie Caf, praising the sandal’s versatility and waterproof nature for sports or swimming. “The Chacos Lowdowns are also more fashionable than most hiking sandals on the market, making them great city shoes for walking long days on cobblestone European streets. After a year of daily use, my Chacos Lowdowns still look brand new.” They’re even antimicrobial, minimizing any funkiness that may ensue after miles on your feet.

    Price at time of publish: $49-$141

    Sizes: Men’s 7-15, women’s 5-12 | Materials: Rubber sole, polyester straps

    Walking Shoes For Women With Flat Feet

    If you have flat feet, its key to find a shoe with great control. In this case, the goal is not to create an arch its to support the foot, Gennett says. Custom orthotics and insoles can help with supporting flat feet, but you just have to make sure to find a sneaker that will accommodate them. With flat feet, control is most important to avoid overpronation, which can cause pain in the foot and leg. A shoe with proper support, cushioning and posting helps neutralize abnormal stresses and forces, Dr. Mark Mendeszoon, a podiatrist and owner of Achilles Running Shop in Pennsylvania, adds. The thicker the foam, the less control you have, so while foam brings energy and comfort, its key to finding a sneaker with great control and support in the footbed.

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    What To Look For In Walking Shoes For Europe

    If youre packing for a trip to Europe and wondering what shoes to pack, there are a ton of choices out there for womens footwear. Heres a few things to keep in mind in general when trying to find cute walking shoes for Europe.

    Keep these factors in mind, and it will make your shoe shopping that much easier!

    After More Than 80 Hours Of Walking Ryka’s Devotion Plus 3 Is The Clear Winner

    The Most Comfortable &  Stylish Walking Shoes for Women

    Michele Stanten is a walking coach, certified group fitness instructor, and running coach. She is the author of Walk Off Weight and The Walking Solution.

    Isabella Broggini is a health writer and editor, NASM-certified personal trainer, and fitness nutrition specialist. She is a commerce editor at Verywell.

    We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

    Verywell Fit / Peter Ardito

    Walking is a great form of exercise with lots of health benefits, but wearing the right shoes is key to staying comfortable and injury-free. Whether you walk for fitness or simply spend a significant amount of time on your feet, you need shoes that offer quality all-around cushioning and support to prevent fatigue and soreness.

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