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Project Rock 3 Training Shoes In Summary

Under Armour PROJECT ROCK 3 | Cross Training Shoes Review

The Project Rock 3 Training Shoes from UA will be great for your in the gym strength training sessions.

It has a rock solid heel with excellent support.

The stretchy, knit upper is comfortable and feels nice.

It is a bit delicate though, so this shoe is clearly meant for more traditional gym workouts.

I wouldnt recommend it for running or impact activities as despite the presence of HOVR foam there just isnt a lot of cushion.

Looking for a UA shoe thats tough and versatile? You might like the UA Tribase Reign 2.

Or check out the new kid in town the UA TriBase Reign 4 is now available.

Ua Project Rock 3 Vs Ua Project Rock 4

With the release of the Under Armour Project Rock 4, Ive received handfuls of questions asking, Which shoe should I go with? The UA Project Rock 3 or Project Rock 4? This is a fantastic question and luckily for most, I think theres a clear winner between both of these UA Project Rock models.

If you have your eye on the UA Project Rock 4, then youre in luck. Ive been hard at work testing the UA Project Rock 4 and comparing it to the UA Project Rock 3 to see which model performs better. The UA Project Rock 3 and 4 both do a fairly good job for all-around-style training.

They both deliver HOVR midsoles, TriBase outsoles, and signature The Rock branding, but other than that, the 4 has been pretty much reworked. In this UA Project Rock 3 versus Project Rock 4 article, were going to discuss all of the key differences between these shoes.

Under Armour Project Rock 3 Training Shoes

If you want to step up your training routine in terms of intensity, volume, duration pretty much anything and everything then theres an area that shouldnt be overlooked: Your footwear. Who knows this better than anyone? Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to offer up some fitness inspiration that really needs no introduction thatd be Dwayne The Rock Johnson, a legend in every right, and a heck of a great catalyst if you want to find the proper gear to power training session after training session.

The Rock is known for cutting absolutely zero corners in the gym or in life, and his newly launched Under Armour Project Rock 3 Training Shoes take a similar approach. After all, if The Rock himself can co-sign these shoes, they can surely pass muster. The knit upper features plenty of breathability and was designed in close consultation with the man himself, while Under Armour zero gravity feel technology powers the rest of the shoe in a way that works to serve The Rock in the gym this season.

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Project Rock 3 Training Shoes Sizing

These shoes run SHORT and NARROW.

I highly recommend you go 1/2 size up from your normal UA shoe size.

The toe are is quite restrictive, and even with the stretchy, knit upper its still very tight

They are also slightly too short for me as well, as my big toe is crammed into the front of the shoe.

Ive worn these quite a bit during testing, and they arent going to stretch out or better conform to my foot.

Under Armour Launches New Project Rock 3 Training Shoe Heres Where To Buy It

Under Armour Womens Project Rock 3 Training Shoes

The shoe was developed by Under Armour in collaboration with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.Under Armour

Under Armour in partnership with Dwayne The Rock Johnson just launched a new shoe on Thursday morning.

The two sides have worked with each other on the two previous versions. Now, shoppers can add the Project Rock 3, a.k.a PR3, to their sneaker collection.

The shoe was designed to help its wearers find the boundaries, then push right through them.

These shoes are one of Under Armours most popular and top-selling products. Both the mens and womens shoes cost $140.

Then mens shoes are sold in two color schemes that are Halo Gray / Blackout Purple / Black and Black / Pitch Gray / Black. The womens shoe is also available in Black / Pitch Gray / Black and in Onyx White / Blackout Purple / Slate Purple.

Under Armour said on its website that the UA HOVR technology gives zero gravity feel to maintain energy return that helps eliminate impact. The shoes have a compression mesh energy web that holds and shapes the UA HOVR foam to return any of the energy you put in.

The UA Tribase is supposed to help wearers get the most out of ground contact, help them use a more natural motion and help with flexibility so that there is more of a grip when weight lifting.

The shoe has a rubber outsole giving wearers traction and durability.

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Project Rock 3 Training Shoes In The Gym

Theres no doubt the sweet spot for these is lifting weights.

Bodybuilding, powerlifting, and things like that.

Theres not a lot of cushion in the heel , and not much in the forefoot either.

These are definitely NOT running shoes.

Given the relatively delicate upper, I think these might be best suited for traditional resistance training in the gym.

Subjecting the knit upper to a lot of abrasion is probably going to cause problems.

Also as mentioned, I would not run in these theres barely any cushion in the heel.

Theres no problem using these for non-impact workouts like the worlds best air bike: Rogue Echo Bike. Great grip from the all-rubber outsole.

Project Rock 3 Training Shoes Versus Reebok Nano X

How about the Reebok Nano X?

The Nano is a great CrossFit shoe now in its 10th version they have incrementally improved it bit by bit.

Like the Project Rock 3 there is little cushion in the heel and forefoot.

Theres also a vague similarity in that both shoes have a very tall collar , and achilles pad.

The Nano X also uses a flexible upper but its much, much tougher than that of the Project Rock 3.

The Nano is built like a tank and has the weight to prove it.

The Nano is well over a full ounce heavier than the UA shoe.

The Nano X makes a great weight lifting shoe by the way very stable heel, minimal cushion, but has a modest 4mm heel to toe drop.

Theres also nothing like the Hyperlifts in the Reebok shoe.

So, if you want a larger drop like the Project Rock 3 has thats probably a point in favor of that shoe.

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Ua Project Rock 3 Vs Ua Project Rock 4 Sizing

The sizing between the UA Project Rock 3 and UA Project Rock 4 are very different and its super important to note these differences to ensure you grab the right size. In the UA Project Rock 3, we had the addition of the heel counter and I think Under Armour didnt account for how this would shift sizing.

In the PR3, a safe bet is to size up a half size to a full size. If you have a wider or flatter midfoot, then youll want to go up a full size in the PR3. For the PR4, Under Armour has sized them much better despite still utilizing the heel counter and tab.

In the PR4, you should be safe going true to size. For wider and flatter footed athletes, you may still want to size up a half size in this model due to the midfoot running slightly slimmer, but this seems to be a standard fit characteristic in the Project Rock shoe line.

For a visual of the sizing differences, check out the image below. These are both size 10 models, but you can see a clear sizing difference between each models length.

If you have any questions about the PR3 and PR4s sizing, please feel free to reach out!

Project Rock 3 Training Shoes Versus Nike Metcon 6

Under Armour Project Rock 3 Shoe (Complete Review Tested In The Gym)

Lets compare to the Nike Metcon 6 a shoe we reviewed just a month ago.

The Nike feels more streamlined but its actually heavier at 14.0 ounces .

The Nike Metcon 6 is a very good multi-purpose training shoe.

It uses a dual density midsole with some decent cushion in the forefoot, and less in the heel.

Because it comes with Nikes Hyperlift wedges, you can drop these into the shoe and go from the standard 4 mm of drop to 12 mm .

Thats a nice benefit.

The Nike Metcon 6 has an super-breathable upper see those perforations? They are HUGE.

In contrast the Rock 3s upper is lightweight and has some perforations, but not like the Nike.

Why is the Nike heavier, despite being smaller?

Its built like a tank. Theres a huge rope wrap to keep rope climbing abrasion off the upper, and the upper is very tough too.

The upper incorporates reinforcements in key areas unlike the Project Rock 3.

Subjectively, the Project Rock 3 feels to have LESS cushion in both the heel and forefoot.

With the more delicate upper, I think the Nike Metcon 6 makes the better shoe for CrossFit.

Keep the Project Rock 3 for your in the gym workouts.

In fairness, UA doesnt market the Project Rock 3 as a CrossFit shoe thats what the UA Tribase Reign 2 is for.

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Hiit Agility And Plyometrics

For HIIT, agility, and plyometrics workouts, both models perform similarly as well. The UA Project Rock 3 and 4s midsole and outsole being so parallel provide a nice level of consistency with this form of training. The HOVR midsole is responsive for plyometrics and fairly forgiving for landing phases.

The one key difference between both of these models is their upper constructions. Personally, I think the UA Project Rock 4s upper is far better for more versatile-style training. The mesh in the forefoot breathes better than the PR3 and shows better signs of longevity with prolonged use.

In addition, I like the mid-foot TPU wrap for providing the foot with a nice locked-down feeling in this model. I have some lace durability concerns with this model and the TPU wrap, but from a performance point of view, I do enjoy this new addition.

Both models feature a heel counter tab to prevent heel slip which is also a perk for versatile training. The one difference though is that the PR4 fit much better across the board and the PR3 ran small so the toes often felt jammed in the toe box when training with this shoe in this context.

Winner: UA Project Rock 4. Better upper construction for durability and fit for overall performance.

Runs Small And Not For Wide Feet

The shoe runs smaller to size. I wear a size 10 but this shoe left my feet feeling snug and cramped in the toebox. Although the material was flexible, it was too narrow to call comfortable. The heel is spot on with the height of most of my ankle socks.

If you are within the realm of a normal to narrow foot, I wouldnt anticipate any fit issues, but I would recommend a wider fit.

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Acerca De Este Artculo

  • La tecnologÃa UA HOVR proporciona una “sensación de gravedad cero” para mantener el retorno de la energÃa que ayuda a eliminar el impacto paso tras paso
  • Malla de compresión energy web contiene y moldes UA HOVR espuma para devolver la energÃa que pones en
  • UA tribase en la suela maximiza el contacto con el suelo donde el pie lo necesita más, permite una flexibilidad superior hacia arriba para promover el movimiento natural, y la flexibilidad hacia abajo para agarrar el suelo durante las elevaciones
  • La parte superior de punto suave se seca rápidamente y proporciona un ajuste transpirable y similar a una compresión que ofrece una fuerza direccional ligera y una comodidad sin igual
  • El panel de pies medios moldeado sin 3D proporciona estructura adicional y soporte con perforaciones láser para una mayor ventilación. Construcción de botÃn anatómico para un ajuste cómodo y cómodo. El contador de talón externo combinado con chasis de estabilidad crea lo último en soporte estable. Suela de goma completa para tracción elevada y durabilidad. Desplazamiento: 8 mm. Peso: 10.9 oz

Shorter Runs And Daily Wear

Under Armour Women

In the context of shorter runs, both of these models will support runs up to about 4 miles and theyre decent for tempo running. They can feel a tad clunky for sprints, but that tends to be a standard when using thicker training shoes like the Project Rock shoes.

Since both models feature similar outsoles, midsoles, and heel-to-toe drops of 8mm, they should work for most casual lifters who like to run before or after their workouts. I noticed that running more than 4 miles in these shoes can be a bit uncomfortable, and in this context, youd likely be better off investing in a more running-focused shoe.

The one edge that the Project Rock 4 has over the PR3 is its fit. With the PR3 often running so small on lifters and athletes, the toe box can feel super crammed in this model especially for those who run with a more forefoot striking style.

For daily wear, you can expect both models to feel comfortable for longer durations and to work well for things like errands, yard work, and other activities where youll be on your feet for a while. The only caveat is once again the sizing. If you dont get the sizing right in the PR3, then this shoe can get uncomfortable rather fast.

Winner: UA Project Rock 4. Both models perform similarly, but I like the UA Project Rock 4s sizing and upper construction better.

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Ua Project Rock 3 Vs Ua Project Rock 4 Durability

Since both of these models are slightly more expensive in nature, I consider durability to be a huge driving factor behind influencing which model you should invest in. With the UA Project Rock 3 costing $140 USD and the UA Project Rock 4 costing $150 USD, you likely want your shoe to last a while.

The UA Project Rock 3 doesnt necessarily have any glaring durability issues, but I do the PR4 has better long-term durability due to its reworked upper construction. I think the materials used in the PR4 will fair better for long-term use in tough workouts.

The only caveat about the PR4s long-term durability is the TPU wrap thats used in the midfoot. I do think that may lead to lace breakdown over time, but thats not as bad as having the toe box material fray and rip which is a possibility that you can run into with the knit upper in the PR3.

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