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This Conversion Rule Is Not Always True

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You can follow the 1.5 size conversion rule from mens to womens shoes to get a better idea of what size you would need. However, it should be noted that this is not universally true across brands.

For example, I wear a womens size 13 shoes. Since its extremely difficult to find that size, I sometimes just wear mens shoes .

According to the above conversion chart, I would wear a mens 11.5. While it usually works, sometimes I have to size up to a 12 or 12.5, just depending on the brand.

It can also depend on factors like the particular fit of the shoe and how wide it runs. And if you look at specific shoe manufacturers websites, youll notice that sometimes theyll say there is only 1 size difference between mens and womens footwear.

This is why its so important to try on many shoes and just get a feel for how different brands and styles fit. Once you find a brand that fits you well whether its womens or mens stick with it. It makes shopping for shoes so much easier in the future and especially when it comes to online shopping.

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What To Pay Attention To When Trying Shoes On

When youre in a store or at home trying on a new pair of shoes, make sure youve got the right size with these tips:

  • Toes: Make sure your toes have enough room to wiggle and arent crammed at the front.
  • Heel: Slide a finger inside the shoe at the heel to ensure you have enough roombut not too much that theyll slide off.
  • Comfort: You shouldnt feel any pain or pressure in your feet when trying on the shoes.
  • Insoles: If you use insoles or inserts, put them inside the shoes when trying them on.
  • Laces: The laces shouldnt feel too short, and you shouldnt have to tie them so tight the eyelets overlap.
  • Exercise: Running and training shoes should support your arches.
  • Specific sports: Running shoes require more wiggle room than other sports.

Important: If youve been wearing the same shoe model for a while, you might think the sizing always stays the same. But manufacturers make small changes and improvements in the lining, the insoles and other parts of the shoe. These can make the formerly perfect fit too tight, so always try on new shoes before purchase.

How To Measure Your Size For Pants

Measure yourwaist first. Note the circumference of your waist in inches, e.g., 34. Then measure your leg length, e.g., 32 inches. Your pants size is 34/32.

Wrap a measuring tape around the narrowest midpoint of the body, usually at the waistline, about the level of the navel. If you measure 33.5 inches here, then round up to the next number = W 34. Your leg length is determined by running the measuring tape along the inside of the leg, from crotch to foot sole or wherever you want your pant leg to fall to. As in your waist size, round the fractional overage up to the next number: If you measure 31.5 inches, your leg length is L 32. Your size is then W34/L32, or just 34/32. Sometimes an x is used instead of the slash .

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Womens Pant To Mens Pant Conversion

Here is how to convert womens pant sizes to mens pant sizes.

1. Put the jeans on as they are . This stage will assist you in determining not if the trouser legs are large enough at the thigh area or not.

2. Remove the waistband since the waist must be reduced by 21 inches.

3. Unfold the sew and strap if needed.

4. Fasten the back, making sure all of the belt loops are in place.

5. Try on the jeans again to see if they fit properly.

6. Make adjustments to the leg length. Also, you can re-hem the legs to make them fit better.

Can I Convert Mens Clothing Into Womens Clothing And Vice Versa

Shopping for a newly discovered transgender female to male and I don

Yes, it is possible to change feminine attire into masculine apparel. However, converting feminine apparel to masculine attire is a difficulty that extends beyond measurement. Womens clothing is tailored differently. Theyre designed to fit and support breasts.

The majority of womens clothes are based on a size chart. As a result, it would be good if you took your body measurements in a variety of locations. It will assist you in providing the necessary information about the size that will fit you. If youre shopping for ladies apparel for yourself, you can follow some guidelines down below.

1. Check the size chart for the brand youre considering.

2. Examine the measurements and select the size that corresponds to your waist size.

3. Take precise measurements of your waist, high hip, and widest area of your hip before purchasing trousers.

Unisex t-shirts are preferable to female t-shirts since they might not have the same cut as ladies t-shirts and are designed to flatter females. However, before you buy, give it a try to see whether it is really right for you.

Button-down shirts are usually considered the most difficult to decide the size. To purchase this, you must know your collar, chest, and sleeve measurements. In this instance, enlisting the assistance of a salesman might be preferable.

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Comparing Shoes Between Brands Is Easier

Another thing to consider is that converting womens and mens shoe sizing between brands is much easier than between different brands.

For example trying to convert between New Balance and Nike will be more difficult without trying the shoes on because their sizing runs different. In my experience, Nike runs very small and narrow compared to other brands. I find their mens shoes run more closely to womens sizing, somewhere between 1/2 1 size different.

Womens Pants To Mens Pants Size Converter Chart

If you cant find an ideal size in the womens pants section, you can consider the mens department. Some women tend to be taller and bigger than normal, while others might have a bit different waist-to-hip ratio than the ladies pants. In some cases, some of you simply prefer mens pants styles. No matter the reason, choosing a mens size pair is still a good question.

But before jumping to the pants size conversion chart, you need to find out your inseam and waist measurements. This is because womens pants sizes are typically denoted by numbers, such as 6,8, 12, etc., while mens pant sizes are signified by inseam and waist sizes.

But it is fine if you just know the numerical size of your pants in womens sizes. Generally speaking, you can add 21 to your ladies size to have the closest mens waist size equivalent. However, you should still consider the inseam length because womens pants tend to have a narrower waist and wider hips than mens.

Again, these might be estimated values and can vary depending on different brands.

Size Letters

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Understanding Different Pants Sizes

It should be noted that there are three different pants size systems, including:

  • W/L Jeans Sizes: This sizing system is considered the most common one. It uses two different numbers, identified by a forward slash or an x. For example, 28/30 or 28×30. You will find this sizing system common in sizes for dress pants, pants, and jeans for both men and women.
  • US Standard Pants Sizes: Ranging from XS to XXXL, this sizing system is typically used for lounge pants, jogger pants, and sometimes work pants. And of course, it is used for both womens and mens pants in these categories.
  • EU Pants Sizes: Common numbers used in this size class are 50 for men and 40 for women. As the name implies, this pant size is commonly used in European countries, primarily the UK, Germany, Italy, and France.

Male To Female Clothing & Shoe Size Conversion

TALENTLESS TRY ON Review Mens vs. Women Size Comparison

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To get the universal male-to-female clothing size, you have to subtract 21 inches from a gents pant in pant conversion for women and add 1.5-2 inches to the mens shoe if you want to convert a shoe. A 34-size male pant is equivalent to a size 13 in womens size .

Jump To A Section

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What Is The Basic Conversion

The basic conversion from womens to mens shoe size or vice verse is 1.5 sizes. Some people who sell formal shoes will tell you that you should use two full sizes to ensure the proper fit because shoe sizing is wildly different from one manufacturer to another. If you use the 1.5 rule, a man who wears a size 7 shoe will wear a womens 8.5. Women who wear a size 8 will wear a mens size 6.5.

Again, this is a generalization because of how shoes fit. You can never be sure if the 1.5 rule will work every time. You will get close, but you cannot always be sure. This is why it helps to have other information at your disposal as you shop for shoes. Running shoes fit better when you know what you are looking for, the type of socks you wear, and any insoles you might use.

How Do Laces And Insoles Play Into The Fit

Some people need to wear special insoles because their feet hurt, they have been prescribed by the podiatrist, or one leg is much shorter than the other. The laces on the shoe can take up space because they press the tongue back into your foot. If the tongue is very thick, it might take up too much space in the shoe, and padding around the ankle might give you a blister if the shoes are too tight.

You must consider all these things when choosing shoes or trying them on. You should loosen the laces if they feel too tight, and you should try to pull up the tongue to prevent any discomfort.

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International Mens To Womens Shoe Size Chart

Lets see some basic differences when converting from one size to another. Generally, to get your US mens size from your womens size, youll need to subtract 1.5 from it. And vice versa, to go from mens to womens.

In UK sizing, mens and womens shoe sizes are often the same, but not always. Many brands have about a half size difference between the two.

In EU sizing, theres no difference between mens and womens sizes. You wont have to convert anything, but remember to check out manufacturers specific size charts.

Heres the conversion chart to find and compare your size in mens and womens shoes. Note that both the measurements and the size comparisons are estimates, and every brand has its own shoe size chart.

US Mens

How To Convert Womens Shoe Sizes To Mens Sizes

What Is The Measurement Of Width Of Men

When you would like to convert a womens shoe sizes to mens, you need to understand how shoes are made, what you are looking for, and how to convert sizes. Use these simple tips to find the right shoes no matter what you would like to wear. Also, remember that you can wear any shoes you want providing it fits. Some women like mens shoes and some men prefer womens running shoes.

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How Do You Widen Shoes That Are Too Narrow

If youve bought shoes that are too narrow, you can stretch them by putting them on and softly warming them up with a hair dryer. Another trick is leaving some Ziploc bags filled with water inside the shoes and leaving them in the freezer overnight. When the water freezes, it expands and stretches out your shoes.

What Are The First And Second Numbers In Pants Size

The first number in pants size is the waist: More specifically, the size of the waist measured by circumference in inches. Waist size is usually indicated with a W. For pants labeled with a waist measurement of 25, this means a pair of pants with the smallest of common waistband widths, namely, 25 inches. This extremely narrow waistband width shows up especially in womens jeans, but can also be found among jeans for boys. Waist sizes in mens pants generally range from W 28 to W 40.The second number in pants is length: The leg length is also indicated in inches and is marked with an L. As in classic clothing sizes, the inner seam, or distance from crotch to floor, is measured. In principle, the length of mens and womens pants are no different and common sizes typically range from a length of 30 inches to 36 inches, or L 36. Since these sizes are issued in 2-inch increments, some individual manufacturers produce pants in the intervening, odd-numbered, or intermediate, leg lengths.If you want to convert the size to the metric system, you must use factor 2.54, because an inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters. Therefore, a pair of pants with a length of 32 inches has a leg length of 81 centimeters.

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What Sizes Of Womens Clothing Is Equivalent To Male

Conversion of some clothing is easy, but some clothing is problematic to convert because mens widths are greater than womens at the same length. So, here are some tips that will help you to convert any of your clothing easily.

Pants: womens adult size come in even numbers such as 2,4,6,8,10,12 womens junior size come in odd number sizes like 5,7,9,11,13. Male pant sizes come in 30,32,34,36 etc. A 34-size male pant is equivalent to size 12 in womens size. To convert a male pant into a female pant, you have to subtract 21 inches from the male pant. As mens pant sizes depend on the waist measurement, you should have the proper idea of measurements before purchasing.

1. It would be beneficial if you used the fitting room of the store because it is the best way to get your perfect size.

2. If you are buying online, have a look at the size chart of the online vendor.

Shoes: You have to add 2 to a mens shoe size if you are a woman. For example, a mens 9-sized shoe would be perfect for a woman who wears an 11-sized shoe.

T-shirts: For t-shirts and sweaters, a male size t-shirt would go one size up for a female. For example, an M size t-shirt will be perfect for a woman who wears an L size t-shirt.

Difference In The Pant Size Of Men And Women

Trying Size 10 at Every Store & Finding the BEST JEANS for Curvy Women

There is a vast difference between male clothing and female clothing. That is why male clothing and female clothing are displayed in different sections of the stores. Womens clothing sizes depend on the heights, shapes, and sizes of their busts and hips. There are various sizes for different people. Similarly, mens clothing sizes also depend on height.


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Whats The Difference Between Mens And Womens Shoes

Mens shoes are made larger and wider than womens shoes and come in larger sizes. Its very common to find mens shoes up to a size 16+. Womens shoes are made smaller and narrower. Its hard to find them beyond a size 10 or 11.

The reason for this is just because generally speaking, men have larger feet.

The exact difference in sizing will vary depending on the brand, but in general, theres about 1.5 sizes difference between the two departments.

  • Mens size 7 roughly equivalent to a womens 8.5
  • Mens size 7.5 roughly equivalent to a womens 9
  • Mens size 8 roughly equivalent to a womens 9.5
  • Mens size 8.5 roughly equivalent to a womens 10
  • Mens size 9 roughly equivalent to a womens 10.5
  • Mens size 9.5 roughly equivalent to a womens 11
  • Mens size 10 roughly equivalent to a womens 11.5
  • Mens 10.5 roughly equivalent to a womens 12
  • Mens 11 roughly equivalent to a womens 12.5
  • Mens 11.5 roughly equivalent to a womens 13
  • Mens 12 roughly equivalent to a womens 13.5
  • Mens 12.5 roughly equivalent to a womens 14

Womens To Mens Size Conversion In Nike Unisex Shoes

All unisex shoes from Nike, be it a casual sneaker or a soccer cleat, are traditionally based on mens sizes.

Ladies need to get 1.5 US size smaller than their regular women-specific size. For example:

  • womens US 7 converts to mens US 5.5 in unisex shoes
  • womens US 8.5 converts to mens US 7 in unisex shoes

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The Pant Conversion Process Explained

To convert mens pant size into womens pant size, you should follow this instruction.

1. Try the pant on as it is. This step will help you to understand whether the pant legs are wide enough at your thighs or not.

2. Detach the waistband because you have to subtract 21 inches from the waist.

3. Unfold the strap and sew where necessary.

4. Re-attach the back, including all the belt loops.

5. Try the pant again and make sure if it fits or not.

6. Adjust the length of the leg. You can re-hem the legs for adjusting the size.

Importance Of Wearing The Right Shoe Size

European Shoe Size Conversion Men &  Woman

We all know the importance of choosing the right size shoe, and it is important for your feet to be comfortable as well, but there are some people who have a difficult time choosing the right shoe size. For example, if you have flat feet, a doctor might recommend that you choose a size larger than you usually wear.

Flat feet are actually a common problem among women, as they often try to fit into their favorite shoe size to avoid having to purchase a new pair. In order to choose the right shoe size, its essential that you understand how flat feet work.

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