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Michele Apple Watch Silicone Wrapped Interchangeable Bracelet $295 At Bloomingdale’s

Apple Watch Bands for Women!


Michele is known for their fine, luxury watches. They have created a collection of Apple Watch bands for the high end customer. Interchangeable with both Apple Watch and Michele watch heads, you won’t regret investing in this forever strap. Michele Apple Watch® Silicone Wrapped Interchangeable Bracelet, $295 at Bloomingdale’s



Coach has been known for making high quality leather pieces since 1941. Elevate your accessory game with a stitched leather strap with the Coach stud. Coach Apple Watch® Leather Strap, $125 at Bloomingdale’s

How We Picked And Tested

For our first round of testing, we took 15 leather straps, three Milanese loop-style bands, and six metal bracelets to watch experts and asked them to consider the quality of the bands compared with both Apple Watch straps and watch bands in general. They examined the look and feel of each band, and they helped inform us on style trends and other things to look for, including small details, such as if the band slides around on the lug or how it tapers. In subsequent tests, we panel-tested a handful more in each category and also tried silicone and nylon bands.

Initially, we tried only bands that came in both 38 mm / 40 mm and 42 mm / 44 mm sizes, and we focused on bands that cost roughly $100 or less. We opened up this criteria for our winter 2021 testing to make room for a jewelry category, where most bracelets are only available for the smaller Apple Watch sizes. We also set the price cap at around $200above that price range, your personal aesthetics are likely more important than our evaluation.

Our second round of testing also included researching and testing more silicone and vegan leather options, in addition to slim bands tailored more for smaller wrists. We attached each band to an Apple Watch to make sure the lugs fit properlynot too tightly or looselyand would release without issue. We then wore each of our picks for at least a few days, from morning until night, including to the gym and into the shower .

Aopigavi 6 Pack Breathable Sport Bands

If you want one of the best Apple Watch bands for working out women, you can go for this Aopigavi sports band. It boasts a classic sporty design and bold Morandi colors. The design suggests the combination of contemporary styles of fashion and sports. The advanced double buckle is stronger than typical buckles. The star-shaped peg design gives your Apple watch a sophisticated and stylish look.

There is the use of custom superior quality silicon with compression-molded air holes. These sports bands are soft and feel skin-friendly. No discomfort even after hours of wearing session. Attain an outstanding user experience of this Aopigavi Apple watch band after you place an order for it and receive it where you want.

Pros of buying Aopigavi 6 Pack Breathable Sport Bands

  • Lightweight and flexible

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Apple Watch Bands For Women Showcase Your Impeccable Taste

Tired of the same watch style day in and day out? Ready to mix up your look and go from sporty to stylish? Keep the smartwatch you love and just change out the straps with Apple watch bands for women from Watch Station. Created by some of your favorite brands, these designer Apple watch bands feature plenty of personality and details that make them a unique and enviable addition to your lineup. Find your favorite new way to express yourself today by shopping these one-of-a-kind designs. We also have a wide selection of interchangeable watch straps for traditional watches so you can ensure that your look is always top notch.

Dont Sweat A Little Sweat

For Apple Watch Band 40mm 44mm 38mm 42mm Women Diamond Band For Apple ...


  • Comes in two sizes, one for 38mm, 40mm and 41mm one for 42mm, 44mm and 45mm

This is the classic strap, the one that originally came with the Apple Watch by default. The soft fluoroelastomer is similar to the Solo Loop and is soft and comfortable. If anything, its more durable than the Solo Loop, and because it has a buckle, is easily adjustable for the perfect fit.

A top tip is you should put the pin through the hole where its a relaxed fit, because you then tuck the end of the strap into the loop, which tightens the fit a touch. Color choices include a dark green called Clover, a gorgeous Capri Blue and a serious Abyss Blue.

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The Best Stylish Vegan Leather Apple Watch Band

Who its for: Someone who wants a fashion-forward band that looks like leather but also wants to keep it vegan.

Why its great: The Wristpop Mustang is sturdy and comfortable to wear. And when it was compared side by side with a real leather strap, the Mustangs faux leather was convincing to observers who didnt know its materials beforehand. Wristpop makes a few different versions of this band in multiple colors, and those versions also all come in a double-wrap style. The Mustang, our favorite, is black with a white racing stripe down the middlea stylish pattern that adds a sharp accent to any outfit, without being too loud or dominating.

One of the reasons we love the Wristpop band is that its surprisingly comfortable to wear in a variety of situations. Haley wore it for multiple days at a time, including during work, to the gym, and even to bed, and she barely felt it at all. Visually, the band is eye-catching and adaptableits a great statement accessory for everyday wear, but its also chic enough to wear on a date or to a party.

The Wristpop band has a traditional pin buckle, and its hardware feels sturdy. At about ¾ inch wide for the 38 mm / 40 mm / 41 mm Apple Watches, this band is a good size for people who dont like watch bands that look too thick or chunky on their wrists.

Available colors: various stripe colors, at Wristpop

Discover New Apple Watch Bands For Women

It would be wonderful if the look we choose at the beginning of the day is one that lasts until the end of it, but sometimes thats just not possible. Whether its spilling something on yourself at lunch or having a schedule of different events and meetings all over the city, sometimes you make several wardrobe changes throughout the day. Keep your style fresh and each outfit looking picture ready with our interchangeable Apple watch bands for women. Quickly switch out these straps with each outfit change and keep the fatigue of the day at bay. MK Apple watch bands are a great way to ensure your look is always fresh and never dull. Discover fun new styles of designer Apple watch bands at Watch Station today and fall in love with your watch all over again.

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The Best Classic Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

You save $10

Who its for: People who want a simple and understated steel mesh band. This is the slimmest metal option available.

Why its great: The Astra Straps Aere Slim Steel Band is one of the bands weve reached for the most. The mesh material makes the Aere comfortable enough to wear all day and to the gym, and it can be dressed up or down effortlessly. This band is unembellished yet elegant, and its narrow size is flattering for smaller wrists.

At inch wide, the Aere band is among the slimmest we tested, and it looks great with the smaller 38 mm / 40 mm / 41 mm Apple Watch cases. Its not so narrow that it makes the Apple Watch look bulky or out of place, and its elegant enough to pair with formalwear. Though its a bit pricey for such a simple design, this band is one of the most versatile on this list.

The Aere band has a sliding clasp thats easy to adjust. And this type of closure is ideal for people who frequently find themselves between hole sizes on traditional watch bands with pin buckles. The clasp feeds the watch band through to the interior of the watch, tucking the end against your skin and giving the look of an infinite loop. But theres no hardware to clip the end of the band to the outermost layer, so the tail end of the band tends to peek out one side. Its a small bother, and one that most people are unlikely to notice.

Available colors: rose gold, silver, black, champagne gold

The Best Silicone Apple Watch Band

APPLE WATCH SERIES 7 l Silver Stainless Steel 45mm Case & Starlight Band

Who its for: The person who doesnt want to feel their watch at all.

Why its great: The Otterbox Apple Watch Band is the softest, most lightweight band weve tested, and its also one of the cheapest. Though it looks bulkier in photos than some of our other recommendations, its anything but: It looks great even on the most petite wrists, and it feels like youre wearing nothing at all.

If you have a physically demanding job, frequent the gym, or live in a hot or humid climate, you should consider a silicone band. Silicone is more moisture-resistant and antimicrobial than other materials like nylon, leather, and metal, and the Otterbox band feels especially suited to workouts. But its not just suitable for sweaty activityits also the perfect choice for anyone who wants a simple band for everyday wear. It comes in a few vivid colors, for those who like bolder options. And there are also a couple of darker, more understated shades.

Compared with Apples own Sport Band, the Otterbox band has a traditional pin buckle, which we found sturdier and less likely to come undone than Apples pin-and-tuck system. It also has a ridged, waffle texture on the inside, which feels more breathable than the Sport Bands smooth interior. And compared with bands that make you choose between a small/medium or medium/large band size, the Otterbox band has 12 holes, so it allows for a wider range of adjustment than almost every other band we tested.

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What About Apples Own Bands And Cheap Amazon Knockoffs

If you have the cash, its easy to walk into an Apple store and walk away with a great Apple Watch bandchosen from across a variety of styles. Apples cheapest band is currently $50, and the really fancy ones run up to $500. Compare that with the hundreds of options on Amazon that look the same but are half the price or less. You can find knockoff versions of Apples silicone Sport Band, Nike Sport Band, nylon Sport Loop, and Milanese Loop, many for $10 or less. In our testing across a number of brands, weve found these to be pretty good, too. We dont think Apples own watch bands are worth the price when there are more-affordable options that do the job just as well.

With Amazon knockoffs, though, the problem is that the listings regularly come and go, and the quality is completely unpredictable. While we were reporting this guide, several promising listings disappeared from Amazon, and even some of the replacements we found were no longer active when we checked a few days later. You simply cant rely on any one band to be available for longer than youre looking at the page.

The Best Everyday Apple Watch Band Is A Silicone

*At the time of publishing, the price was $33.

Who its for: Someone who wants the softness and breathability of silicone but likes the handsome look of nylon.

Why its great: If you want a watch band you can hike with by day and wear on the town by night, Bartons Cordura Fabric and Silicone Hybrid Band is the one you should get. It combines the practical benefits of silicone on the bands interior with the stylish appeal of nylon on the outside. And it comes in a small range of neutral shades that will go well with most wardrobes.

The Hybrid band is the most versatile watch band weve tested. It looks nice enough to wear into work or on a casual night out. But it doesnt have to be swapped out for intense gym workouts or outdoor treks, thanks to the silicone base layer. And even though it has fabric on the outside, this band is still waterproof, and it dries quickly if you get caught in the rain or you wear your watch swimming.

Few bands are as lightweight as our Otterbox pick, but the Hybrid band is a close second. Its easy to forget youre wearing it at alla trait we consider ideal. Its also a little narrower in width than the Otterbox band, making it more flattering for petite wrists. Just like the Otterbox band, the Hybrid has 12 holesmore than nearly every other band we tested.

Available colors: army green, black, chocolate brown, smoke grey, navy blue

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Apple Watch Bracelets That Inspire

Whether you prefer to change your Apple watch bracelets with every outfit or you prefer to wear the same style each day, youll love the variety of our selection. You inspire the world around you and you deserve to always feel at the top of your game. Apple watch bands for women wont slow you down or detract from your daily routine. Treat yourself or give one to your best friend for her birthday shes sure to love it. Discover the luxury Apple watch band thats perfect for you today and own your look like never before.

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Wonmille Posh Leather Bands

Italian Leather Apple Watch Band 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm Rose Gold Apple ...

If you want a womens leather band for Apple watch with a perfect fit, you can go for this WONMILLE leather band. It is suitable for wrists of size in the range of 5.3 inches to 7.5 inches. Three folding clasps designed links to provide secure and quick resizingno need for extra tools. You merely need to remove a folding clasp to adjust the band.

The use of quality leather makes sure there would be no pilling or peeling off. The overall design is more attractive and stylish than Apple watch bands. Moreover, the luxurious appearance is perfect for complementing your clothing and jewelry. Obtain the outstanding user experience on your wrist with this WONMILLE Apple watch band by placing a quick order and delivering it to your destination.

Pros of buying WONMILLE Posh Leather Bands

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Discover The Best Designer Watches For Women & Men

Watch Station partners with the world’s most iconic brands to curate a unique collection of the newest designer watches and smartwatches for men and women.

We offer a robust online and in-store experience that connects you to the stories, trends and latest innovations in the world of watches and wearable tech.

Discover luxurious watch and jewelry designs from your favorite designer brands like Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, kate spade new york, Armani Exchange, Diesel and so much more. At Watch Station, we make it easy to browse top designer creations in one convenient location. Snag the newest full-price watch designs and score great deals and sales on your favorite silhouettes. With a style and design for every taste, you’ll love the way you look. Shop designer watches at Watch Station today and keep your look fresh and elegant.

Free Shipping And Free Returns

+Free Shipping every day, no minimum purchase required. Offervalid at saks.com and in Saks Fifth Avenue stores only. Valid on shipments to US addresses only. Notvalid on Hawaii or international shipments. Offer may be used when shipping to multiple addresses. Offernot valid on Rush, Next Business Day or Saturday delivery orders. Not valid in Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5THstores and saksoff5th.com. For Drop Ship items, offer only applies to items eligible for standardshipping. No adjustments to prior purchases. This offer is non-transferable. Saks’ return policy stillapplies to items returned under this offer. Items may not be available in Puerto Rico.

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The Best Practical Leather Apple Watch Band

Who its for: Someone who wants an understated leather band that looks like it costs more than it does, thanks to great-feeling material and clean stitching.

Why its great: As theArrow & Board Porter proves, a higher-quality leather band doesnt have to cost the $100 or more that Apple sells its leather bands for. The Porters materials and aesthetics match its price. The leather is soft and supple yet thick enough to be sturdy. And this bands smooth finish looks more formal than those on the cheaper leather options we tried, so the Porter is better suited for wearing with a button-up shirt and blazer. Its buckle is also much smaller and more refined, with smaller loops for catching the tail of the strap after you close it both factors make this band look slightly more business-appropriate. The Porters leather also holds up to scuffs better than the leather of other, cheaper bands. But when the Porter does get roughed up, you should be able to easily polish out minor markings, potentially just by rubbing it with your fingers .

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The Porter is a classically designed watch strap. If youre looking for a leather band that will stand out, with different design patterns in more unusual colors, you might be better off with a Wristpop strap.

Available colors: chestnut, tobacco, espresso, midnight

Alpine Loop Band $99 At Apple

UNBOXING | YvY Women Apple Watch Wristband (Gold)


Apple knows what they’re doing when it comes to making quality bands that will last a long time. The Alpine loop band is made from two textile layers woven together without any stitching for a finished and polished look. Available in either ivory, green, or orange. Alpine Loop Band, $99 at Apple

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