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Small Business Innovation Research Program

$10,000 Small Business Grants For Women! | Amber Grant 2021
  • What it is: The Small Business Innovation Research supports scientific excellence and technological innovation through the investment of federal research funds to small businesses that are engaged in research and development and have commercial potential.
  • How to apply: You can search and apply to SBIR grant opportunities through their website.
  • Potential benefits: Grants start at $150,000, but can reach over $1 million.

Powered by the SBA, the SBIR funds small businesses in the research and development arena. There are extensive eligibility requirements since several federal agencies offer these grants. However, to start, your business needs to be for-profit, more than 50% owned by a U.S. citizen, and have fewer than 500 employees.

How To Improve Your Odds Of Being A Grant Recipient

The grant application can be tedious and discouraging if you apply for multiple grants without success for several years.

One thing is for sure:

It takes determination to keep pushing forward, and the more you apply, the better your chances of winning.

Yet, you can improve your odds of becoming a grant recipient and get your for-profit business the funding it needs through more than a numbers game.

Here are some ways you can make your grant applications hold more weight:

A Quick Look At The Numbers

Black women own more than 36% of all black-owned businesses, while women only own around 19% of all other companies cumulatively.

The incredible growth that black women have shown in entrepreneurship is marvelously inspiring.

They are the fastest-growing group of small business owners, showing a 67% growth from 2007 to 2012 and a 50% growth from 2014 to 2019.

Unfortunately, black women-owned businesses have also been one of the groups hit hardest by the pandemic.

To keep this sector of the economy alive, many organizations have begun to offer grants specifically for black women entrepreneurs. Others have long-standing grant programs for this group.

Surviving this shaky economy can be difficult.

These sources of financial assistance can help:

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Local Grants In Your Area

Its important to remember the grants available right in your backyard. There are all kinds of grants offered by local and state organizations, along with other valuable resources. Be sure to talk to banks and other institutions near you to learn what might be around. You could be surprised by what you find.

The Ifundwomen X Neutrogena Fund

12 Best Small Business Grants for Women in 2021

Neutrogena® has teamed up with IFundWomen to give women-owned businesses in the health and wellness space a fresh start in 2021. Through this program, 18 qualified women entrepreneurs across the U.S. will each receive a $10,000 grant to support their fresh start after a challenging year in business.

This application is now closed.

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Sba Loans Canadian Financing And Online Invoice Factoring

While these arent necessarily small business grants for women, they can still provide valuable funding sources for startups looking to get an influx of cash.

Small Business Administration Loans are specifically developed for small businesses of all shapes and sizes in the United States.

Canada also offers a number of government-funded loans and capital investments for small businesses, including support for rural SMEs. For women they offer several specialized loan options, including::

Deadline: None.

Fedex Small Business Grant Contest

Global shipping company FedEx has a small business grant program. It awards ten U.S-based businesses with grants up to $50,000 and up to $4,000 in FedEx Office print and business services. Three businesses receive the grand prize of $50,000, and seven first-place winners get $20,000 for a prize pool totaling over $300,000.

Additionally, FedEx offers additional $10,000 grants and FedEx credits to the ten winners in the following categories: young entrepreneur, sustainability-focused, healthcare, veteran-owned and minority-owned.

FedEx will select the Top 100 finalists out of the thousands of applicants. Winners are decided by both public vote and FedEx judging. All Top 100 participants will also receive prizes, including partner consultations, access to a Small Business National Conference, educational resources and mentor matching with SCORE.

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Gingerbread Capital Ifundwomen Covid

As a part of IFundWomen’s ongoing COVID-19 relief efforts, Gingerbread Capital has awarded $10K grants to 25 companies operating in the hardest-hit states to fuel their businesses through this global pandemic. Now, you can meet the recipients and fund their businesses!

This application is now closed.

Adidas Ifw: Reimagine Sport

Grants for Black Female Entrepreneurs – Minority Women-Owned Small Business 2021

To celebrate International Womens Day 2020, IFundWomen teamed up with adidas to jump start the next wave of women founders in the sports industry. Through this program, 15 women entrepreneurs have received grants & expert coaching to support the growth of their businesses. Now you can help define a new more inclusive future for the sports industry and fund their campaigns.

This application is now closed.

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Is It Easier For A Woman To Get A Business Loan

No, women have historically had a harder time getting a business loan, as they are less likely to be approved for financing than men. And when women are approved for business loans, they receive smaller loans than men .

For example, the average PPP loan approved for women-owned businesses was $41,304, which is 47% less than for businesses owned by men , according to this Biz2Credit Annual Women-Owned Business Study 2022.

Funding Challenges That Women Entrepreneurs Face

Women face inordinate challenges and find themselves behind their male counterparts when it comes to business ownership and funding. While there are many incredibly successful women entrepreneurs, women remain underrepresented at receiving the necessary capital to build and scale their businesses.

Business owners already struggle to qualify for business loans or other forms of financing as they try to build business credit and their actual businesses, however women business owners are at the top of the list. When loans are tough to come by, money can be in short supply and small businesses struggle causing founders to take on more debt than necessary.

If you are a woman looking to start or grow a business, these small business grants for women and other resources may be just what you need to get started and take your business to the next level.

Compare your financing options with confidence

Finding funding doesnt have to feel like an uphill climb. Use Nav to instantly compare your best options based on your unique business data. Create an account to find opportunities youre most likely to qualify for fast.

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How To Get Approved For A Grant

Getting approved for a grant is a difficult process, so prepare for a lot of time and work if you decide to apply for one. Most grants have strict requirements or highly specific qualifications, so the hardest part is often finding grants that you are well suited for. While the exact process differs according to the specific grant, you can follow these tips to increase your chances of approval:

Small Business Innovation Research

Grants for Women of Color Business Owners [2019]  Miocoa Strategies

The Small Business Innovation Research program works in conjunction with the Small Business Administration to offer various grants to small businesses working on valuable, marketable research. If you have an innovative technological idea, developmental project, or cutting-edge approach to a service, this grant could supply your company with as much as $260,000 just in the research and development phase of your business. If you prove that your idea is commercially viable, that amount can increase to over $1 million over the course of a two-year disbursement.

Eligibility requirements for these grants are a bit more complex, as they are offered by multiple governmental entities and awards are ongoing throughout the calendar year. However, all grant winners must be able to prove that their businesses are:

  • Comprised of 500 or fewer employees
  • At least 50% owned by a United States citizen
  • Operating for profit

Although not exclusively offered to women, these grants encourage women to apply and have assisted numerous female-led businesses in achieving their research goals.

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Nav $10000 Small Business Grant

While not exclusively for female entrepreneurs, the Nav Grant is a great opportunity for a growing business looking to take the next step. First prize winners take home $10,000, and there are four opportunities to apply each year.

How to Apply

The application process is simple. You should demonstrate a challenge that your business is facing, and very specifically how you will use the money to solve that challenge if your business is selected. You can find more information here.

What could your business do with $10,000?

Check out Navs Small Business Grant now to find out how your business could win $10,000.

Research The Company Or Association

Different companies or organizations will be looking for different businesses to back, depending on their overall mission.

For example, nonprofit organizations will be more likely to award their grant to a business that carries the same values that they do.

If youre a small biz that offers technical services, you should look for an organization in that field that offers small business grants.

The more similarly aligned you are with the company or association itself, the better your chances of being one of their grant recipients.

Even if you dont have a common bond, you can still benefit from researching what drives the company or association. Then steer your submission to better address that point.

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Federal Contracts For Women

If you think your business could be eligible for federal contracts, you should also know that the government reserves a certain percentage of federal contracts for women-owned small businesses in industries where women are underrepresented. Some examples are forestry, construction, HVAC, manufacturing, and other eligible businesses that you might not expect, such as beauty salons, nail salons, family planning centers, and womens apparel manufacturing.

Some federal contracts are even restricted further to economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses . So if you own a business in a male-dominated field, which is pretty much all of them, be sure to look into this program.

What Can You Use Small Business Grants For

Top 4 Quick Apply Small Business Grants For Women

Owning your own business means that you have various expenses that need to be paid. Some grants allow you to use the funds for any business-related expenses, while others may have more specific parameters. Grants can help with marketing and advertising, contracting help in customer service, or purchasing much needed equipment or materials. However,its always best to read the rules and regulations before applying to make sure you can use the money for what you need.

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Small Business Grant Databases For Women

There are a variety of grants available for women entrepreneurs, and its often necessary to apply to several programs at once. At the same time, you may want to widen your net to cash grant programs that arent just specific to women business owners. You may also want to pursue mentorship programs or challenges related to your particular industry or business development needs.

Grant and program databases are the best way to narrow your search and keep track of current grant programs.

A Big List Of Small Business Grants For Women

Federal government and private grant programs give away millions of dollars in grants every year to small businesses. Some of these grants are aimed specifically at businesses owned and operated by women. If youâre a woman and currently run a small business, or have an idea for a business, it might be worth putting the time and effort into tracking down and applying for these grants.

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Finding Business Grants For Women In Illinois Can Be Easier Than You Think

Yes, there are folks out there willing to help you fund your business dreams. You just need to know where to look.

Fortunately, youve landed on a site that has been helping women just like you since 1998. Yes, youre still the one who has to put in the time and effort to get the money for your business. But if youre truly passionate about what youre doing, wed love to help you kick off your search from grant money and loans.

For starters, yes, WomensNet offers grants to women in Illinois . Its our Amber Grant for Women. Our judges award this $10,000 grant once a month, so now is a great time to apply. Even better if you win this months $10,000 Amber Grant for Women, youre automatically eligible for our year-end $25,000 Amber Grant for Women. So by the end of the year, you could have $35,000 in total grant money for your business.

Also, take just a couple minutes to check out more resources below. There are some wonderful and helpful people in Illinois who are willing mentor and partner with women business owners like you!

Real Relief For Visionary Women


In support of incredible female entrepreneurs everywhere, SYSTANE® and business legend Barbara Corcoran launched Real Relief for Visionary Women: a program to find, fund, and encourage burgeoning businesswomen. Ten visionary women each won $5,000 in grant money and one grand prize winner received business coaching from Barbara herself!

This application is now closed.

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Fearless Strivers Grant Contest

The Fearless Fund invests in women of color-led businesses and holds a contest specifically for black women-owned businesses. The Fearless Strivers Grant Contest will award eleven $10,000 grants to small businesses across the country along with digital tools and mentorship opportunities to help bolster business.

Business Grants For Women

According to the U.S. Census Bureau and Small Business Administration , women-owned businesses make up only about 20% of all employer firms in the U.S. Women business owners are underrepresented across demographic groups. Business grants available from federal, state and local governments, corporations or foundations could offer aspiring female entrepreneurs access to funding and help close the gender gap. Here are 12 business grants for women to consider keep in mind that each has its own application dates over the year, and not all may currently be open.

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Applying For Small Business Grants

As a business owner, applying for grants may be part of what your business does in terms of cash flow to keep you in business. The same thing applies to new business owners who have just taken the plunge to start their own businesses.

Indeed, learning how to navigate the business world to find Grants that meet your needs can mean all the difference in your business. Heres some helpful step-by-step guide to finding and applying for small business grants you should know about:

  • Know what Grants you seek
  • Do your research ahead of time
  • Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements
  • Get all the application essentials
  • Apply early to have a better chance of getting awarded

Business grants for minorities come in federal, state, or even through the county where ones business is located. Though there are other options such as third-party grants that are offered by agencies and organizations that are committed to helping women starting small businesses succeed.

As a minority woman starting her own business, the first step you want to take is to find grants that are tailored for your type of business. When you are familiar with what type of grants to look for, the next step would then be to apply for these grants.

Applying and receiving grants do not happen without some commitment and some lengthy work on your part, but you can rest assured its a worthwhile business investment.

How To Choose The Right Business Grant

$10,000 Small Business Grant For Women – APPLY NOW!

There are two primary types of grants available to small business ownersgovernment and corporate grants. On the corporate grant side, requirements tend to be easier to satisfy. But you may face more competition from other applicants as a result of the more lenient selection criteria.

The application process can sometimes be tedious with government grants. As a tradeoff, the pool of applicants may not be as deepa factor that might improve your odds of receiving the cash award.

With either type of grant, its important to review all of the eligibility criteria up front. You dont want to waste your time by applying for grants that arent available to you. Your time would be better spent searching for grants that you are eligible to receive instead.

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Grants For Black Women

Welcome to Breaking the Blueprint a blog series that dives into the unique business challenges and opportunities of underrepresented business owners and entrepreneurs. Learn how theyve grown or scaled their businesses, explored entrepreneurial ventures within their companies, or created side hustles, and how their stories can inspire and inform your own success.

Black women are the most dynamic entrepreneurs in the nation, and studies prove it.

Besides being the most educated, they own 2.7 million businesses in the U.S. and are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs, according to an article by J.P. Morgan.

From beauty and fashion to tech and education, their companies have made a mark on every industry.

Despite their successes, Black women have faced many challenges as founders and CEOs, and a lack of financial support is at the top of the list. A article reports that 40% of Black women entrepreneurs believe having access to capital is key to growing their businesses. Yet, only 19% have received funding, causing most to self-fund their businesses.

Black women need more resources to support them through their entrepreneurship journey. Read on to learn about grants that can help you take your business to the next level.

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