Women’s Leather Motorcycle Jackets


Womens Leather Motorcycle Jackets

B-7005 Xelement Women’s Classic Motorcycle Leather Jacket at LeatherUp.com

Womens Leather Motorcycle Jacket is a style staple that has been in trend for more than decades and is being in use for both safety and fashion convenience. It is a time-tested piece that goes well with both vintage classic and modern styles. So undoubtedly, a Women’s moto jacket is worth investing in regardless of personal age, style, and more.

FJakcets has embraced this fact by creating a huge range of the best women’s leather motorcycle jackets you can confidently trust as they embody the highest standards of style and quality.

Suede Biker Jacket Womens

The Suede Jacket shares similar properties with leather however, it feels gentle to touch and has a matte finish. The jacket looks incredibly stylish and can add a delicate touch of luxury to your clothing. Focus on maintaining a contrast so that your jacket can stand out and avoid wearing too many accessories. A plain white tee or sweatshirt worn over slim fit jeans and heels would look classy. However, this is just one way to do it you can be a little more creative and try out new styles.

Biker Jackets For Women

Get ready to hit the road in style with Women’s Motorcycle Jackets from Kohl’s. Biker Jackets for Women are essential additions to your outerwear collection. Shop Kohl’s for all your coat and jacket needs and look your best on your bike!

Kohl’s selection of outerwear includes many different colors to choose from, to ensure you can find your favorite. We have timeless classics like women’s black motorcycle coats & jackets that will always look great. Our wide variety of brands are sure to fit your syle. With such brand options like women’s Levi’s motorcycle jackets, you know you’re getting a high quality product. And our selection of women’s faux leather motorcycle coats & jackets keeps you within your budget without sacrificing any style.

Biker jackets from Kohl’s are perfect for your motorcycle riding activities, as well as for everyday wear. Get into your favorite outerwear with jackets and coats from Kohl’s!

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Shades Of Colors In Womens Motorcycle Leather Jackets

Motorcycle leather jackets for women come in various color options from the spectrum, they differ in styles and the vibrance that helps mold the personality of the wearer. The basic color options are the black leather motorcycle jacket for women and womens brown leather motorcycle jacket, apart from these the jackets are available in more vibrant colors such as red, burgundy, maroon, tan, and green.

Best Motorcycle Jackets For Women

River Road Sapphire Womens Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Lets face reality here: its only really been in the past two decades that womens jackets have been coming out in force. Before then, in what was historically a male-dominated hobby, women had to make do with either custom gear or modifying mens gear to fit. We put the quotations there because ever since the 1970s, we know that women made up a good portion of riders, usually hovering in the 5 to 10% ridership range.

Flash forward to 2021, and now women account for about 22% of riders, worldwide. That is refreshing to see and has forced even a lot of the old school to recognize that there are badass ladies all over the globe that will swing a leg over and crank the right wrist. Its also refreshing to see that in what was once traditionally a male-dominated sport, road racing and even MotoGP are seeing more and more women rising in their ranks.

What this means is that many of the big manufacturers and gear makers have had to adapt to provide proper racing suits and gear for these women. This, naturally, has led to the traditional trickle-down style of motorcycle gear from racing to street, which means that more and more jackets, pants, boots, gloves, and other pieces of gear are appearing every month.

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Flawless Leather Riding Jackets

At Eagle Leather, we offer a wide range of premium leather jackets that offer excellent protection and are also a perfect fashion statement. They are luxurious and durable pieces that offer a rugged look. They are made of authentic, premium leather for more comfort.

Some of these jackets have armor on the shoulder and elbow areas and foam padding or armor at the back. It helps to protect the body from impact by offering cushioning on the areas that are most likely to sustain impact at the time of a crash.

Womens Motorcycle Leather Jackets:

When it comes to style, leather jackets are the only staple that comes first to mind. In this fancy era, there are multiple styles available that can blow your mind out. Women motorcycle leather jacket is a lovely style in appearance, so it does not matter whether you ride a bike, a womens moto jacket will give you a perfect gorgeous appearance without any hard effort. Moto jackets or biker jackets are adored by celebrities, fashion industry people, and outdoor lovers due to their versatility to wear with numerous outfits.

Womens leather motorcycle jackets come in two styles, straight zip closure, and asymmetrical zip closure that gives freedom to pick the preferred style. As fashion evolves, moto jackets for women are available in various colors, and styles such as cropped, quilted, belted, and slim-fit styles. If you are still confused about which motorcycle jacket you need, then we got you covered with the most impressive ways to wear biker jackets that definitely help you to get the correct outfit for yourself.

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Types Of Material Used

There are four types of material used for moto jackets. No one is better than the other as each come with their own pros and cons.

Cowhide – Heavy biker jackets are mostly made of cowhides due to their durability levels. Bikers are always on the road and thus, need extra protection from wind, sunlight and road dust. The only downside is that it require some time to break in.

Sheepskin – It is a great insulator for the winter cold. Jacket featuring sheepskin will keep you warm, even in chilly weather. Jackets make of sheepskin tend to be supple and look luxurious.

Goatskin – Another material preferred for leather jackets due to its high and robust resistance abrasion properties, it has the properties of both cowhide and sheep shin combined as it’s supple as well as highly durable.

If you’re opting for tough, and durable women motorcycle jackets then explore our collection that includes robust design functional outerwear for ladies, also if you want something more supple and luxurious you can also check out our suede collection. Best go-to attires to prevent wind particles while on the road. Enjoy maximum performance and style!

Revit Eclipse Womens Jacket

Rev’It Women’s Galactic Leather Jacket from Motorcycle-Superstore.com

Price: $189.99Buy: Revzilla

RevIt is one of those companies that has made womens protective gear pretty much since their incorporation, as there are quite a few female riders in the Netherlands. On top of that, they have a history in both circuit racing and enduro racing, so both the full leather track jackets and hot weather mesh jackets are packed full of cutting-edge design.

The Eclipse is just one such example of this, with an open, flowthrough style mesh that would seem to not have any abrasion resistance at all. However, that mesh is made of polyester ripstop material, as is the main chassis of the jacket. While the solid panels are rated to 600D, the mesh itself commands a respectable 400.

With adjustable bicep and wrist closures, full YKK zippers, two external pockets, and one internal pocket, the Eclipse is also quite fashionable to boot. The armor comes in the form of Knox Flexform in both the shoulders and elbows, which feels extremely light but carries CE-rated impact protection. An optional back protector can be fitted to the jacket.

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Alpinestars Alice Womens Jacket

Price: $479.95+Buy: Revzilla |

If Roland Sands has the womens cafe market cornered, its fair to say that Alpinestars, realizing there was a gap to step through, made a sporty cruiser jacket with the Alice. Carrying all the right looks of the double-breasted front flaps, the asymmetrical zipper, and the relaxed arm curvature makes this both a classic and a modern sports cruiser jacket, all in one.

Dont let its old-school looks fool you into thinking its not armored to the nines. Alpinestars has included their super lightweight, breathable Nucleon Flex armor, which is certified to CE level 2, at the shoulders and elbows, with a forearm extension on the elbow armor. This is carried in a mesh-backed cowhide 1.3mm leather chassis, with a back protector pocket for optional armor.

As with other jackets of the sporting style, the thermal liner of the jacket is easily detached and serves as a hoodie. Ventilation is hidden well in the underarm stretch panels, allowing just enough air to pass to wick away heat without being overly cold.

This is a jacket that would look at home being used while riding either Honda Rebel 500 or an Indian Roadmaster. Classic, timeless styling with modern armoring deserves a spot on this list.

Blue Moto Jacket Women’s

You probably heard a lot about the black and brown leather jacket, not everything has to be better or worse, and it can be different, just like the blue jacket. The outerwear stands out very well without going off wear it over a grey sweatshirt and black pants for a stylish casual look.

Red Leather Motorcycle Jacket Womens

When talking about uniqueness and casual chic, how can we forget the red leather jacket, the steamy hot red leather jacket it a complete stunner, pair it with a relatively minimal top, jacket & boot, and you’re guaranteed to grab attention.

These were some excellent style inspiration to get your biker chic sorted out. Still, as I’ve mentioned above, you can add your own creativity by mixing it up a little bit while maintaining the same silhouette. These women’s leather jackets bring a sense of sultry elegance to your look.

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What To Look For In A Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

One of the first pieces of gear that most riders purchase is a bike specific jacket. The goal is to protect your body from abrasion related injuries as well as impact injuries, so most riders focus on the armor and density or durability of the shell of the jacket.

However, in many cases, after several rides in that first jacket, riders learn a great deal about what they didnt know about motorcycle jackets and what they didnt know about their own priorities and preferences. And that learning curve is often far more steep for ladies as they are often forced to make do with a mens jacket rather than a gender-specific ladies jacket.

How Do You Select A Perfect Size For A Motorcycle Jacket For Women

Womens Buckle Collar Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket

In order to select the perfect size, you need to know that a motorcycle leather jacket needs to fit like a glove, it should always feel like the jacket is hugging you. The length of the jacket should be waist length, the sleeve should end at the upper side of the thumb and the closure needs to be curvy enough to portray the exact body shape. Like bomber jackets which offer a waist band, biker jackets offers a waist belt that helps keeping the jacket in place and helps it to fit you perfectly.

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Women Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Fashionista women love brown and tan shades more than black because women cherish colorful clothing. Brown leather jackets are timeless outfits that provide flexibility to go to any casual gathering and event. There is no hard and fast rule to wear a womens brown leather motorcycle jacket with ripped jeans, a scoop neck t-shirt, and black sandals, that can give you an immense stylish appearance. However, it is not limited to this combination you can go with what you like to wear with a brown motorcycle jacket.

Womens Leather Motorcycle Jacket

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Differences Between Ladies & Mens Gear

In general, a mens jacket will offer longer sleeves, more roomy shoulders, and a more narrow waist than a womens jacket. And then there is the obvious difference in the chest area. Some ladies will find that they are able to substitute a mens jacket and get by with the fit and level of comfort, but once they find a ladies cut jacket that fits properly, they will never settle for even a fairly well-fitting mens jacket again.

On a hanger or laying on a flat surface, it is very easy to see the hourglass shape of a well-cut ladies jacket. These jackets not only allow for the smaller waist but larger hips of female riders but they also offer a far better fit in the chest and shoulder area. The larger shoulders of mens jackets can help to accommodate the space needed in the bust area but it often means that the shoulders and sleeves are ill-fitting.

Finding The Ideal Fit

AGV Sport Women’s Topaz Leather Jacket | Motorcycle Superstore

In the case of non-riding jackets, a perfect fit is not always a big deal. But when you are buying a purpose-built piece of gear to protect your body, the fit is everything. A jacket that is too tight in some areas will restrict your movement and can be very dangerous. And a jacket that is too large can allow armor to shift and fail to provide protection at the elbows, shoulders and even along the spine.

In the event of a slide, a large jacket can roll or slide up leaving your skin completely unprotected. It can be a bit more time consuming to find a womens jacket, but the time that you invest in the process will be rewarded with a far better fit and protection.

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White Motorcycle Jacket Womens

You can create an amazing contrast with black and white leather jackets, like the image above shows the model carrying a white motorcycle jacket over a black sweatshirt and jeans paired with white sneakers. The same can be done with a black ladies biker jacket. You just need to be a little creative.

Roland Sands Riot Jacket

Price: $700.00Buy: Revzilla

Roland Sands strikes again with a superb classic English cruiser jacket. Solidly in the retro cruiser fashion sense, the Riot jacket would look perfectly at home being worn in the crowd at an Iron Maiden or Judas Priest concert as much as it does astride a Royal Enfield or a Triumph Bonneville.

Much more of a summer cruise jacket, the Riot is made of microperforated top grain cowhide sourced from Blackstone, which means it is soft, supple, and abrasion resistant with a thickness of 0.9mm throughout. The asymmetrical zipper is, of course, full YKK, and is of the bronze classic style. Quilted leather highlights and aggressive cuff YKK zippers make the jacket scream Rock n Roll! in that quintessential British understated-but-loud way.

The jacket is also, of note, made with a very aggressive black dye process, as the color will lighten the more it is exposed to UV light until it reaches the classic light black that well-worn leather fashion jackets eventually reach.

In short, this jacket, if it fits your budget and style, is just about the best jacket on this list in terms of safety and protection!

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Icon Tuscadero 2 Womens Jacket

Price: $295.00Buy: Revzilla

New from Icon, the Tuscadero 2 has been carefully tailored for a shape flattering fit. If you like the look but do not want leather, the Ax® Laredo synthetic chassis has a hide-like feel and performance, with minimal weight. A removable insulated liner minimizes bulk while retaining range of motion and adaptability to the weather, keeping you comfortable on mild to colder riding days.

Mesh panels provide airflow when not using the liner vest, and waist adjusters and stretch panels help ensure a comfortable fit. This jacket is fully CE certified, and includes D30 armor in the shoulders, and elbows plus a viper back impact protector.

Icon describes this jacket as being a sport fit due to the slightly pre-curved arms. I expect riders will find this a comfortable jacket when riding a sport, naked, or scrambler style bike. Icon keeps this jacket clean and neat giving you just one color choice, black.

Womens Leather Motorcycle Jackets & Clothing

Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket For Womens

Leather is an ideal material for womens motorcycle jackets, clothing, and apparel. It is soft and strong, just like the lady! Leather is tear and puncture-resistant, it repels moisture and protects from heat, cold and wind. Womens leather motorcycle clothing is available in a variety of weights and made with different linings for comfort in warm and cold weather. Leather stretches and molds to your body, yet at the same time retains its shape. It breathes thats what keeps it soft and supple. Womens leather motorcycle jackets, coats, vests, tops, lingerie, pants, chaps, handbags, and headgear are all suitable for leather, and you will find a great selection here. We also provide choices in fabric apparel.

Leather is an ideal material for womens motorcycle jackets, clothing, and apparel. It is soft and strong, just like the lady! Leather is tear and puncture-resistant, it repels moisture and protects from heat, cold and wind. Womens leather is available in a variety of weights and made with different linings for comfort in warm and cold weather. Leather stretches and molds to your body, yet at the same time retains its shape. It breathes — that’s what keeps it soft and supple. Womens leather , coats, vests, tops, lingerie, pants, chaps, handbags, and headgear are all suitable for leather, and here. We also provide choices in fabric apparel.

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