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Raven Rova Phoenix Pants

REV’IT! Women’s Xena Leather Pants Review at RevZilla.com


Roomy leather pants designed for women with curves and all the attitude of a custom design. These are made to order, come in custom colors, and will take up to 8 weeks to receive.

Key Specs

Metal hardware

Protection & Safety

Leather pants are hard to find and harder to fit. For women who lean towards the curvy side , these are both highly protective and designed to fit well.

High-quality leather construction can withstand higher speeds and last the test of time

DuPont Kevlar stretch panels add to the abrasion resistance factor of these already exceptional pants

CE level 1 knee armor is included, but youll have to purchase hip armor to complete the impact protection suite

An essential pants-to-jacket connection zipper with an elastic waistband helps the pants to stay put even in a slide. The Raven Rova Phoenix pants offer great value at $403.

Can You Ride A Motorcycle With Normal Clothes

Wear your lightest textile or leather trousers over your normal trousers we know that most bike riders do not have enough space to store over trousers. Stuffing your trousers inside a helmet rather than leaving them on the ground is a safer option.

Wearing A Helmet Can Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

There is no doubt that motorcycle accidents are a serious problem, one that must be avoided at all costs. When you are involved in a motorcycle accident, dont wait until you arrive at the hospital to seek medical attention. It is also critical that riders wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you should consult with a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer.

Flawless Leather Riding Jackets

At Eagle Leather, we offer a wide range of premium leather jackets that offer excellent protection and are also a perfect fashion statement. They are luxurious and durable pieces that offer a rugged look. They are made of authentic, premium leather for more comfort.

Some of these jackets have armor on the shoulder and elbow areas and foam padding or armor at the back. It helps to protect the body from impact by offering cushioning on the areas that are most likely to sustain impact at the time of a crash.

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Best Adventure Dual Sport And/or Off

These are the best womens adventure motorcycle pants based on quality, value and affordability:

  • These ones here are the epitome of adventure riding in a female-specific motorcycle pant. Has all the goodies, essentials and farkles for an ADV motorcycle pant to tolerate all kinds of riding conditions in both on-road and off-road terrains. Ready to go straight out of the box. Not cheap but worth every penny and then some. Also available HERE. Pants fit true to size.
  • These ones here are the affordable alternative to the premium ADV womens pants above. These low-cost adventure womens pants still have all that youll be needing while blasting away off-road or touring on-road in all weather scenarios. Great quality and functionality for the money. If possible, grab this set of cheap CE hip-armor pads HERE to insert in the pants. Pants fit true to size.

Best Racing Pants For Women

Womens Motorcycle Leather Pants Reviews

These are the best womens racing motorcycle pants based on quality, value and affordability:

  • These ones here are the best choice for race-track-ready womens pants. Not only are they epic racing pants for track days but the magnificent leather chassis is also exquisitely contouring to such an extent that these racing pants are among the few that can be worn in full comfort all day long. Ergo, these racing pants also double as sport-riding pants, street-riding pants and even touring pants. Best purchased from our international retailer shipping worldwide at low cost! Pants fit true to size.
  • If youre looking to make a two-piece racing suit out of the above-recommended racing pants, please note that racing jackets from most popular brands will too zip to the pants. However, if you want to wear the equivalent womens racing jackets of the same brand, then this one here is the top-notch racing jacket that you want! And grab the racing-grade back protector for the jacket here too . Jacket fits true to size.
  • If youre looking to make a two-piece racing suit out of the above-recommended racing pants, please note that racing jackets from most of the main brands will too zip to the pants. However, if you want to wear the equivalent womens racing jackets of the same brand, then this one here is the racing jacket to get. If possible, do also grab this universal back protector to fit inside the jacket HERE. Jacket fits true to size.
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    Revit Xena 3 Womens Pants

    Price: $469.99Buy: Revzilla

    Xena. A formidable warrior princess who fights evil. While most owners of these pants may not have similar intentions, the Xena 3 pants provide excellent protection when youre on a motorcycle. As the most recent iteration of the popular Xena pants, they bring minor improvements over their predecessor.

    The cowhide leather construction is combined with a PWR|shell, resulting in an abrasion-resistant pant thats also flexible and comfortable. It comes with Seeflex Level 2 CE protection at the knees and Seesmart CE-level 1 protection at the hips for impact resistance and stretch panels along the legs and crotch for easy movement.

    These pants are designed for the street and the racetrack youll have to get the knee pucks sold separately if youre planning on dragging your knee.

    What Do Biker Wives Wear

    Womens biker style Leather jackets , leather pants or shorts, gloves, T-shirts, belts, leather bags with fringe, ankle boots, or military style boots, and leather vests are examples of biker style elements for women.

    The 86 Motorcycle: A Sign Of Quality And Respect

    It is commonly referred to as an 86 because it is a term used by motorcycle enthusiasts to describe a vehicle in excellent condition. There are numerous motorcycle models available on the market, but this is regarded as one of the most desirable. Motorcycles enthusiasts are expected to respect and appreciate 86. As a result, this motorcycle is one of the most desirable and technologically advanced on the market. A motorcycles use of this term is frequently attributed to its completion of a thorough inspection and completion of all of its required safety and performance tests. The motorcycles are in excellent condition and ready to be ridden by the rider. The quality of the product indicates its dependability and dependability. The motorcycle symbol exemplifies a persons strength and dedication.

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    Why You Should Own A Leather Jacket

    Some people may argue that leather jackets are too masculine. A leather jacket is an excellent investment for those who want to project toughness and power. It is appropriate for both casual and formal occasions and can be dressed up or down. A leather jacket is a must-have for any wardrobe staple because it will make you look and feel like a badass.

    Women Motorcycle Pants Leather

    Stella VIKA Women’s Leather Motorcycle Pants by Alpinestars

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    How To Choose The Right Blaze

    The most important thing to consider when selecting a blazer is its fit. To determine whether a blazer is the right size, wear it and see how it feels. Youll find that if youre wearing a tight suit, it wont fit well once you get dressed. If its too loose, you might end up with too much room and a big waist.

    Gear Up With The Right Riding Gear And Enjoy Your Ride

    Simply visualize the modern car with its dedicated crumple zones, firewall, seatbelts, and airbags. These are the safety features that wrap around us, providing us with every benefit that modern science can afford. However, they even confine us. They put the world behind glass while caging us in metal. They filter out the aroma of spring and they climate-control the cool pocket of air as we ride through the shade.

    People call us crazy. They say we have a death wish. We simply would like more out of life than to see it pass our window. We would like to get where we are going as much as the next guy – but we reject the concession that the journey is something that must be endured so that the destination can be adored. We are not crazy, and we do not have a death wish.

    At worst? Call us greedy.

    We ride because we would like to have our cake and eat it as well!

    That is the reason motorcycle riding gear is so indispensable. There are no seatbelts, and there is little margin for error. We wear it all on our backs. But that does not say we cant still give ourselves every advantage of modern technology. That does not signify we cant have airbag protection or the most advanced motorcycle helmets available to absorb the energy of an impact. You did not compromise when you opt to take pleasure in your mode of transportation, and you are not supposed to compromise on your safety when you ride.

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    What Are The Best Pants To Wear While Riding A Motorcycle

    Because leather, kevlar, and other synthetic materials are used to make motorcycle pants, you will be the most likely to be harmed in an accident. Some people wear hard plastic armor to protect their knees and hips. Wear very heavy denim if you are going to be out in the open.

    Bikers Roll Up Their Jeans For Many Reasons

    There are a variety of reasons why people roll up their pants while biking. Some attribute the trend to a few years ago. Others find it beneficial in order to avoid getting caught in the act. Wearing motorcycle boot straps is the most effective and cost-effective way to keep your jeans from riding up. These straps can be used for a long time and are simple to access, making them an excellent choice for those who require it.

    Can Men Wear Womens Motorcycle Gear

    Texpeed Ladies Leather Motorcycle Pants

    Image Source: wordpress.com

    There isnt a definitive answer to this question as everyone has their own preferences. However, some people feel that men can wear womens motorcycle gear if it fits them well and they feel comfortable in it. Others may feel that it is inappropriate for men to wear womens motorcycle gear, as it is designed for womens bodies. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what they feel comfortable wearing.

    In terms of style, there is no gender gap between men and women. Womens clothing is always more fashionable and stylish than mens clothing. The reason is that womens clothing is intended to be more versatile and comfortable than mens clothing. Mens clothing is typically designed to be more functional and stylish than womens clothing. There are numerous reasons why it is difficult to blend mens and womens clothing. It is difficult to create clothes that are both stylish and functional when the structural differences between men and women are so different. Because mens clothing is typically done in a different way to womens clothing, it is difficult to combine mens and womens clothing. Some people overcome these difficulties by wearing mens and womens clothing at the same time. However, due to structural differences between men and women, this is typically not possible. Mens clothing has traditionally been combined with womens clothing in a different way, so combining and matching male and female clothing is difficult.

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    Spidi Moto Pro Womens Leggings

    Price: $179.90Buy: Revzilla

    Spidi is often considered as a bargain brand, which is not saying anything bad about them. They are simply like Scorpion, making good gear available at lower-than-average retail prices. A perfect example of this are the Moto Pro leggings, a mix of high tech textiles and a low price.

    The leggings are designed, as the name suggests, to fit tightly to the leg, much tighter than many riding jeans would. This is made possible through Spidis TEXTECH fiber, a blend of cotton and elastane. This blend means the leggings will stretch with you, while the cotton is of a high enough grade that it replicates Cordura levels of protection, without needing to license the name. That is, quite possibly, where most of the savings are on these riding pants.

    Protective armor comes in the form of knee armor at CE level 1, and pockets inside the hip for optional hip armor. The leggings are single layer, and are highly abrasion resistant, so they can be worn either on their own, or if you wanted extra protection, could be worn under a pair of regular jeans, riding overpants, or with aramid/kevlar undergarments.

    Which Riding Gear Is An Ideal Fit For You

    Most of it comes down to your kind and style of riding. If you are a city commuter and riding within city boundaries is what you mostly intend to do, then the best suited protective motorcycle riding gear would be street-based. It offers more ventilation and comfort for the busy city runs.

    You would certainly benefit more from the touring specialized motorcycle riding gear if you were into those long weekend rides and longer holiday distance touring. This is because this type of gear is more resistant to rain, dirt, and dust

    However, a full suit with gauntlet glove and full-length boots will serve you best if you are a track junkie. A helmet is standard for all sorts of riding, you cant compromise on that, be it going out to get some groceries or whether you are on the track.

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    Best Armored Underpants For Women

    These are the best womens armored motorcycle underpants based on quality, value and affordability:

    • These ones here provide sublime armored coverage via their protective padding while simultaneously rendering all-day saddle comfort thanks to the very-responsive elasticated chassis. Great airflow to boot. Doesnt matter what type of motorcycle you ride these armored underpants will be more than up to the task without a hiccup! Unisex designed albeit greatly contouring to the female form. Pants fit true to size.
    • These ones here are excellent armored shorts for touring, street riding or sport riding basically, for any riding. The armor is very compliant and devoid of pressure points, so the whole structure of these armored shorts takes on and tracks your limbs range of motion without fail. These armored shorts let in gobs of incoming air too so as to keep you fresh down there with no hot spots either. Excellent choice for total protection and comfort in an armored motorcycle short. Pants fit true to size.

    Olympia Womens Airglide 6 Pants

    SEDICI – Women’s Mona Leather Motorcycle Pants Official Product Overview at Cycle Gear


    The Airglide 6 pants lean toward the traditional touring look but have endless little details that really help fit a womans curves. Easy to adjust waist cinches, plus well-placed accordion panels keep things feeling right on long rides. The hips and thighs have a more generous than average fit even with the armor in place. Available in US womens size 418.

    Key Specs

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    Womens Leather Motorcycle Pants

    Dainese Pony 3 Womens Pants

    Price: $499.95Buy: Revzilla |

    Dainese creates gear used by multiple riders participating at the very top of motorcycle racing from WSBK to MotoGP and they make some of the best riding gear for the streets as well. The Dainese Pony 3 Womens Pants borrow technology from the Italian companys racing leathers and offer them to you in a much more comfortable and usable form for everyday riding.

    The overall construction of the Pony 3 pants uses Tutu cowhide, but there are generous levels of stretch panels to ensure enough room for you to move around quickly on the motorcycle. The knee and hip sections comprise Pro-Shape armor, with the former benefitting from external leather reinforcement.

    This is a riding pant optimized for sporty riding, but you could also wear it on more long-distance cruises. The Dainese Pony 3 Womens Pants feature two front hip pockets, a zippererd calf for adjustability, an adjustable waist, and a connector that lets you pair it with a compatible jacket.

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    Womens Motorcycle Leather Pants

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